June 15 2019 Match Results and HAPPY FATHERS DAY

Thanks to all of our Dads and Grads for joining us for our (rain delayed) Third-Saturday-Second-Saturday IDPA@H2O match. An immediate gigantic extra ‘thank you too much (too much is not enough)’ to Chris and Sam Welch -and- Scott and Claudia Haight for taking care of (sorry going to caps-lock) EVERYTHING while the usual ‘suspects’ were MIA for this match. A ton on the to-do list for today, so…

Action shot (double meaning) and/of The Hero Of The Day. Claudia, we cannot thank you enough for being the ‘computer guy’ of June 15th 2019.

Scores at practiscore.com for the impatient types: https://practiscore.com/results/new/84262
* We’re not hearing it – mmmmmKay! – there’s a (lot) few “mis-classifications”: shush! Don’t Worry Be Happy. Everyone who did “tablet” and “online” stuff on Saturday did it “blind” and volunteered to do it. Don’t email Amp (Happy Fathers Day, Amp). **above, and we thank them here again and…

Mister (Mister) Carson Harrington Sensei (Sensei)

1) THANK YOU for helping out before, during, and after the match.

2) (Excuse us, Carson, we’re going to talk about you in the third person like you’re not here.) Carson (*caps, sorry) EARNED his “2nd (Level) [Gup or Dan; officially ‘Nidan’] Black Belt (Karate) on Friday, June 7, 2019 at Kokufuku (KO-koof’koo) School of Martial Arts ( https://www.facebook.com/kokumartialarts/ ) in Dunn. If you (“not The Carson”) are interested in “other than gun arts” as defense (karate means “empty hands”) or “just” as a personal discipline please talk to Carson at the matches or contact The Dojo through the Facebook link above.

We silently (and properly we hope) bow to you Sensei Harrington. ** and ***
** None of that “congratulations” stuff… it was not “won” and we don’t really know a ‘correct’ word to honor you in this achievement. So, silent bow. (Thinking the whole time: “Like Totes Awesomeness” and Wow-Face :O )

3) Nice shootin’ Tex! 10th “overall” – 2nd SSP/EX – tied for 2nd “Most Accurate”

X) (should have been first question-mark) Happy Fathers Day Carson


*** Photo credit Kokufuku School of Martial Arts June 7 2019
*** Photo credit Kokufuku School of Martial Arts June 7 2019

 Four of the Sensei in the above photo shoot or have shot with us. Far left: Charles Burrows Sensei (Renshi), owner of Kokufuku School of Martial Arts in Dunn, NC. For all of your Judo/Jujitsu, Karate, Tai Kwan Do, and other ‘forms’ of Martial Arts (including Cardio/Kardio-Kick-Fit) talk to Carson (Harrington Sensei) at the matches or check out The Dojo directly at: https://www.facebook.com/kokumartialarts/ 2nd From Left: Carson Harrington Sensei (Nidan) Middle: Sonya. When she was 13 she took a “five minute gun school” from Dean and then shot 50 rounds of .22LR “perfectly” and 10 rounds of 9mm “9/10 bulls-eyes and 1 “9” hit on a B27″. Shortly after, she not only completed her North Carolina Concealed Carry Handgun class… 100% on the written test and 30/30 rounds in the “Ten and [X] Bonus-Box”… she “assisted” the instructors with the class! When she was thirteen! She’s a little older now (sigh, they grow up too fast), but, still very young to have earned a Black Belt. Next to “Madam Sensei”: Barrett. He shoots with this father (an “almost” Sensei (“teacher”) at the dojo, and a Dr/Professor (“teacher plus plus”) at a University out here from time to time. Barrett (how could a shooting range not love that name?!) as well as the two to his right and also “very young” to have earned Black Belts.

Last *** note(s). The Dojo hosted a “Gun-Fu” NCCCH class once, we may do it again some day time/schedules permitting. A special “thank you” and Happy Fathers Day to Charles Burrows Sensei (Renshi) for the photo and the permission to mangle an attempt to “exchange” promotion of each-others “Martial Arts” businesses and to ‘honor’ the amazing “teacher” students of both.


From all of us to all of you (Fathers and anyone with one 🙂 )

[ Published Without Thinking Edit: Sean’s Video ]

Sean D Sorrentino’s match video at youTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hzTeCsBxk68

Coming Soon at H2O

Saturday, June 22, 2019 – Concealed Carry Handgun Class (Jesse Alphin and Dean Wiley Instructing). Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/461382114427304/

Saturday, June 29, 2019 – 5th Saturday [Mega/IDPA] BUG Match. Pre-register at practiscore.com: https://practiscore.com/june-29-2019-5th-saturday-mega-bug-match/register

Saturday, July 13, 2019 – 2nd Saturday IDPA @ H2O Match. Pre-register at practiscore.com: https://practiscore.com/july-13-2019-idpa-at-h2o/register

[ Soon ] The long-awaited backup and theme change and complete revamp of this web-site. Chris mentioned integrating the ‘social media’ (instagram) on Saturday. Mobile friendly (aka “reflexive”) and all kinds of bells and whistles are ‘dreamed of’. Check back often…

and Grads

So many of our “Range Babies” are growing up too fast and Graduated from high school, college, and even secondary (or post-graduate) colleges in the last month or so. We love you “kids” and are proud of you.

A Super-Shout out to Super-Girl (Dean has called her that since she was… um born) Savannah Weaver, daughter of Dwight and Crystal of Gunners Choice Outfitters ( https://www.facebook.com/Gunners-Choice-Outfitters-269051406372/ ). Happy Fathers Day, Dwight! and Happy Birthday (a couple of days ago) Crystal. And we could not say to/of our “range daughter” anything as well as her own father did, so a little copy/paste from Dwight. On May 12th he said under the picture (below): “Why are we in Tucson? Savannah’s graduation from graduate school. The girl has made us so proud and we pray for God to give her strength for the next 5 years as she works on her PHD. It’s so over the top of my head, I struggle to remember the details. But her professors are proud too. A 4.0 for her last semester. And all this talk about DNA, genes, Microbial stuff. Man, I feel dumb all of a sudden. A Doctorate in Molecular medicine? Over my head. But, you go Savannah Weaver.”

"Oh, wow, Super-Girl. Just: Oh, wow." ~Dean (walks away sniffling and wiping an eye... it's the reload powder, really, it messes me up every time...
“Oh, wow, Super-Girl. Just: Oh, wow.” ~Dean (walks away sniffling and wiping an eye… it’s the reload powder, really, it messes me up every time…

 Word count says 951 before this sentence. Done. Last time: Happy Dads/Pops/Fathers Day to “all y’all”. See you in the bays.