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2017 Matches Archive

2017 Match Archive Jan 1, 2017 new IDPA Rule Book: Saturday, January 14, 2017 ~ 5th Range Birthday IDPA DAY Match ~ Registration 12PM-1PM Start at 1PM ~ Results Post Saturday, January 14, 2017 ~ 5th Range Birthday IDPA NIGHT Match ~ Registration 5PM-6PM Start at 6PM ~ Results Post Saturday, February 11, 2017 ~ Results Post Saturday, March 11, 2017 ~ Results Post Sat-Sun, March 11-12, 2017: Daylight Saving Time Starts AFTER the 2nd Saturday Match ~ All […]

Dec 30 2017 Match Results and Dear Jon 2

Thanks to everyone who made it out today – not so cold after all!  And, thanks everyone who shot with us all year.  2017 has been a great year at H2O.  We wish you all a happy new year. Memberships – Going Fast! (Thank You again “Members”) Yearly fee for each member is $425. Family memberships (limited to 2 family members) will be $600.  Contact us about “corporate memberships.” The range is open for members only weekdays on Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday. The range is […]

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2017 Toys For Tots Match Results

Thanks everyone for joining us today for our Annual Toys For Tots charity match. We had 62 registered shooters and collected 30 toys including a very nice bicycle and $1,120 in monetary donations. The Harnett County Toys for Tots Coordinator, Mr. Jose Cesar, Jr. was on site to collect the donations and thanked everybody for their participation. The Toys are distributed to needy families with school aged children (aged 5 to 12) through the Harnett County School System. Toys for children […]

November 11 2017 Really Long Match Results and Notes Post

Our Thanks-giving month begins with thanks to 77 shooters in yesterday’s 2nd Saturday IDPA (on Veterans’ Day) match – many of them Veterans themselves.  Especially when Amp & the SOs set everything up while it was below freezing in the bays and we “went hot” at right around 40-degrees-F, what can we say: Thank You! And, an all caps version to our “old hands” (look up veteran), you warm our hearts so our cold hands can play this game… The […]

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October 28 2017 IDPA Classifier as a Match Results

Thank You goes out to 19 shooters in our Annual IDPA Classifier as a Match.  Three earned “promotions” and quite a few got “that close.”  As usual we’ve got some notes and scheduling things.  Ready kids… here we go! It’s that time-time again – already!  The clocks go BACK (3am becomes 2am) in the overnight of Saturday-Sunday, November 4-5.  Match times go FORWARD: registration/orientation from 9am-10am, shooting starts at 10am.  We keep this schedule until the clocks change (again). Our […]

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Oct 14 2017 Match Results and Notes

Thank you everyone for joining us (now yesterday, sorry, this is late again).  There is much to do here. So, without any further… We “welcome home” our favorite Karate Kid (Brad H). So glad you could join us! (picture lower) Tough Stuff.  “K” and “RZ” both couldn’t join us because of health things.  We miss you guys and are hoping, praying and loving “at” you and “with” you.  “K” – (we don’t know the words) – does “Inspirational Leader” make […]

Sept 30 2017 Match Results and Notes

As always a giant thank you to everyone who came out to shoot the Mega-BUG match with us.  The weather was absolutely beautiful. Congrats again to our Range Daughters on their marriages: Holly & Brett (9/23) and Bre & Devin (10/7). A hard reminder occurred at the match. No “physical injury” – but “hurt” none-the-less. EVERYONE: when you are finished shooting the clock has stopped.  You MUST wait for the [R]SO to issue each “unload and show clear” command.  WAIT.  No ‘racing’ to the […]

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Dear Jon No. 1 – Improving Performance

Dear Jon: This series of ‘posts’ will be the home-school ‘classroom’ portion of what will lead to a feet-on-the-range ‘practical’ series of exercises condensed into a clinic format. You asked: “Can you do something, a class maybe, on improving performance?” Coincidentally, near the time of your asking the following video was published. Only one ‘note of critique’ before: age is a number, unless you make it something else.  13 of the top 20 “overall” at the last IDPA match here […]

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Sept 9 2017 Match Results and Notes

What an amazing day at the range!  Thank you for spending it with us. Sorry for the ‘late’ (next day) post: web-dude had to get to the ’48th Annual Coharie Pow-Wow’. Speaking of range-daughters: time flies, they ‘grow up’, too soon they’re getting married.  Congrats to The Real Range Daughter, Holly -and- one of our first Range-Daughters Breonna: both are getting married in October. Special thanks to Sean S. and Dustin T. for getting some match videos out in the […]

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August 12 2017 Match Results Membership Info and more

Thanks everyone for coming out to the wet start, hot finish match today. We’ve got a lot of info today so we’re jumping right in. Our condolences, thoughts and prayers to the Thompson Family.  Chad & Brad, Jackie, and Nicky had to say good-bye to their father, Haywood Thompson, on the 11th.    Memberships ‘went live’ today. This Saturday, August 12, we will begin accepting applications for memberships for the shooting range. Yearly fee for each member will be $425. Family […]