July 13 2019 Match Notes and Gun Schools

Thank you – a million times thank you – to everyone for (first and foremost) spending a late (very late) Friday night and early (very early) Saturday morning to “get the match into the tablets” for our first [almost] all digital scoring match. Yes, there were hiccups. Then a million-and-one-th thank you for joining us in the 105+ “reel feelz” degrees heat and making this match a huge success. We’ve been working on this since yesterday (so early yesterday because ‘scores done when the match was done’) so no more ado…

For the impatient: scores at practiscore.com: https://www.practiscore.com/results/new/86556

Sean D Sorrentino “solving the problem” of “cannot sync in scoring mode” (a squad was “locked” for any other practiscore newbies, had to unlock the squad). Vincent Williams in the background “waxing philosophically” and reminiscing about his first IDPA match.

Now. Let’s talk about ‘hiccups’. (We’ll start with the new wordpress/theme/block-editor is not showing us this – invisible ink? Tiny little arrow way over on the right hand side for any wordress/2019 newbies out there. Change it from up-arrow to down-arrow.) OK. Hiccups. Chad Thompson was “incorrectly” put in the SSP division. That Beretta of his: ESP. Guess what that means, Sean D and Joe W and Patrick R? (hiccup! bunch of words and the photo uploadered and captioned, save draft, poof, gone, sigh, try again one dollar!) Sorry, Fast Eddie Simons, you are ‘corrected’ (only here, not at practiscore.com) to Number Two Slot in ESP. Guess you’ll have to go use MSPaint on your video, Sean, like we did on the image below.

Corrected version of: https://www.practiscore.com/results/new/86556?q_division=8

Speaking of Sean’s video, here it is at youTube: https://youtu.be/TrtyGqFkiKg and here it is at Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sean.sorrentino/videos/10214325798162078/

Next, since we’re talking about “The[e] World Famous Chad Thompson” (thanks for hanging out with us, Chad & Cindy) and he is the Professor-de-Professore of Firearms (and other things), let’s ‘do’ some gun school.

Gun School – Don’t Crowd The Cover

…and don’t X those thumbs! Calling you out, Cliff, because I know you’re “tough, and can take it.” Dustin and Blake: gun school your friend. (smiley-face)

The Chad Thompson in Stage/Bay 5. Pay attention to his foot/feet planted at the very back of the “fault line” and the muzzle of his gun about a foot or more behind the wall. Also, while you are click/tap/pinching it to view it full size and microscopically, pay close attention to his grip. Want to shoot ‘top of the board’ like Chad? Then shoot like Chad.
“Locked arm low ready.” NO! Just: NO! Stop it. Get back off that wall. “Wait for it…” (coming in two pictures). (Constructive Criticism, Cliff, we say it with love <3 )
“The muzzle of the gun must NOT go passed the barricade! Or, those shots will not count.” Law Enforcement and Private Protective Services Qualification Rule. And: who can look at this and tell why his hits are low and left? (If you say/think, “Glock triggers and rifling” pinch yourself hard.) Go back, read our other Gun Schools and ~understand~ Dean’s saying: “It is physics, not physical strength.” You, Blake, You Buy! Buy Cliff some “FREE*” dry fire practice and get him up to speed like you are.

Seriously Important NOTE about the below pictures. This is also Safety Officer (SO) school. Wilton Deets (the SO pictured) IS looking at the shooter and “this locked arm low-ready, too close to that wall” problem. He had a real good, long talk with the shooter at the end of the stage. Wilton did not have “the perspective” of the camera and could not see that this shooter stepped in front of the gun four times. The camera only caught one. It’s very important because: as SOs go Wilton did exactly what he’s supposed to “from his perspective”. IDPA (and range) rules DO NOT allow photos and videos to be used in place of the SO’s decisions. Thanks, Wilton Deets, sometimes it’s the right person in the right place at the right time. Glad you were there. SOs: be looking at your shooter, not their targets! (…other SOs, ours “never do that”…)

Locked arm low ready and crowding the cover. Do you “new shooters” remember from the “new shooter discussion” before the match where he said, “What your mind needs to be on is where is my gun pointing”? Compare to the Chad Thompson “use of cover” photo three photos above. Note: Look where the SO is looking! Good job, sir! And, what happens when you have a habit behind cover….?
“Sweep the leg” is only funny in the “Karate Kid” context. Note (again): the SO can NOT see “how bad it really is”. To complete what we started above: …you continue that habit out in the open. Rule 2, Fundamental Rules Firearm Safety (old way): NEVER point your firearm at anything you are not willing to kill or destroy. [[ The why of people doing this: (1) NRA, police, military train it; (2) they see others (Cliff!) doing it; (3) they see it ‘in the media’ (TV, Movies, etc); (4) nobody calls them out on it (Yay! Wilton! Called him out on it.) ]]

Taking a break from ‘school’ to do Coming Soon and an action photo

July 20th, NC Concealed Carry Handgun class from “The Group” (Gunner’s Choice – 2019’s “Best Of Harnett County Concealed Carry Classes”; Dean Wiley; Jesse Alphin) All the details and link to the PDF flyer at the Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/452697892182255/

August 10, 2019, our ‘regular’ 2nd Saturday IDPA @ H2O. Pre-register and squad at practiscore.com: https://practiscore.com/august-10-2019-idpa-at-h2o/register

Chris K with three ‘Down Zero’ hits on the mover in Stage/Bay 4 out of a tiny little gun. Nice work, sir.

Back to school special… but not really, more of a ‘tips for our new friends’ section

Do not cross your thumbs on a gun. Any gun. Ever. See the other (previous, sorry not digging and providing links) after match posts and Gun School posts. Here’s the short version of “Dean’s Kara-Te of Gun” (want the long version, CCH class above): Pistol fingers and flat hand. The shooting hand gets configured the way kids do “pistol fingers” and that’s index finger straight, thumb up. (Imagine a Facebook “Like” with the index finger sticking straight out.) The non-shooting (weak/support) hand: all four fingers tight together and the thumb – UP! Yes, yes, I (we) know… the tacti-cool guys all say, “Both thumbs should be pointing at the target, etc, etc.” When you get better at it, both thumbs pointing at the target will “just” happen. Here’s the “real cheat”: Stand up and “air gun” holding a rifle or shotgun (you point the index finger of the non-shooting hand under your rifle and wrap the thumb over the top of the rifle guys, (a) stop it and (b) be quiet). Now “play air gun” of pumpy-the-shotgun. On one of the times when you’re opening the action of your imaginary shotgun bring your non-shooting hand all the way back and wrap it around the front of your shooting hand. Perfect. If you are looking at the back of two thumb-nails that’s fine. They’ll settle into place. “Gun confusion” and “dreaded thumb cross behind the gun” happens because of the last 160 years or so of what the kids call “FUDDs” saying different firearm? stand different! hands different! color codes of mental… Sorry, old schoolers, we’re here to tell you: No matter what gun you are shooting, you stand the same, you breathe (the same), and nothing changes about your hands except the distance between them. Oh, one last thing before a couple of pictures. If you are in doubt about “is my non-shooting hand” correct: then it is incorrect and you need to just put it over your heart and shoot one handed. Let’s look at a couple of pictures (and, please, young lady, don’t take this as “picking on you”; you did Amazing! and Great! and we just don’t ever want to see you ‘hurt’.)

Stage/Bay 2 started with “shoot three targets ‘strong hand only'”. See previous gun schools (physics, not physical strength) about keeping that right thumb UP (especially on a gun with a thumb-safety). There is nothing “wrong” with this ‘style’ – it is simply “not optimal” for controlling “recoil effect.”
Goosebumps! 2 fingers in the trigger guard and (scream!) left thumb wrapped all the way behind the gun. The “macho men” call this “a self correcting issue” because it “usually” ends with “slide bite”. Why I (DLW) didn’t ‘STOP’ her? I see this all the time and this is one time where “girl hands” is a good thing. I could well see that both thumbs were trapped under the tang and the slide was not going to hit her left hand. As long as “no one is going to get hurt or disqualified” I (DLW) don’t interfere with people shooting. My first thought was: she’s a ‘natural’ lefty or ambidextrous shooter. Note her magazine-carrier and let’s move on…
After the reload – “it” (left thumb behind the gun) did self-correct. Luckily without a wrecked left hand. Her left hand (sorry talking about you in the third person the way ‘old people’ talk about kids when they are right there) is “exaggerated” in that posture because just prior to this “Her Mister” said: “Both fingers on the trigger!” She pulled that left hand to the left and looked at it. I’m still thinking, according to our own Steven Frye: Amphibious. (Think, Tombstone, Doc H, “I have two guns, one for each of you.”) All four fingers of that “non-shooting” or left hand tight together… Here (below) stole some hand-mojies from facespace as a visual guide: shooting hand on the left.
** above
( See #2 “Why people do” a few images back: “They see others…” ) Here’s the number list of notes: (1) This is “Her Mister” [sorry guys, I’m not good at names ~DW], awwww <3 “imitation is the most sincere form of flattery!”; (2) This was so-o-o-o totally amazing, not enough magazines so “Her Mister” handed his empty back to “His Friend” (brick-reddish shirt) and “Friend” loaded the magazine; (3) SO Scott looking where? [ Sorry, Scott, “we gotta call each other out”. Here, let me write some excuses. Long, hot day with the biggest squad and the most “new/first-time” shooters. And, “thought he heard something over there at just that moment!! Yeah! ]; (4) CLIFF! (haha just kidding).

Thanks again everyone, especially to any one who stuck through this whole post. As always: come out and get your practice on Tuesday-Saturday for Members and Friday/Saturday for non-members. “Be Safe, Have Fun.”