Sept 14 2019 (and Aug 31 and Dorian) Notes

Our special thanks to: 77 shooters on the 14th and 42 BUG shooters on August 31st, and… everyone and everything… “All right! Let’s do dis.” (WoW Classic is now online for you gamer types.)

Web-guy has been MIA deluxe since starting a new J-O-B back in July. So, here’s the results of the Back-Up Gun match back on August 31st: (Ash and Ken: Nice work! Clean!) And…

From our Facebook ( ) post on September 6th: “Water water everywhere. Our early morning ride around the farm is good news. There is no wind damage. There is a lot of water standing but the roads are passable. (…) There is a lot of mud. Have a great weekend and continue to pray for our coastal communities during the recovery time.” Now (16-Sep) we are asking you to continue to pray for the Bahamas because they are suffering “Humberto” in the aftermath of Dorian. And… don’t just pray (unless that’s all there is right now, it’s plenty). If you are blessed (or lucky) enough to have anything you can give, dig around the internet for your charity of choice that is putting in the work with our neighbors over there.

We are also very blessed/lucky to have TWO stand-in “web-guys” (well… in this ‘era’ we guess it’s OK to call Claudia that). Ladies* first (and, no, we don’t care if it’s ‘socially acceptable’ to say that)…

IDPA September 14, 2019 by Claudia Haight

It was a beautiful day on the range with 75 shooters making a glorious noise. A shout out to all of the new shooters that came out to play today, hope y’all had a great time and will be back at the next match.  Thank you Rachel Wallace for competing today it was nice not to be the only female on the range. Once again a big thank you to Andy and Chris, after all the rain in the past couple of weeks the range was in great shape. Everyone be safe and we will see you on the range.

( photo interlude ) MD/SO Anthony “Amp” Mangum and “The Smoking Gun”

Claudia joined the H2O Family in April/May of 2016 at the Gun Powder Gals Practical-and-Tactical Clinic. ( 105 photos: ) She was – and is – assisting several instructors in the Fayetteville, NC area and has since gone on to become a USCCA certified instructor, an IDPA Safety Officer, and one of our “web-guys”. She is very involved in the shooting sports, training and “politics” (2nd proponent of course).

OK. We’ve tried the patience of some of our “Where’s the scores?” family. Scores for the September 14, 2019 full match at practiscore:

Sean Sorrentino (below) in one of many roles: Safety Officer

September 14 2019 IDPA at H2O by Sean D Sorrentino

We hope you had a good time shooting with us yesterday. Scores for the match are at this link [above the picture].

Congratulations to everyone who finished the match.

We would like to invite you to register for our October IDPA match at this link:

Sean joined the H2O family in [awaiting exact date confirmation]. He is the former host of the GunBlog VarietyCast Radio podcast and current web-log manager/editor/writer at NCGunBlog ( ). Since joining us as a shooter he has promoted our range and matches with many videos at youTube and facebook (his youTube channel: ), has become “An Ambassador for the Sport” – like Claudia – by becoming an IDPA Safety Officer, and is the coordinator for November’s Steve Anderson Class and Match here at H2O ( ).

Not only have Sean & Claudia done ‘all of the above’ they put in a ton of extra work with the tablets, coordinating the pictures for this post, and ran a squad on their own on the 14th – both with relatively (or ‘really’) little experience. “Thanks for all of the amazing extra efforts” to these two.

Sean (SO) and a 1911s force a good grip because of ‘ride the safety’.

Coming next Saturday, September 21, 2019: An NC Concealed Carry Handgun class by “2019s Best of Harnett County – Concealed Carry Class” winners Gunners Choice Outfitters (and our MIA web-guy). All the details at the Facebook event:

Jim T.
Shooting around vehicles.
Resetting, taping (or paste-ing) targets between shooters is A LOT of work. Thanks everyone in this photo for getting in done!
Ian Foo (SO) and a shooter with a grip that MIA web-guy ‘approves’ of 😉

There’s two more pictures that we’re going to ‘drop’ below. Gotta go do stuff (and get to work). Thanks again everybody. And, as always, join us Tuesday-Saturday for members and Friday-Saturday for everyone for all of your shooting needs and we’ll see you in October for the match.