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** All Shooting Ranges Closed On Sundays and Mondays ** 

North Carolina Concealed Carry Handgun Classes (CCH)

Crossroads Concealed Carry

Instructor: Steven Frye
– email:
– phone: (919)-332-6691
– Facebook: Crossroads Concealed Carry

Price: $85.00 (**July 2019 verifying price)

Note: Mr. Frye provides a handgun and ammunition for qualification.
Additional fees may apply based on availability of ammunition, price of ammunition and type of ammunition requested.  Please confirm handgun type and ammunition availability/fees prior to the class.

Legal: The ‘above’ information should be considered an [Advertisement].  H2O Fowls Farms does NOT provide CCH/CCW courses.  Mr. Frye (and other instructions) pay range fees to qualify students at H2O.  This is a ‘friendly co-operative advertising’ post to H2O’s website.

Concealed Carry North Carolina Firearms Group

“H2O Local” Instructors: Dean Wiley, Patrick Riley, Jesse Alphin

Coordinators: Gunners Choice Outfitters

— Facebook:

Price: $90.00 (your gun and ammunition) or $100 (their gun and ammunition)

NC Concealed Carry Handgun (CCH) Qualification

NC CCH Instructors: Contact us about using the range for your qualifications.
– Low group rates.
– Full-size target boards and stands (B27).
* Legal: You should ‘file’ your certificate of insurance with H2O and all of your students should sign our standard ‘Range Waiver’.

NC PPSB Firearms Instructors – Day AND Night Qualification

The North Carolina Private Protective Services Board requires that all Armed Guards and Private Investigators – before carrying a duty weapon (handgun) – be Qualified and Certified by a North Carolina PPSB Certified Firearms Instructor in the ‘DAY and NIGHT’ courses of fire.  Armed ‘Private Protection Personnel’ must renew their Qualification/Certification every year.

H2O currently has two vehicles equipped with the correct lighting (strobes, standard, emergency) for the NIGHT course-of-fire.  Our ‘Bay 2’ has correct yard markers for each of the required distances.  We have plastic barrels for the ‘cover required’ courses-of-fire. We provide the lights/vehicles for the night portion AND, day or night, we will help you (put-up/take-down targets, clean up brass) or ‘not help you’ (no interference) any way we can.

This ‘service’ is for NCPPSB Certified Firearms Trainers only; and, we request that you arrange your classes to have at least 3 students to keep rates down.  All ‘students’ and ‘instructors’ must sign the standard ‘Waiver’ for use of the range.

Price: $20.00 per student per day.
* Practice/Range-Training days not included with a ‘qualification day’ price.
You must call or contact us to schedule your Qualifications.
Special pricing (per student discounts or flat fee) will be considered for very large classes.

Law Enforcement Qualification and (Re-)Certification

Law Enforcement Officers (LEO) have to have ‘In-Service Firearms Training’ and qualify (or certify) with their duty ‘gear’ and firearms (handguns, shotguns, rifles) up to 4 times each year.  H2O’s ranges were designed with the assistance of LEOs (and agencies) with LEO Qualification/Certification in mind.  We can accommodate day, night, ‘combat course of fire’, and marksman qualifications.

If your N.C. agency or department is without a Specialized Firearms Instructor we can facilitate ‘contact’ with other agencies and departments that use our facilities and get your LEOs trained, qualified and certified.

Law Enforcement service/assistance is offered at ‘as close to the cuff’ rates as H2O can.

LE Administrators or Firearms Instructors: Contact Andy Howard for details, arrangements (targets, vehicles, combat or rifle courses) and ‘current LEO market rates’.

Firearms Training

From beginning (fundamentals and safety) all the way up to ‘Advanced’ (Team, Combat, Competition, Multi-Gun), H2O and some ‘friends’ can get you the training you want or need.

Here’s some of the instructors or trainers that have (and will continue to) ‘hold school’ at H2O:

  • Andy Howard, Drew Howard, Tim Barefoot (H2O) – Beginning-Advanced Shotguns, Rifles, Skeet, Hunting
  • Larry Vickers (Vickers Tactical) – Advanced LE, Combat/War-fighting; all platforms
  • Joshua Scott (Osage Training & Consulting) – Intermediate-Advanced LE, Combat(ives), Defense; all platforms
  • Precision Dynamics Group (Lead Instructor Chris M.) – Beginning-Advanced Defensive, Concealed Carry, Security/Investigations (NCPPSB Certified), Competition; all platforms
  • Steven Frye (Crossroads Concealed Carry/H2O) – Beginning-Advanced Defensive, Concealed Carry, Competition; all platforms
  • Ricky Harris ( Loflin-McCraw Tactical Solutions ) – Beginning-Advanced Defensive, Combat/Combatives/War-Fighting, Concealed Carry, Competition; all platforms
  • Dean Wiley ( IMFs Corporation ) – Beginning-Advanced Marksmanship, Defensive, Combat/Combatives/War-Fighting, Concealed Carry, Law Enforcement (NRA LE Certified) & Security (NCPPSB Certified), Competition; all platforms
  • Chris Welch (Range Master at H2O) – Beginning-Advanced Defensive, Combat/Combatives/War-Fighting, Law Enforcement & Security, Competition; all platforms

* ‘All Platforms’ = handguns (revolvers & semi-automatic), rifles (AR or hunting/sniper), shotguns, others.

H2O Proudly Hosts the Johnston County 4-H

Shooting Range

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