November 9 2019 Match Results

Always and forever: thank you to 86 participants (shooters) and all of the volunteer “staff” that make these matches go. We’ve got a lot to do today (writing this on 11/11 Veterans Day) so we’re going to dive in…

One of ~our~ veterans, Brandon Bolton on 11/9/19.

Scores for the November 9 match at Practiscore:

The class put together by Sean Sorrentino lead by Steve Anderson ( That Shooting Show, ) was a BOOM-DING-ing success. All of the participants commented about what they learned and “noted improvement” in their match shooting. We got our “First Open Division (IPSC/USPSA) IDPA (NFC) shooter.” It’s just a whole lot of fun to have the space-guns or race-guns in action in the bays. The after class and match That Shooting Show 1 hour podcast episode “Just Do The Work” is available at: and Sean’s match video is at:

Veteran’s Day

Years ago we went through “it” here in the weblogs about the mixed-bag of “stuff” that happens when people try to acknowledge the “old hands.” Friends of ours get “called out” for trying to honor their friends and family who died in service because “they/you have Memorial Day.” We get called out and see all over social media others getting “chastised” for saying “Happy” in front. Some veterans (modern understood definition: living military) are very “there’s nothing happy about it” because of the PTSD, homelessness, mis-treatment and abuse by the VA and other government agencies. Sorry, sirs and ma’ams, we’re all just people who are “trying”. We ~hear~ you, and don’t mean to offend, and won’t argue. We just want to wish all of you “Old Hands” on this day – your day – the best day that can be had and know that we honor your service and sacrifice.

A friend from Warsaw (NC not Poland). “Be safe out there” friends from Warsaw and thanks for joining us.

Thanksgiving and our Annual Toys For Tots Charity BUG Match

We try to always start and end these webloggers with messages of Thanks. And, we mean it. We certainly want to wish you and yours a Great Thanksgiving Day on Thursday, November 28, and know that when we our giving our thanks, all of you (readers of these things and not) are on our list.

“That being said…” is the modern but[t] or however 🙂 After you’ve stuffed your guts and napped in front of the game or race: Get that Black Friday shopping done, fill the basket, empty the debit-card account and bring all those goodies out here on Sunday, November 30th, 2019 as “match fee” for our Seventh Annual Toys For Tots (Charity) (Mega-) Back-Up-Gun (BUG) Match. The Marines (Happy B-Day USMC 11/10) will be here to say a little something and take all of the Christmas we can gather back to the kids who need it the most. Shooting starts at 10:00am. Sign-up and get on a squad at:

December @ H2O

On the first Saturday, the 7th, the whole crowd that makes up the Dunn Division of Concealed Carry North Carolina Firearms Group (Gunners Choice Outfitters [2019’s Best of Harnett County CCH Class], Dean Wiley, Jesse Alphin, Fundamental Safety/Patrick Riley, and more) are holding (turn up the volume and the echo): The Last Concealed Carry Handgun Class of the second decade of the 3rd Millennium…!!! (Imagine the following in all caps and bold, and shake your device/screen while reading it) You can have the whole seat… but you only need the edge! Details and occasional “tidbits” at the Facebook event:

Took a minute to shake off all of that excitement above… where were we? Oh yeah, on the second Saturday, the 14th, we will have our regular 2nd Saturday IDPA @ H2O match. Register and get on a squad at: (shake the screen and ~hear~ another of “our” veterans, Chad Thompson, yelling:) It’s the most fun you can have with your clothes on!! (and us yelling) The Last Match of the 2nd…. well, you know. Squad 7 is for Safety Officers (only), please.

4 hits on the double-drop-turner. 2 zeroes, 2 ones. It’s not the sight (CO), it’s the person behind it 🙂

…and then, “we” forgot what we were going to write next. So, thanks again everyone, “have” whatever kind of Veterans Day you want to and ‘Thank You For Your Service/Sacrifice’, and we’ll see you out here in the bays Tuesday-Saturday for Members and Friday-Saturday for everyone.

Oh, yeah, “We wanna witch you a Merry Christmas…” (sorry-not-sorry, compulsion)

p.s. Edit: We (I, Dean) remembered: We shot a 5×5 Classifier after the match

Matt Brojakowski – ESP (CCP) –
– 2.83 4.08 7.96 3.80 (Down 7) = 25.67 = SS/ESP & EX/CCP
Ian Denby – SSP –
– 4.06 4.84 9.72 3.81 (Down 9) = 31.43 = SS
– 4.52 5.01 10.59 4.07 (Down 7) = 31.19 = SS
Joshua D. Pierce – ESP –
– 3.38 4.37 9.18 3.99 (Down 6) = 26.92 = SS
– 3.87 5.05 9.70 4.66 (Down 17) = 40.28 = MM
Heath Grant – A1007844 – SSP –
– 3.06 4.77 8.10 3,62 (Down 2) = 21.55 = EX(pert)