Aug 10 2019 Match Results

[ Thanks to 74 shooters and Special Guest Post Author and Match Photographer Claudia Haight ]

Hi y’all. This will be a short and sweet post for the 08/10/2019 IDPA shoot. A big thanks to Sean for all the work with the electronics, it’s flowing smoother with each shoot. Big shout out to everyone who shot well today and all the new shooters that came out. Hope to see all of you again at the next one [Sept 14]. Everyone remember to come out for the BUG match in a couple of weeks [Aug 31].  Hopefully my photos say more than my words.

Results at practiscore:

Our next matches

Our next match is a 5th Saturday Back-Up Gun (BUG) match on Saturday, August 31. Sign-up / pre-register and get on a squad at

Our next full match is our regular 2nd Saturday IDPA @ H2O match on Saturday, September 14. Sign-up / pre-register and get on a squad at

That’s all we’ve got this time, friends. We’ll see you out here Tuesday-Saturday for members, Friday & Saturday for non-members.

Quitting before we get any more of this madness…