June 29 BUG Match Scores and July 1-2 New Site

Scores for the June 29, 2019 BUG Match are at practiscore.com : https://practiscore.com/results/new/85492

For about 9 (or 10 now; 16 including reading how-to sites and watching how-to unbreak a site after changing themes after 7 years) hours over the last two days we have:
— Installed a plugin to back everything up and download just less than 1 gigabyte (1 GB) of ‘our site’
— Updated to the latest wordpress
— De-activated some ‘the dude that set it up in 2012’ plug-ins that were doing nothing (???? Let us know if you find something not working now please)
— “Activated” the “2019 Theme”
— Began fixing (and continued fixing, and some more fixing)
— Studied 1/2 the night trying to find a way to get rid of the “pretty serif font” that WordPress says is “so easy to read” (but they don’t use it for any of their sites/pages), gave up, installed a plugin (limited scope, doesn’t fix ‘sizes’ like in the “Recent Posts” footer block or “lists”)
— Started writing this post (our first in the new theme with the new ‘editor’ — help/how-to stuff isn’t helping)

Still on the to-do list: Get the ‘insta’ block on the home page or in the footer for those of you that don’t want to keep up with Chris’ range updates via: https://www.instagram.com/h2ofowlfarms/ , finish ‘cleaning up’ all of the pages (static pages, not posts), more… always more…

The Perfect Scores

After we posted the scores on our Facebook on Saturday we got a comment about “doesn’t show up in the events and/or tie back to the pre-registered shooters”. Yes, sorry, we know. We’re working on it. We. Are. Sorry. (That’s it for you “score heads”, stop reading, the next paragraph is for the rest of us.)

OK. So. What had happened were… iPads don’t do that. We know. We’ve always known. But, that’s what we happened to have to do the scores with. And then: thanks to some of our shooters and Safety Officers and Andy & Shari (they put money into the shooting range, people, not the other way around, it’s not ~that~ successful yet) we got six brand-spankin-new Kindle Fires and several ‘hot spots’ to link ’em together at the range. Plan: test “it’s supposed to work A-Z” Droid based Practiscore at the BUG match. Shari, Jack, and Sean gave it their all. They ‘poured’ hours into getting everything set up in the “Master Fire”. And then… no sync. No nothing. Then sync. Double everything with no ability to “select” the current match. And then… Well. We didn’t put a Kindle Fire in each bay/stage (wink-grin-emoji, to use them or to shoot them). We ‘should have’ (shot them) but we didn’t. After the match, more “no sync, no select, turn off, turn on, reset/restart everything at least 9,000 times. And then, an hour or so later with Eddie, Jack and Christopher ‘under the gun’ to get out of there and go to (“Happy Birthday One Year Old” who-ever you are, from all of us at H2O): “Bring out the gimp!” Oops, we mean the iPads. Scores. Done. “Perfectly”

Andy asked if the ~few~ of us that ‘do scores’ (and match set ups in devices etc) would like to get together before the next match and “try” to get it done test-mode. “If we have time.” (You know how it is, One Year Olds Birthday Parties as ordered by Missuzzes and Moms…? Or ‘hang out at the range’? It’s a great big, “Yes, ma’am!”) Thanks again, a lot, Shari, Andy, Ian, Jack, Eddie, Carson, Sean, Chris, Christopher… more…

If ~you~ (any one) would like to ‘help’ let us know at the next match. If you would ~really~ like to help, dust off those “Object Oriented Developer” skills and jump over to practiscore.com because they have a “request” for volunteer programmer help to ‘fix’ the many (many, many) “known issues” with gizmo-scoring and web integration. https://practiscore.com

That’s it. “No pictures?!?!” OK… let’s see… tap… click… double-click… multi-finger-gesture…

With a certain certainty we will guarantee you that the only way you are going to see Chad with his “hands up in surrender” is to write it into a stage brief at a shooting match.

( above from the media library from the last time we had a “start at surrender” stage. oh, yeah, forgot to mention: last time we “updated” wordpress – 2017 – “it” dumped everything out of the “media library”. It’s all still working in/on the pages, but we can’t “re-use” the old stuff… )

Almost Forgot: Have a safe and happy “Independence Day”