May 11 2019 NC Shooting Sports Games Results

[ Long Post Warning ] So much to be thankful for this time around. First, foremost, to 77 (ish) participants/shooters we give you our thanks and appreciation. The “Oh, Wow, how can you say it enough?” thank yous deluxe extra: Ian Foo and Claudia & Scott Haight “donated” a tablet each (3 total) towards getting the scores done faster-faster and Ian did a test-drive of live tablet scoring in his squad. Above and beyond you three! Thank you(s) deluxe extra. We must not move on without thanking the stage designers and everyone who did the set up work. Really (surslee) fantastic stages for our 6th NCRPA Shooting Sports Games IDPA Match. Without further “to-do” let’s play long post…

Claudia Haight Gold “Womens” – photobombed by Brandon Bolton 2-time medalist (CCP MA Gold; ESP MA Silver) – photobombed by HAND

We’ve made you wait long enough: the scores at

[[ No, we didn’t ‘forget’ that the match was on tac-pants day. They don’t (yet) sponsor us so… Just kidding five-eleven (but not really though, sponsorship?) so “Hay, everyone, need clothes and accessories for your ALWAYS BE READY?” NO? Well, your mother does and guess what day it is (on Sunday, Five-Twelve)? ]]

Speaking of Mammy, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY (insert your favorite hearts <3 and flowers and smoochie-kissie-faces emojies/emoticons here) to all of our “range moms”. Thanks for letting us borrow your husbands, sons, and daughters on the Saturday before Your Day. Shari and Claudia: again to you and extra because you worked all day, too.

Blake Allen – SSP SS Bronze – 5×5 Classifier after the match upgraded to EX – 3.88 5.19 8.54 4.31 2-Down = 23.92 :: Sorry, no medals for “Best Dressed” but we would have given you Gold

Oops, sorry, got distracted watching Sean Sorrentino’s video of the match over at youTube. Sean earned the Bronze medal in SSP EX.

About those medals… this was the sixth running of (hang on it’s a mouth full) the North Carolina Rifle & Pistol Association’s (NCRPA) NC Shooting Sports Games International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) Match at H2O. NCRPA “really and truly” supports and fights for “the gun stuff” right here in NC. They are not an international juggernaut with executives paid in the 7- to 8- figure range like “that other (National)” group – you know the one. They keep the pressure on our State legislature as well as keeping the fun in gun by doing so many events like the Shooting Sports Games. Please, another please, if you can, check them out and contribute any way you can at:

Proud Moms – Yin and Yang and a little “Gun School”

[Yang first] To the mothers of Kendrick Castillo and Riley Howard… and to our “own” Christina “Kaz” (one of the medal winners was wearing a “5th Annual TSgt Adam Ginett EOD Memorial Shoot” T-Shirt)  “I pray that our Heavenly Father may assuage the anguish of your bereavement, and leave you only the cherished memory of the loved and lost, and the solemn pride that must be yours, to have laid so costly a sacrifice upon the altar of Freedom.” ~Abraham Lincoln :: “We dare not wish you anything, or claim to have any useful words ‘for’ you.” ~All of Us at H2O

Can we learn a thing from Misters Castillo and Howard? Sadly, yes. We are given another example of this: That foolish “Run, Hide, Fight” thing invented by some elected guy in Texas and picked up and made crazy-famous by the FBI in 2018 is… foolish. UNC Charlotte “broadcasted” it as their warning. Dear “authorities”: deeply scared people are only going to see/hear the “run” part and end up shot in the back. Need proof: see the “planning documents” from the Movie Theater shooter (Colorado, 2012) and the ‘reports’ of the majority of the (gun-shot) injuries from these latest two “events”. Please, anyone reading this, just dealing with the reality, tell your (self and) young people: “Ask yourself, ‘What if a shooting happens?’ What will I do? Give yourself no more than 60-seconds to think of an answer.” Pre-visualization is what makes us – humans – able to perform. Now, here’s the “teachables” to go along with your thinking or planning: (1) Motion attracts the human eye, “RUN!” is motion and will attract the shooters eye. Don’t Run. If nothing else, “take a knee” (aka get small and get your large leg muscles in motion, if you’re the praying type… well you’re on your knee(s)); (2) No GUN does not mean un-armed. Because we are talking about bad-guys’ favorite gun-free zone here, schools, let’s talk about “arms” that “should be” readily available in all schools: “The pen is mightier than the sword.” If you are going to “crazy-brave” and RUN! at a shooter, put your pen/pencil/stylus (eye-liners ladies) in your hand and stab it in their eye, neck, guts, anywhere. Stab it deep with your thumb over the back of it. Once it is in good anywhere you can get it, DROP your weight on it (hold on tight and pick your legs up, curl up fetal and pull that newly inserted anatomical-handle you made with you to the ground). (2b) Books make “pretty good” gun/bullet shields. There should be books somewhere near schools. Your tablet is not as good as a book, but it is something that will at least slow a bullet. Because of the “madness” that is the reality of school shooting you cannot have any form of “equalizer” in this fight, but!, that does not mean you give up “the right to any defensive advantage you can find.” If you get close enough to tackle and nothing else is “at hand” then take “the bite of your life out of that bad-person” – inflict great/painful and hopefully “disabling” injury on them any way you can. The un-speakers say, “Any amount of force, including lethal, is ‘justified’ under the law…” (( OK, enough, if it “helps” or gets to one… ))

[Yin] Happy Mothers Day to you, Mrs. Toth. Both of your ‘kiddos’ did a fantastic job at the match. Well, and your Hubby-Kiddo, too but he doesn’t “really” count 😉

One of "our Range Daughters" Hanna Toth - Gold Junior Female
One of “our Range Daughters” Hannah Toth – Gold Junior Female
Left to Right: Hanna Toth (Gold Jr Fem), Jim Toth (missed a medal by 'this much'), Josh Toth (if we 'cleaned up' the UN-classified divisions and adhered *strictly* to IDPA rules he would have been in 'contention' for a medal)
Left to Right: Hannah Toth (Gold Jr Female), Jim Toth (missed a medal by ‘this much’), Josh Toth (if we ‘cleaned up’ the UN-classified divisions and adhered *strictly* to IDPA rules he would have been in ‘contention’ for a medal)

Josh Toth – the (scary movie fan-fare and jump-scare kitty screech) dreaded Blackhawk Serpa holster and a little more Gun/Range/SO-School and a Medal Shout-Out to Duane Stephenson

Duane: our deepest apologies. “It was hot!” ?? No excuses, we didn’t pay close enough attention immediately after to see that, once again, but this time with several extremely difficult and two moving targets: You shot a CLEAN MATCH (zero down) and earned yourself a Gold Medal for “Most Accurate”. We’ll be hanging on to that for you.

Set your way-back clock to March 22, 2016 and remember that Dean says this so much so that he calls it “One of my ancient Chinese sayings that I just made up”: I LOVE it when gun people blame inanimate objects for the ‘bad habit / action’ of a person. What had happened were… on Josh’s first load and make ready two of the SO’s noticed a bending of the trigger finger when drawing the gun from a (SCREAM!) Blackhawk Serpa holster. “We” discussed it, corrected it and there is a photo captured from about mid-match showing that he had just never been taught the correct way to draw a gun FROM ANY HOLSTER. 22nd… March… 2016… “Glock Professional Training”…

( I try not to do gun stuff at muh facespace but most of my facespace friends are my Gun Peoples <3 Dean:
( I try not to do gun stuff at muh facespace but most of my facespace friends are my Gun Peoples )

Here we go… again (sigh). “If I have to hear one more time that a holster somehow sucks fingers into a dangerous position blah blah blah then I say to you, ‘It really is California Ghost Gun Ghastly TRIGGERS that suck innocent fingers onto them to create mass shooters.’ ”

Gun / Range / Safety Officer / Participant / Etiquette School Sub-Section

“Don’t touch my stuff!” ~Clean Match Shootin’ Duane Stephenson a match or two ago. “Don’t tell me no lines/lies and keep your hands to yourself.” ~a song. Duane said it, semi-jokingly and in a good way because another shooter reached down before a ‘table start’ stage and moved Duane’s gun. It has been noticed by several Safety Officers (SOs) and the MD, noticed and ‘quietly, politely mentioned’ by the “victims”, and mentioned by some spectators that some of the SOs “touch” or “grab” at shooters and/or their equipment. Sorry SOs and thank you for all you do. (But!) If you *see* that something needs adjusting, correcting, moving or something of that sort then you MUST TELL the person what it is and how to fix it. You MUST NOT touch a person or their equipment without first ASKING for express permission AND RECEIVING that express permission. Sorry – and thank you – again SOs and anyone else guilty of this little faux pas.

Let’s get back to that holster and combine it with “range etiquette” and go to a couple of more sayings. “Opinions are like…” ~oops, too grown up for a family range post. “Good intentions pave the road to H-E-double-toothpicks.” When mention was made of JT’s finger many “well intended” people offered “break/disable” the button solutions. Thanks, guys, love you to death, but… look again at how Glock and Glock’s Shane teach people to draw guns and keep your “inanimate object opinions and work-arounds” to yourself. Please!!! He got “remediated” in his draw (Steps one-to-two) technique and showed his ability to do so *SAFELY* before he was allowed to shoot. Your “messing with” and “further comments about” his holster only served to ‘take away’ from his competition experience. We’re sorry, Mister Josh Toth, we are all “works in progress” and very proud of you and amazed by your “skills”… none of “us” that “messed” with you and your holster were “doing matches” (to medal contention level) when we were your age — but we “meant well”.

Josh's near perfect draw in Stage/Bay 5.
Josh’s near perfect draw in Stage/Bay 5.

[ Still More Long Post Warning ]

Our next match is our regularly scheduled 2nd Saturday IDPA match on Saturday, June 8, 2019. Sign-up and Squad at practiscore:


** Any one who earned a medal and did not get it delivered by a friend or stay to get it in person: We will keep them for you until the end of the June 8th match. And then… they are gone! We send them back to NCRPA so that we don’t have to pay for them and they can use them at other NC Shooting Sports Events this year. **

Wayne Brown – Gold

Conner Fowler – Gold
Adam Sale – Silver
Steven McGeachy – Bronze

Chris McLean – Gold
Grover Ezzell – Silver

Larry Minner – Gold
Cole Williams – Silver
Barry Lewis – Bronze

Ken Dickson – Gold
William Bayer – Silver
Blake Allen – Bronze

Austin Moody – Gold
Patrick Robbins – Silver
Sean Sorrentino – Bronze

Joshua Yount – Gold
Joe Weber – Silver
Brian Edwards – Bronze

Ed Arthur – Gold
Josh Anderson – Silver

Adam Barringer – Gold
* We are/were well aware that the SSR/ESR divisions no longer exist and that we mis-categorized the revolver shooters. Wayne Brown ‘should have’ received silver here. It was our mistake so we let it stand.

Horse Freeman – Gold

William Benbow – Gold

Mike Boulus – Gold

Anthony “Amp” Mangum – Gold

William Bayer – Gold

Zack Smeltz – Gold

Howard Hoadley – Gold

Todd Barber – Gold
Wilton Deets – Silver
Hal Belk – Bronze

Brandon Bolton – Gold
Chris Kropp – Silver
Carl Hershiser – Bronze

Matthew Brojakowski – Gold
Larry “Distinguished Senior” Burkett – Silver
* it is ‘right’ at practiscore this time Larry – thanks and sorry
KC Cody – Bronze

Dustin Thompson – Gold
Bert Winfield – Silver
Eddie Simons – Bronze

Dominic Mittica – Gold
Patrick Parker – Silver
Lon Layton – Bronze

Richard Banks – Gold
Brandon Bolton – Silver

Brad Kiger – Gold

Jeff Boaz – Gold

Matt Fowler – Gold

We had other stuff to say about (1)range/brass clean-up [Are you OK JY?], (2) tablet scoring coming soon(er) but not quite yet, (3) all of you amazing people patient/tolerant enough to sit through all of this 🙂 . However, with image rotation (below), setting up the next match at practisore, and uploading a classifier to we are at 5-hours-45-minutes into this “thing” so: Some More Pictures of Medalists and that’s all folks, see you in June or in-between for your shooting range needs…

Wabbit Ears (photobomb) again by Thee BB. Yay Fast Eddie
Our illustrious Match Director (MD), Safety Officer (SO), Stage Designer, set-up, tear-gown, guidance counselor, complaints department, cat wrangler and all around swell guy: Amp – Gold CDP MA (Happy Mothers Day Mrs. Amp)

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I’m sorry to so many of you ‘pictures not uploaded’ and ‘no captions above’. ~The Web-Guy