October 12 2019 Match and Classifier Notes

( Very late** ) Thanks 80+ shooters and the multitude of volunteers it takes to make a great match – and Annual Classifier as a Match match – happen. There is much to-do here and we’re already two weeks late** so… “Ready, kids? Here we goooooooooo….”

Scores/Results at Practiscore: https://practiscore.com/results/new/94732

Chris Kropp (2nd overall and CO) doing everything right… er, left, er… correct.

** 2 weeks late: After the match we ran our Annual Classifier as a Match match ( hoozah! to the new 5×5 classifier ). We waited to see if/when those that participated got signed up at IDPA ( http://www.idpa.com ) so the scores would count (for real!). Here’s the results of that:
Matt Brojakowski – ESP –
– 4.34 5.71 8.13 4.28 (Down 3) = 22.46 raw = 25.46 total SharpShooter (SS)
Jim Toth – SSP –
– 3.95 5.44 8.83 3.76 (Down 9) = 21.98 raw = 30.98 total SharpShooter (SS)
Bobby Shires – ESP –
– 3.38 4.79 7.28 3.85 (Down 7) = 19.30 raw = 26.30 total SharpShooter (SS)
– 3.50 4.34 8.09 3.63 (Down 10) = 19.56 raw = 29.56 total SharpShooter (SS)
Trever Poirier – ESP –
– 3.99 7.11 9.65 4.58 (Down 14) = 25.33 raw = 39.33 total MarksMan (MM)
– 6.19 7.87 6.36 5.95 (Down 0) = 26.37 total SharpShooter (SS)
Paul Langer – SSP –
– 3.46 5.36 7.70 6.10 (Down 9) = 22.62 raw = 31.62 total SharpShooter (SS)
– 5.02 5.74 7.58 2.83 (Down 9) = 21.17 raw = 30.17 total SharpShooter (SS)
– 3.65 4.81 6.67 4.07 (Down 6) = 19.20 raw = 26.20 total SharpShooter (SS)
Johnny Larson – SSP –
– 4.22 5.42 11.31 4.07 (Down 15) = 25.02 raw = 40.02 total MarksMan (MM)
Arthur Malone – ESP –
– 4.46 4.66 8.34 3.49 (Down 15) = 20.95 raw = 35.95 total MarksMan (MM)
Casey Clymore – ESP –
– 5.85 6.70 12.72 6.54 (Down 2) = 31.81 raw = 33.81 total SharpShooter (SS)
Johnathan Dial – ESP –
– 4.40 5.49 9.52 4.95 (Down 12) = 24.36 raw = 36.36 total MarksMan (MM)
Brandon Davis – ESP –
– 4.61 6.51 10.61 4.77 (Down 4) = 26.50 raw = 30.50 total SharpShooter (SS)
Eddie Simons – ESP –
– 3.18 4.05 7.98 4.21 (Down 2) = 19.42 raw = 21.42 total EXpert (EX)

Jump over to practiscore.com and get signed-up and on a squad for our Saturday, November 9, 2019 2nd Saturday IDPA @ H2O match (sign-in, orientation, etc 9:00am-10am; shooting starts at 10AM): https://practiscore.com/november-9-2019-idpa-at-h2o/register

Physics not Physical Strength and Don’t Give Your Gun to Your Enemy – Gun School (Re-)Run(s)

Let’s take a look at Super Model (and Safety Officer) Scott Haight shooting “at contact distance” or “from the retention(?!?!?!) area” (and then we’re going to discuss it):

Awesome action, awesome action photo (if we do say so ourselves). But, Scottish Man-Pants in a Roadway (Kilt on the streets 🙂 )

Here’s ‘the thing’ about “retention” (which means “where you would retain your gun when the fight became closer than gun-distance (guns are ‘distance tools’)) area – or contact/close-quarters shooting: YOU DON’T GIVE YOUR GUN TO THE BAD-GUY (Amp! FBI!!)! [ ‘guy’ is used in a safe gender-neutral tone… vomit pause… moving on ] This whole 1930s-1950s FBI – ahem we can’t say what we want to, so – silliness makes for great “square range stuff” and fabulous Super Model Scott (Tac-Tique TM) photos. BUT!, keep in mind, when the fight gets touchy-feely if the Bad-Gender-Neutral-Thing can put their hands on you or your gun it is “non-optimal”. Let’s go way back to January 2015:

“Point Shooting / Reflex / Retention (area) / Shooting From the Hip” done right by a first time / new shooter.

It was her first attempt. With almost 5 years in between (hope you are well “Range Baby”) we can say this: Her non-shooting hand should be “over her heart”; her shooting hand thumb should be up; and, her grip should be stronger. When shooting from retention the magazine well should be against your body and the gun directly over the holster.

Now we’re going to talk about shooting-hand thumb UP (like a facebook like) — wait for it — again. Dean’s saying: “It’s physics not physical strength.” Filling the space between the “tang” (top/back of the grip area) with hand stops the recoil impulse. Scroll back up, look at Chris Kropp and Scott and note that they have no space between the “tang” and the hand (Chris because he has trained and practices in a good, high grip; Scott because he has good, manly man-hands and doesn’t “need” to put his thumb up). Now, let’s look at another Haight, also a Super Model and pay close attention to the “gap” between hand and gun:

Claudia Haight 10.12.2019

Click or Tap on the image and view it full-size. Note these three things: (1) she is “long conditioned” (trained and practiced) in Thumb-Crossing so she is sub-consciously “pushing” her right thumb down. Look at the pressure-indentation in her left hand from her right thumb. What this ‘habit’ (training scar for you dot-mils, conditioning for you athletes) does is two fold: it opens up the space under the ‘tang’ and it is pushing her left hand down opening space between her hands, effectively “breaking” her grip. (2) Her hands are rather small for that gun. It was no doubt designed without her in mind but she handles it “like a boss!” (3) [gun-schools passed and for another day] Don’t crowd the cover. Your gun should not be in front of the “wall”. ((We are not ‘picking on’ Dear Claudia, she is ‘family’ and we are all learning and improving from this. And, she’s tough, she can take it.)) Let’s see “all of the above” in action with a new-shooter (also female, who got a long free** lesson in grip-building after her last stage):

First time match shooter and new “friend”.

Look closely at the first picture (Chris K) and note that there is no “muzzle-flip”. Now look at the picture directly above. Small hands, thumb down, recoil almost 40-degrees. This amout of “rise” or “flip” doesn’t matter at 2 feet. At 7 yards she was hitting “high-left” every single time. Remember, Lady-Bug: shooting hand thumb up. (and dig back through the weblogs, we have done this many times). One more so the ladies don’t feel singled out:

A great new “range friend”.

Because of “thumb down” and “slender” or “small-ish” hands there was some “flip” (rotation in the grip, view large note the rolled flesh above the tendon). Because of “locked elbows” and being physically larger and stronger: the whole thing went up. Note how high the gun is above the targets and his eye-line. The lesson from 7th grade Science that everyone seems to remember is, “An object in motion tends to stay in motion.” The pre-cursor to that from “AP” or college Physics classes that almost no one remembers: “An object that can get in motion WILL get into motion.” Killed on the skreets? Probably not. But, this is IDPA – a sport/competition shooting event – where all the top-players say, “When 10ths [of seconds] matter…” Controlling recoil impulse (flip or complete arm rise) makes the splits (shot-to-shot times) smaller or faster.

Where that – ahem – “silly or goofy” retention/point/contact shooting stuff comes from is D.A. “Jelly” Bryce: the F.B.I.’s first Sharpshooter ( https://www.guns.com/news/2012/03/21/da-jelly-bryce ) circa 1934-35. And: “That’s how muh Pappy done it, that’s how I’m gonna done it!” is the American Way. Cool. We’ll see you and your Bryce Stance at the next match or the BUG match on the 5th Saturday in November.

From: https://www.anonymousconservative.com/blog/jelly-bryces-shooting-stance/