March 9 2019 Day and Night Matches

What can we say besides, “Wow”? Oh, yeah, THANK YOU EVERYONE for a very long, but very great day and night set of matches. We’re not going to do a lot of photos and web-logging about these two, we’re a little tired from a hunt, the drizzle rain, and 12+ hours of match work. We are going to say THANK YOU (in all caps) again to 102 total shooters, the Match Director “Amp”, and all of the Safety Officers (SO/SOs) for all of the work that went into the 9th of March, 2019!

Screen grab from Sean's youTube video of both matches. Link below.
Screen grab from Sean’s youTube video of both matches. Link below.

Scores! Scores! It’s all about the scores!

1. Day Match Scores at Practiscore:
* Matt ( 83.76 ) and Joshua ( 83.80 )
* if 0.04 is not the closest ‘overall’ we’ve ever had, it’s close enough to closest!

2. Night Match Scores at Practiscore:

3. When are YOU going to use tablets so we can look at our scores the very second we holster up for the last time? “It’s complicated.”

Number 3 Subparagraph A: even if we did do in the bay tablets, six $249.99 each iPads would not have been out in the all day mist and mud. Even if we did $49-ish Android tablets… not in the mist and mud.

3B: We are more than willing to “try” – but here is the experience:
* The match goes slower and finishes later. Practiscore (app) is much, much slower than writing. So, you are not going to get your scores any “sooner” in reality, you’re just going to leave the range later. Extra-especially because it will be the $49* ‘affordable=slow’ tablets that we put at risk on a shooting range made of dirt (and mud), not the $599 latest-greatest whatever.
* Match set-up is much more complicated and takes longer to match the tablets to reality. Match/Stage design all looks good on paper, but every match what gets set up in the bays is not what is printed on the stage design sheets. Any time any change is made during “real” match set-up the ‘master’ tablet has to be updated and then the other five ‘synced’ to it. The match will start later or we’ll have to ask the VOLUNTEER SOs, MD and ‘statisticians’ to show up earlier.
* See the first * above (slower) because every stage, every shooter MUST be scored the exact same way. The same people that ask for tablet scoring get very “loudly upset” if Target-1 (T1) on their “by stage breakdown” is scored against someone else’s Target-8 (T8) because the SO & scorekeeper went left-to-right on one, and right-to-left on the other. Every stage, every shooter, exactly the same.
* Data loss happens. Computers. No hard copy = maybe no scores for one or more squads. It co-incidentally happened to us last March while scoring the night match. Poof* Exactly half of the scores were suddenly gone.

3C: We’ve said it quite a few times in seven years. Want your scores immediately when you finish the match? Use YOUR smart-phone smart! Take a picture of the front and back of the sheet. There. Done. B-b-b-ut, what about my friends’ scores “they” say. Yes, sir or ma’am, ‘competition’, we understand that. ‘They’ need to know how badly ‘they’ trounced another ‘they’. (Slowly) Smart. (pause) Phone. Twit your score, ‘they’, and ‘the other they’ can Gram ‘theirs’. You can reddit each other to death about it in the forums.

3D (there we go, multi-dimensionally): Do we sound a little ‘testy’ about this? Sorry. At almost 11:00PM when it was finally all over for the people who do the scores, do you think that ‘those they-s’ heard thanks and good match?! No, sir or ma’am. “When are we getting tablets?” ~They, 3/9/19 22:50 hours, for the umpteenth-bazilyionth time that day.

So. Here’s another reminder. Be very careful for what you ask for. We may just “go tablets” and ask you to, “Please bring your lunch or snacks because matches typically end at 3:00PM or 4:00PM like they do at all the other ranges, instead of 12-2 like they used to.” [ We’ll discuss in detail some other time about how at all those other ranges (that we love, they are friends of ours) they do not post the scores until every little thing is cleaned-up, by the shooters, including ALL of the brass. ]

One last thing about the Scores! from the 9th. “We” tried, we really, really did try, to keep the NFC, Not For Score, they shouldn’t be allowed (!!!) “weapon mounted lights” in a separate, un-used division. We failed. Sorry. If that’s not good enough, take it up with Dean at the next match: he’ll tell you “Sorry” again and “we’ll try harder next time.”

Edit: While 3-and-a-half hours into writing this post and setting up the next two matches at Practiscore a message came from Amp. “[redacted] should have been in [some other division]. I think there are a couple of hurt feelings in [division]. Fun match!”

From Dean to ‘hurt feelings’: “Sorry, again, we’ll try harder next time.”

From all of us to Amp: “Sorry, Amp! THANK YOU for two great matches and all the hard work and being such a good After The Match Feelings Counselor. They were both fun matches! All of the matches are fun matches!”

One more edit, exactly 15 minutes after “Publishing” this, we find on Facebook:

Screen Shot 2019-03-10 at 3.05.35 PM


Speaking of Time, did you remember to move the clock forward during the overnight?

Let’s get Sean D Sorrentino’s video linked to:
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Our next match is a 5th Saturday Back-Up Gun (BUG) Match on Saturday, March 30, 2019. Registration/Orientation from 8AM-9AM, shooting starts at 9AM. Pre-registration and squadding are available at:

Our next full match is our 2nd Saturday IDPA @ H2O Match on Saturday, April 13, 2019.Registration/Orientation from 8AM-9AM, shooting starts at 9AM. Pre-registration and squadding are available at:

*** Got the message from Amp, got a little bummed out, going to end this abruptly. Calling “STOP” and saying “paste it up and reset it, we’ll offer a reshoot…”

Come out and get your skills plussed-up Tuesdays-Saturdays for members, Friday & Saturday for anyone, and if not before, “We’ll see you at the next match.”