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March 30 2019 BUG Match Results

Thanks everyone for another great “Mega-BUG” match today. The weather and the company was… the best. We’re going to give our extra minute of thanks to the “statisticians / score-masters” today, so thanks Shari, Andy, Carson, Scott, Claudia, Eddie and Jack. “All right! Let’s do this!” We had three (3) shooters who completed the match with zero down points. Amazing work Matt, Larry and Duane. Since we are on the points, here’s the results at practiscore: Our next match is […]

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March 9 2019 Day and Night Matches

What can we say besides, “Wow”? Oh, yeah, THANK YOU EVERYONE for a very long, but very great day and night set of matches. We’re not going to do a lot of photos and web-logging about these two, we’re a little tired from a hunt, the drizzle rain, and 12+ hours of match work. We are going to say THANK YOU (in all caps) again to 102 total shooters, the Match Director “Amp”, and all of the Safety Officers (SO/SOs) […]

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Feb 9 2019 Match Results

Thank you [so much] to 91 shooters, all of the stage designers and Safety Officers (SOs) that made the match a [another] great match. Happy Birthday Ash DeVane! One more quick shout of thanks to the ‘statisticians’ – Carson, Scott, Claudia, Shari, Bryan: ‘just wow’ and thank you. There’s too much to-do this post so here we go. Did we mention that today started out with some very light snow? Before the set up for the match while we were […]

January 12 2019 Match Results

Thanks everyone – 85 shooters! – for joining us (now) yesterday in the cold, mud (sorry, we’re working on the drainage), and momentary sleet to make our first match of 2019 a fantastic one. We must give a special note of thanks and “our hearts” to Carson, he set up, shot, SO-ed, and scored during the match; set up, scored and assisted with a classifier after the match; and, did the scores in Practiscore after both; all on the 10th […]

December 29 2018 Match Results, Year End Notes, Notes and Help Wanted (Needed)

Thanks everyone for a great match on what turned out to be a great day (now yesterday – see ‘help wanted’). Almost 70 degrees and miraculously less soft, wet and muddy than was expected. A big and bold THANK YOU to all for making 2018 such a great year here at H2O. The biggest-est, boldest thanks of all to “Baby T” for joining the H2O Family this year and making Andy and Shari’s 2018 grand. Much on the to-do list. […]

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2018 Matches Archive

2018 Matches Archive Saturday, January 13, 2018 ~ 2nd Saturday IDPA  ~ The local Girl Scouts will be at the match on the 13th selling cookies and taking donations for Operation Cookie Drop ~ Results Post Saturday, February 10, 2018 ~ 2nd Saturday IDPA  ~ Results Post Saturday, March 10, 2018 ~ 2nd Saturday IDPA Day and Night Matches ~ Results Post Sat-Sun, March 10-11, 2018: Daylight Saving Time Starts AFTER the 2nd Saturday Match ~ All Match Start times (below) until November 9:00am […]

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Dec 8 2018 Match Results and Notes

Thanks to everyone for joining us today ahead of Ice-Snow-Sleet-Rain-Mageddon and making our last full match of 2018 a great one. We raised $850 and collected 35 toys for Toys For Tots ( ). Thanks a million. Lots to do, standby… Because we (uh-hum, “I”) got in trouble for leaving the scores until last in the last match post, here’s the scores at Practiscore: The cold cloudy sky wasn’t great for photos today, but we got a couple […]

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2018 Toys For Tots Match Postponed

Nov 23 2018: Due to the forecast of heavy rain tonight and tomorrow, we are canceling the Toys for Tots BUG Match. We will collect toys and take donations at our regular IDPA match scheduled for Saturday, December 8. If you have a toy or money to donate but are unable to attend the December 8 match, you can bring your donation to the shooting range during our regular operating hours any time before the match. We will also reschedule […]

November 10 2018 Match Results and Notes

[ Next day late again sorry-not-sorry ] Thank-thank-thank-thank-POST!* A million ‘thank yous’ to all involved in the match. Shortening it up this time to say an all-caps THANK YOU to all of the veterans on their day. To the work… Happy 243rd Birthday to the USMC (on Saturday during our match). Speaking of the Marines… Our next match is our annual Toys For Tots charity match on Saturday, November 24, 2018. Bring new, unopened toys valued at AT LEAST $20 or […]

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Nov 17 2018 Carbine Operators Course

On Saturday, November 17, 2018 at 8:00am Loflin McCraw Tactical Solutions, LLC will be holding a Carbine Operators Course here at H2O. All necessary contact and requirement information is in the flyer below. The cost is $120.00 per person. 2018_1117_Carbine_Operator_Flyer