Sept 14 2019 (and Aug 31 and Dorian) Notes

Our special thanks to: 77 shooters on the 14th and 42 BUG shooters on August 31st, and… everyone and everything… “All right! Let’s do dis.” (WoW Classic is now online for you gamer types.)

Web-guy has been MIA deluxe since starting a new J-O-B back in July. So, here’s the results of the Back-Up Gun match back on August 31st: (Ash and Ken: Nice work! Clean!) And…

From our Facebook ( ) post on September 6th: “Water water everywhere. Our early morning ride around the farm is good news. There is no wind damage. There is a lot of water standing but the roads are passable. (…) There is a lot of mud. Have a great weekend and continue to pray for our coastal communities during the recovery time.” Now (16-Sep) we are asking you to continue to pray for the Bahamas because they are suffering “Humberto” in the aftermath of Dorian. And… don’t just pray (unless that’s all there is right now, it’s plenty). If you are blessed (or lucky) enough to have anything you can give, dig around the internet for your charity of choice that is putting in the work with our neighbors over there.

We are also very blessed/lucky to have TWO stand-in “web-guys” (well… in this ‘era’ we guess it’s OK to call Claudia that). Ladies* first (and, no, we don’t care if it’s ‘socially acceptable’ to say that)…

IDPA September 14, 2019 by Claudia Haight

It was a beautiful day on the range with 75 shooters making a glorious noise. A shout out to all of the new shooters that came out to play today, hope y’all had a great time and will be back at the next match.  Thank you Rachel Wallace for competing today it was nice not to be the only female on the range. Once again a big thank you to Andy and Chris, after all the rain in the past couple of weeks the range was in great shape. Everyone be safe and we will see you on the range.

( photo interlude ) MD/SO Anthony “Amp” Mangum and “The Smoking Gun”

Claudia joined the H2O Family in April/May of 2016 at the Gun Powder Gals Practical-and-Tactical Clinic. ( 105 photos: ) She was – and is – assisting several instructors in the Fayetteville, NC area and has since gone on to become a USCCA certified instructor, an IDPA Safety Officer, and one of our “web-guys”. She is very involved in the shooting sports, training and “politics” (2nd proponent of course).

OK. We’ve tried the patience of some of our “Where’s the scores?” family. Scores for the September 14, 2019 full match at practiscore:

Sean Sorrentino (below) in one of many roles: Safety Officer

September 14 2019 IDPA at H2O by Sean D Sorrentino

We hope you had a good time shooting with us yesterday. Scores for the match are at this link [above the picture].

Congratulations to everyone who finished the match.

We would like to invite you to register for our October IDPA match at this link:

Sean joined the H2O family in [awaiting exact date confirmation]. He is the former host of the GunBlog VarietyCast Radio podcast and current web-log manager/editor/writer at NCGunBlog ( ). Since joining us as a shooter he has promoted our range and matches with many videos at youTube and facebook (his youTube channel: ), has become “An Ambassador for the Sport” – like Claudia – by becoming an IDPA Safety Officer, and is the coordinator for November’s Steve Anderson Class and Match here at H2O ( ).

Not only have Sean & Claudia done ‘all of the above’ they put in a ton of extra work with the tablets, coordinating the pictures for this post, and ran a squad on their own on the 14th – both with relatively (or ‘really’) little experience. “Thanks for all of the amazing extra efforts” to these two.

Sean (SO) and a 1911s force a good grip because of ‘ride the safety’.

Coming next Saturday, September 21, 2019: An NC Concealed Carry Handgun class by “2019s Best of Harnett County – Concealed Carry Class” winners Gunners Choice Outfitters (and our MIA web-guy). All the details at the Facebook event:

Jim T.
Shooting around vehicles.
Resetting, taping (or paste-ing) targets between shooters is A LOT of work. Thanks everyone in this photo for getting in done!
Ian Foo (SO) and a shooter with a grip that MIA web-guy ‘approves’ of ūüėČ

There’s two more pictures that we’re going to ‘drop’ below. Gotta go do stuff (and get to work). Thanks again everybody. And, as always, join us Tuesday-Saturday for members and Friday-Saturday for everyone for all of your shooting needs and we’ll see you in October for the match.

Aug 10 2019 Match Results

[ Thanks to 74 shooters and Special Guest Post Author and Match Photographer Claudia Haight ]

Hi y’all. This will be a short and sweet post for the 08/10/2019 IDPA shoot. A big thanks to Sean for all the work with the electronics, it’s flowing smoother with each shoot. Big shout out to everyone who shot well today and all the new shooters that came out. Hope to see all of you again at the next one [Sept 14]. Everyone remember to come out for the BUG match in a couple of weeks [Aug 31].  Hopefully my photos say more than my words.

Results at practiscore:

Our next matches

Our next match is a 5th Saturday Back-Up Gun (BUG) match on Saturday, August 31. Sign-up / pre-register and get on a squad at

Our next full match is our regular 2nd Saturday IDPA @ H2O match on Saturday, September 14. Sign-up / pre-register and get on a squad at

That’s all we’ve got this time, friends. We’ll see you out here Tuesday-Saturday for members, Friday & Saturday for non-members.

Quitting before we get any more of this madness…

July 13 2019 Match Notes and Gun Schools

Thank you – a million times thank you – to everyone for (first and foremost) spending a late (very late) Friday night and early (very early) Saturday morning to “get the match into the tablets” for our first [almost] all digital scoring match. Yes, there were hiccups. Then a million-and-one-th thank you for joining us in the 105+ “reel feelz” degrees heat and making this match a huge success. We’ve been working on this since yesterday (so early yesterday because ‘scores done when the match was done’) so no more ado…

For the impatient: scores at

Sean D Sorrentino “solving the problem” of “cannot sync in scoring mode” (a squad was “locked” for any other practiscore newbies, had to unlock the squad). Vincent Williams in the background “waxing philosophically” and reminiscing about his first IDPA match.

Now. Let’s talk about ‘hiccups’. (We’ll start with the new wordpress/theme/block-editor is not showing us this – invisible ink? Tiny little arrow way over on the right hand side for any wordress/2019 newbies out there. Change it from up-arrow to down-arrow.) OK. Hiccups. Chad Thompson was “incorrectly” put in the SSP division. That Beretta of his: ESP. Guess what that means, Sean D and Joe W and Patrick R? (hiccup! bunch of words and the photo uploadered and captioned, save draft, poof, gone, sigh, try again one dollar!) Sorry, Fast Eddie Simons, you are ‘corrected’ (only here, not at to Number Two Slot in ESP. Guess you’ll have to go use MSPaint on your video, Sean, like we did on the image below.

Corrected version of:

Speaking of Sean’s video, here it is at youTube: and here it is at Facebook:

Next, since we’re talking about “The[e] World Famous Chad Thompson” (thanks for hanging out with us, Chad & Cindy) and he is the Professor-de-Professore of Firearms (and other things), let’s ‘do’ some gun school.

Gun School – Don’t Crowd The Cover

…and don’t X those thumbs! Calling you out, Cliff, because I know you’re “tough, and can take it.” Dustin and Blake: gun school your friend. (smiley-face)

The Chad Thompson in Stage/Bay 5. Pay attention to his foot/feet planted at the very back of the “fault line” and the muzzle of his gun about a foot or more behind the wall. Also, while you are click/tap/pinching it to view it full size and microscopically, pay close attention to his grip. Want to shoot ‘top of the board’ like Chad? Then shoot like Chad.
“Locked arm low ready.” NO! Just: NO! Stop it. Get back off that wall. “Wait for it…” (coming in two pictures). (Constructive Criticism, Cliff, we say it with love <3 )
“The muzzle of the gun must NOT go passed the barricade! Or, those shots will not count.” Law Enforcement and Private Protective Services Qualification Rule. And: who can look at this and tell why his hits are low and left? (If you say/think, “Glock triggers and rifling” pinch yourself hard.) Go back, read our other Gun Schools and ~understand~ Dean’s saying: “It is physics, not physical strength.” You, Blake, You Buy! Buy Cliff some “FREE*” dry fire practice and get him up to speed like you are.

Seriously Important NOTE about the below pictures. This is also Safety Officer (SO) school. Wilton Deets (the SO pictured) IS looking at the shooter and “this locked arm low-ready, too close to that wall” problem. He had a real good, long talk with the shooter at the end of the stage. Wilton did not have “the perspective” of the camera and could not see that this shooter stepped in front of the gun four times. The camera only caught one. It’s very important because: as SOs go Wilton did exactly what he’s supposed to “from his perspective”. IDPA (and range) rules DO NOT allow photos and videos to be used in place of the SO’s decisions. Thanks, Wilton Deets, sometimes it’s the right person in the right place at the right time. Glad you were there. SOs: be looking at your shooter, not their targets! (…other SOs, ours “never do that”…)

Locked arm low ready and crowding the cover. Do you “new shooters” remember from the “new shooter discussion” before the match where he said, “What your mind needs to be on is where is my gun pointing”? Compare to the Chad Thompson “use of cover” photo three photos above. Note: Look where the SO is looking! Good job, sir! And, what happens when you have a habit behind cover….?
“Sweep the leg” is only funny in the “Karate Kid” context. Note (again): the SO can NOT see “how bad it really is”. To complete what we started above: …you continue that habit out in the open. Rule 2, Fundamental Rules Firearm Safety (old way): NEVER point your firearm at anything you are not willing to kill or destroy. [[ The why of people doing this: (1) NRA, police, military train it; (2) they see others (Cliff!) doing it; (3) they see it ‘in the media’ (TV, Movies, etc); (4) nobody calls them out on it (Yay! Wilton! Called him out on it.) ]]

Taking a break from ‘school’ to do Coming Soon and an action photo

July 20th, NC Concealed Carry Handgun class from “The Group” (Gunner’s Choice – 2019’s “Best Of Harnett County Concealed Carry Classes”; Dean Wiley; Jesse Alphin) All the details and link to the PDF flyer at the Facebook event:

August 10, 2019, our ‘regular’ 2nd Saturday IDPA @ H2O. Pre-register and squad at

Chris K with three ‘Down Zero’ hits on the mover in Stage/Bay 4 out of a tiny little gun. Nice work, sir.

Back to school special… but not really, more of a ‘tips for our new friends’ section

Do not cross your thumbs on a gun. Any gun. Ever. See the other (previous, sorry not digging and providing links) after match posts and Gun School posts. Here’s the short version of “Dean’s Kara-Te of Gun” (want the long version, CCH class above): Pistol fingers and flat hand. The shooting hand gets configured the way kids do “pistol fingers” and that’s index finger straight, thumb up. (Imagine a Facebook “Like” with the index finger sticking straight out.) The non-shooting (weak/support) hand: all four fingers tight together and the thumb – UP! Yes, yes, I (we) know… the tacti-cool guys all say, “Both thumbs should be pointing at the target, etc, etc.” When you get better at it, both thumbs pointing at the target will “just” happen. Here’s the “real cheat”: Stand up and “air gun” holding a rifle or shotgun (you point the index finger of the non-shooting hand under your rifle and wrap the thumb over the top of the rifle¬†guys, (a) stop it and (b) be quiet). Now “play air gun” of pumpy-the-shotgun. On¬†one of the times when you’re opening the action of your imaginary shotgun bring your non-shooting hand all the way back and wrap it around the front of your shooting hand. Perfect. If you are looking at the back of two thumb-nails that’s fine. They’ll settle into place. “Gun confusion” and “dreaded thumb cross behind the gun” happens because of the last 160 years or so of what the kids call “FUDDs” saying different firearm? stand different! hands different! color codes of mental… Sorry, old schoolers, we’re here to tell you: No matter what gun you are shooting, you stand the same, you breathe (the same), and nothing changes about your hands except the distance between them. Oh, one last thing before a couple of pictures. If you are in doubt about “is my non-shooting hand” correct: then it is incorrect and you need to just put it over your heart and shoot one handed. Let’s look at a couple of pictures (and, please, young lady, don’t take this as “picking on you”; you did Amazing! and Great! and we just don’t ever want to see you ‘hurt’.)

Stage/Bay 2 started with “shoot three targets ‘strong hand only'”. See previous gun schools (physics, not physical strength) about keeping that right thumb UP (especially on a gun with a thumb-safety). There is nothing “wrong” with this ‘style’ – it is simply “not optimal” for controlling “recoil effect.”
Goosebumps! 2 fingers in the trigger guard and (scream!) left thumb wrapped all the way behind the gun. The “macho men” call this “a self correcting issue” because it “usually” ends with “slide bite”. Why I (DLW) didn’t ‘STOP’ her? I see this all the time and this is one time where “girl hands” is a good thing. I could well see that both thumbs were trapped under the tang and the slide was not going to hit her left hand. As long as “no one is going to get hurt or disqualified” I (DLW) don’t interfere with people shooting. My first thought was: she’s a ‘natural’ lefty or ambidextrous shooter. Note her magazine-carrier and let’s move on…
After the reload – “it” (left thumb behind the gun) did self-correct. Luckily without a wrecked left hand. Her left hand (sorry talking about you in the third person the way ‘old people’ talk about kids when they are right there) is “exaggerated” in that posture because just prior to this “Her Mister” said: “Both fingers on the trigger!” She pulled that left hand to the left and looked at it. I’m still thinking, according to our own Steven Frye: Amphibious. (Think, Tombstone, Doc H, “I have two guns, one for each of you.”) All four fingers of that “non-shooting” or left hand tight together… Here (below) stole some hand-mojies from facespace as a visual guide: shooting hand on the left.
** above
( See #2 “Why people do” a few images back: “They see others…” ) Here’s the number list of notes: (1) This is “Her Mister” [sorry guys, I’m not good at names ~DW], awwww <3 “imitation is the most sincere form of flattery!”; (2) This was so-o-o-o totally amazing, not enough magazines so “Her Mister” handed his empty back to “His Friend” (brick-reddish shirt) and “Friend” loaded the magazine; (3) SO Scott looking where? [ Sorry, Scott, “we gotta call each other out”. Here, let me write some excuses. Long, hot day with the biggest squad and the most “new/first-time” shooters. And, “thought he heard something over there at just that moment!! Yeah! ]; (4) CLIFF! (haha just kidding).

Thanks again everyone, especially to any one who stuck through this whole post. As always: come out and get your practice on Tuesday-Saturday for Members and Friday/Saturday for non-members. “Be Safe, Have Fun.”

June 29 BUG Match Scores and July 1-2 New Site

Scores for the June 29, 2019 BUG Match are at :

For about 9 (or 10 now; 16 including reading how-to sites and watching how-to unbreak a site after changing themes after 7 years) hours over the last two days we have:
— Installed a plugin to back everything up and download just less than 1 gigabyte (1 GB) of ‘our site’
— Updated to the latest wordpress
— De-activated some ‘the dude that set it up in 2012’ plug-ins that were doing nothing (???? Let us know if you find something not working now please)
— “Activated” the “2019 Theme”
— Began fixing (and continued fixing, and some more fixing)
— Studied 1/2 the night trying to find a way to get rid of the “pretty serif font” that WordPress says is “so easy to read” (but they don’t use it for any of their sites/pages), gave up, installed a plugin (limited scope, doesn’t fix ‘sizes’ like in the “Recent Posts” footer block or “lists”)
— Started writing this post (our first in the new theme with the new ‘editor’ — help/how-to stuff isn’t helping)

Still on the to-do list: Get the ‘insta’ block on the home page or in the footer for those of you that don’t want to keep up with Chris’ range updates via: , finish ‘cleaning up’ all of the pages (static pages, not posts), more… always more…

The Perfect Scores

After we posted the scores on our Facebook on Saturday we got a comment about “doesn’t show up in the events and/or tie back to the pre-registered shooters”. Yes, sorry, we know. We’re working on it. We. Are. Sorry. (That’s it for you “score heads”, stop reading, the next paragraph is for the rest of us.)

OK. So. What had happened were… iPads don’t do that. We know. We’ve always known. But, that’s what we happened to have to do the scores with. And then: thanks to some of our shooters and Safety Officers and Andy & Shari (they put money into the shooting range, people, not the other way around, it’s not ~that~ successful yet) we got six brand-spankin-new Kindle Fires and several ‘hot spots’ to link ’em together at the range. Plan: test “it’s supposed to work A-Z” Droid based Practiscore at the BUG match. Shari, Jack, and Sean gave it their all. They ‘poured’ hours into getting everything set up in the “Master Fire”. And then… no sync. No nothing. Then sync. Double everything with no ability to “select” the current match. And then… Well. We didn’t put a Kindle Fire in each bay/stage (wink-grin-emoji, to use them or to shoot them). We ‘should have’ (shot them) but we didn’t. After the match, more “no sync, no select, turn off, turn on, reset/restart everything at least 9,000 times. And then, an hour or so later with Eddie, Jack and Christopher ‘under the gun’ to get out of there and go to (“Happy Birthday One Year Old” who-ever you are, from all of us at H2O): “Bring out the gimp!” Oops, we mean the iPads. Scores. Done. “Perfectly”

Andy asked if the ~few~ of us that ‘do scores’ (and match set ups in devices etc) would like to get together before the next match and “try” to get it done test-mode. “If we have time.” (You know how it is, One Year Olds Birthday Parties as ordered by Missuzzes and Moms…? Or ‘hang out at the range’? It’s a great big, “Yes, ma’am!”) Thanks again, a lot, Shari, Andy, Ian, Jack, Eddie, Carson, Sean, Chris, Christopher… more…

If ~you~ (any one) would like to ‘help’ let us know at the next match. If you would ~really~ like to help, dust off those “Object Oriented Developer” skills and jump over to because they have a “request” for volunteer programmer help to ‘fix’ the many (many, many) “known issues” with gizmo-scoring and web integration.

That’s it. “No pictures?!?!” OK… let’s see… tap… click… double-click… multi-finger-gesture…

With a certain certainty we will guarantee you that the only way you are going to see Chad with his “hands up in surrender” is to write it into a stage brief at a shooting match.

( above from the media library from the last time we had a “start at surrender” stage. oh, yeah, forgot to mention: last time we “updated” wordpress – 2017 – “it” dumped everything out of the “media library”. It’s all still working in/on the pages, but we can’t “re-use” the old stuff… )

Almost Forgot: Have a safe and happy “Independence Day”

June 15 2019 Match Results and HAPPY FATHERS DAY

Thanks to all of our Dads and Grads for joining us for our (rain delayed) Third-Saturday-Second-Saturday IDPA@H2O match.¬†An immediate gigantic extra ‘thank you too much (too much is not enough)’ to Chris and Sam Welch -and- Scott and Claudia Haight for taking care of (sorry going to caps-lock) EVERYTHING while the usual ‘suspects’ were MIA for this match. A ton on the to-do list for today, so…

Action shot (double meaning) and/of The Hero Of The Day. Claudia, we cannot thank you enough for being the ‘computer guy’ of June 15th 2019.

Scores at for the impatient types:
* We’re not hearing it – mmmmmKay! – there’s a (lot) few “mis-classifications”: shush! Don’t Worry Be Happy. Everyone who did “tablet” and “online” stuff on Saturday did it “blind” and volunteered to do it. Don’t email Amp (Happy Fathers Day, Amp). **above, and we thank them here again and…

Mister (Mister) Carson Harrington Sensei (Sensei)

1) THANK YOU for helping out before, during, and after the match.

2) (Excuse us, Carson, we’re going to talk about you in the third person like you’re not here.) Carson (*caps, sorry) EARNED his “2nd (Level) [Gup or Dan; officially ‘Nidan’] Black Belt (Karate) on Friday, June 7, 2019 at Kokufuku (KO-koof’koo) School of Martial Arts (¬† ) in Dunn. If you (“not The Carson”) are interested in “other than gun arts” as defense (karate means “empty hands”) or “just” as a personal discipline please talk to Carson at the matches or contact The Dojo through the Facebook link above.

We silently (and properly we hope) bow to you Sensei Harrington. ** and ***
** None of that “congratulations” stuff… it was not “won” and we don’t really know a ‘correct’ word to honor you in this achievement. So, silent bow. (Thinking the whole time: “Like Totes Awesomeness” and Wow-Face :O )

3) Nice shootin’ Tex! 10th “overall” – 2nd SSP/EX – tied for 2nd “Most Accurate”

X) (should have been first question-mark) Happy Fathers Day Carson


*** Photo credit Kokufuku School of Martial Arts June 7 2019
*** Photo credit Kokufuku School of Martial Arts June 7 2019

¬†Four of the Sensei in the above photo shoot or have shot with us. Far left: Charles Burrows Sensei (Renshi), owner of Kokufuku School of Martial Arts in Dunn, NC. For all of your Judo/Jujitsu, Karate, Tai Kwan Do, and other ‘forms’ of Martial Arts (including Cardio/Kardio-Kick-Fit) talk to Carson (Harrington Sensei) at the matches or check out The Dojo directly at:¬† 2nd From Left: Carson Harrington Sensei (Nidan) Middle: Sonya. When she was 13 she took a “five minute gun school” from Dean and then shot 50 rounds of .22LR “perfectly” and 10 rounds of 9mm “9/10 bulls-eyes and 1 “9” hit on a B27″. Shortly after, she not only completed her North Carolina Concealed Carry Handgun class… 100% on the written test and 30/30 rounds in the “Ten and [X] Bonus-Box”… she “assisted” the instructors with the class! When she was thirteen! She’s a little older now (sigh, they grow up too fast), but, still very young to have earned a Black Belt. Next to “Madam Sensei”: Barrett. He shoots with this father (an “almost” Sensei (“teacher”) at the dojo, and a Dr/Professor (“teacher plus plus”) at a University out here from time to time. Barrett (how could a shooting range not love that name?!) as well as the two to his right and also “very young” to have earned Black Belts.

Last *** note(s). The Dojo hosted a “Gun-Fu” NCCCH class once, we may do it again some day time/schedules permitting. A special “thank you” and Happy Fathers Day to Charles Burrows Sensei (Renshi) for the photo and the permission to mangle an attempt to “exchange” promotion of each-others “Martial Arts” businesses and to ‘honor’ the amazing “teacher” students of both.


From all of us to all of you (Fathers and anyone with one ūüôā )

[ Published Without Thinking Edit: Sean’s Video ]

Sean D Sorrentino’s match video at youTube:¬†

Coming Soon at H2O

Saturday, June 22, 2019 РConcealed Carry Handgun Class (Jesse Alphin and Dean Wiley Instructing). Facebook event:

Saturday, June 29, 2019 Р5th Saturday [Mega/IDPA] BUG Match. Pre-register at

Saturday, July 13, 2019 Р2nd Saturday IDPA @ H2O Match. Pre-register at

[ Soon ] The long-awaited backup and theme change and complete revamp of this web-site. Chris mentioned integrating the ‘social media’ (instagram) on Saturday. Mobile friendly (aka “reflexive”) and all kinds of bells and whistles are ‘dreamed of’. Check back often…

and Grads

So many of our “Range Babies” are growing up too fast and Graduated from high school, college, and even secondary (or post-graduate) colleges in the last month or so. We love you “kids” and are proud of you.

A Super-Shout out to Super-Girl (Dean has called her that since she was… um born) Savannah Weaver, daughter of Dwight and Crystal of Gunners Choice Outfitters (¬†). Happy Fathers Day, Dwight! and Happy Birthday (a couple of days ago) Crystal. And we could not say to/of our “range daughter” anything as well as her own father did, so a little copy/paste from Dwight. On May 12th¬†he said under the picture (below): “Why are we in Tucson? Savannah’s graduation from graduate school. The girl has made us so proud and we pray for God to give her strength for the next 5 years as she works on her PHD. It’s so over the top of my head, I struggle to remember the details. But her professors are proud too. A 4.0 for her last semester. And all this talk about DNA, genes, Microbial stuff. Man, I feel dumb all of a sudden. A Doctorate in Molecular medicine? Over my head. But, you go Savannah Weaver.”

"Oh, wow, Super-Girl. Just: Oh, wow." ~Dean (walks away sniffling and wiping an eye... it's the reload powder, really, it messes me up every time...
“Oh, wow, Super-Girl. Just: Oh, wow.” ~Dean (walks away sniffling and wiping an eye… it’s the reload powder, really, it messes me up every time…

¬†Word count says 951 before this sentence. Done. Last time: Happy Dads/Pops/Fathers Day to “all y’all”. See you in the bays.

May 11 2019 NC Shooting Sports Games Results

[ Long Post Warning ] So much to be thankful for this time around. First, foremost, to 77 (ish) participants/shooters we give you our thanks and appreciation. The “Oh, Wow, how can you say it enough?” thank yous deluxe extra: Ian Foo and Claudia & Scott Haight “donated” a tablet each (3 total) towards getting the scores done faster-faster and Ian did a test-drive of live tablet scoring in his squad. Above and beyond you three! Thank you(s) deluxe extra. We must not move on without thanking the stage designers and everyone who did the set up work. Really (surslee) fantastic stages for our 6th NCRPA Shooting Sports Games IDPA Match. Without further “to-do” let’s play long post…

Claudia Haight Gold “Womens” – photobombed by Brandon Bolton 2-time medalist (CCP MA Gold; ESP MA Silver) – photobombed by HAND

We’ve made you wait long enough: the scores at

[[ No, we didn’t ‘forget’ that the match was on tac-pants day. They don’t (yet) sponsor us so… Just kidding five-eleven (but not really though, sponsorship?) so “Hay, everyone, need clothes¬†and accessories for your ALWAYS BE READY?” NO? Well, your mother does and guess what day it is (on Sunday, Five-Twelve)? ]]

Speaking of Mammy, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY (insert your favorite hearts <3 and flowers and smoochie-kissie-faces emojies/emoticons here) to all of our “range moms”. Thanks for letting us borrow your husbands, sons, and daughters on the Saturday before Your Day. Shari and Claudia: again to you and extra because you worked all day, too.

Blake Allen – SSP SS Bronze – 5×5 Classifier after the match upgraded to EX – 3.88 5.19 8.54 4.31 2-Down = 23.92 :: Sorry, no medals for “Best Dressed” but we would have given you Gold

Oops, sorry, got distracted watching Sean Sorrentino’s video of the match over at youTube. Sean earned the Bronze medal in SSP EX.

About those medals… this was the sixth running of (hang on it’s a mouth full) the North Carolina Rifle & Pistol Association’s (NCRPA)¬†NC Shooting Sports Games International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) Match at H2O. NCRPA “really and truly” supports and fights for “the gun stuff” right here in NC. They are not an international juggernaut with executives paid in the 7- to 8- figure range like “that other (National)” group – you know the one. They keep the pressure on our State legislature as well as keeping the fun in gun by doing so many events like the Shooting Sports Games. Please, another please, if you can, check them out and contribute any way you can at:

Proud Moms – Yin and Yang and a little “Gun School”

[Yang first] To the mothers of Kendrick Castillo and Riley Howard… and to our “own” Christina “Kaz” (one of the medal winners was wearing a “5th Annual TSgt Adam Ginett EOD Memorial Shoot” T-Shirt)¬†¬†“I pray that our Heavenly Father may assuage the anguish of your bereavement, and leave you only the cherished memory of the loved and lost, and the solemn pride that must be yours, to have laid so costly a sacrifice upon the altar of Freedom.” ~Abraham Lincoln :: “We dare not wish you anything, or claim to have any useful words ‘for’ you.” ~All of Us at H2O

Can we learn a thing from Misters Castillo and Howard? Sadly, yes. We are given another example of this: That foolish “Run, Hide, Fight” thing invented by some elected guy in Texas and picked up and made crazy-famous by the FBI in 2018 is… foolish. UNC Charlotte “broadcasted” it as their warning. Dear “authorities”: deeply scared people are only going to see/hear the “run” part and end up shot in the back. Need proof: see the “planning documents” from the Movie Theater shooter (Colorado, 2012) and the ‘reports’ of the majority of the (gun-shot) injuries from these latest two “events”. Please, anyone reading this, just dealing with the reality, tell your (self and) young people: “Ask yourself, ‘What if a shooting happens?’ What will I do? Give yourself no more than 60-seconds to think of an answer.” Pre-visualization is what makes us – humans – able to perform. Now, here’s the “teachables” to go along with your thinking or planning: (1) Motion attracts the human eye, “RUN!” is motion and will attract the shooters eye. Don’t Run. If nothing else, “take a knee” (aka get small and get your large leg muscles in motion, if you’re the praying type… well you’re on your knee(s)); (2) No GUN does not mean un-armed. Because we are talking about bad-guys’ favorite gun-free zone here, schools, let’s talk about “arms” that “should be” readily available in all schools: “The pen is mightier than the sword.” If you are going to “crazy-brave” and RUN! at a shooter, put your pen/pencil/stylus (eye-liners ladies) in your hand and stab it in their eye, neck, guts, anywhere. Stab it deep with your thumb over the back of it. Once it is in good anywhere you can get it, DROP your weight on it (hold on tight and pick your legs up, curl up fetal and pull that newly inserted anatomical-handle you made with you to the ground). (2b) Books make “pretty good” gun/bullet shields. There should be books somewhere near schools. Your tablet is not as good as a book, but it is something that will at least slow a bullet. Because of the “madness” that is the reality of school shooting you cannot have any form of “equalizer” in this fight, but!, that does not mean you give up “the right to any defensive advantage you can find.” If you get close enough to tackle¬†and nothing else is “at hand” then take “the bite of your life out of that bad-person” – inflict great/painful and hopefully “disabling” injury on them any way you can. The un-speakers say, “Any amount of force, including lethal, is ‘justified’ under the law…”¬†(( OK, enough, if it “helps” or gets to one… ))

[Yin] Happy Mothers Day to you, Mrs. Toth. Both of your ‘kiddos’ did a fantastic job at the match. Well, and your Hubby-Kiddo, too but he doesn’t “really” count ūüėČ

One of "our Range Daughters" Hanna Toth - Gold Junior Female
One of “our Range Daughters” Hannah Toth – Gold Junior Female

Left to Right: Hanna Toth (Gold Jr Fem), Jim Toth (missed a medal by 'this much'), Josh Toth (if we 'cleaned up' the UN-classified divisions and adhered *strictly* to IDPA rules he would have been in 'contention' for a medal)
Left to Right: Hannah Toth (Gold Jr Female), Jim Toth (missed a medal by ‘this much’), Josh Toth (if we ‘cleaned up’ the UN-classified divisions and adhered *strictly* to IDPA rules he would have been in ‘contention’ for a medal)

Josh Toth – the (scary movie fan-fare and jump-scare kitty screech) dreaded Blackhawk Serpa holster and a little more Gun/Range/SO-School and a Medal Shout-Out to Duane Stephenson

Duane: our deepest apologies. “It was hot!” ?? No excuses, we didn’t pay close enough attention immediately after to see that, once again, but this time with several extremely difficult and two moving targets: You shot a CLEAN MATCH (zero down) and earned yourself a Gold Medal for “Most Accurate”. We’ll be hanging on to that for you.

Set your way-back clock to March 22, 2016 and remember that Dean says this so much so that he calls it “One of my ancient Chinese sayings that I just made up”: I LOVE it when gun people blame inanimate objects for the ‘bad habit / action’ of a person. What had happened were… on Josh’s first load and make ready two of the SO’s noticed a bending of the trigger finger when drawing the gun from a (SCREAM!) Blackhawk Serpa holster. “We” discussed it, corrected it and there is a photo captured from about mid-match showing that he had just never been taught the correct way to draw a gun FROM ANY HOLSTER. 22nd… March… 2016… “Glock Professional Training”…

( I try not to do gun stuff at muh facespace but most of my facespace friends are my Gun Peoples <3 Dean:
( I try not to do gun stuff at muh facespace but most of my facespace friends are my Gun Peoples )

Here we go… again (sigh). “If I have to hear one more time that a holster somehow sucks fingers into a dangerous position blah blah blah then I say to you, ‘It really is California Ghost Gun Ghastly TRIGGERS that suck innocent fingers onto them to create mass shooters.’ ”

Gun / Range / Safety Officer / Participant / Etiquette School Sub-Section

“Don’t touch my stuff!” ~Clean Match Shootin’ Duane Stephenson a match or two ago. “Don’t tell me no lines/lies and keep your hands to yourself.” ~a song.¬†Duane said it, semi-jokingly and in a good way because another shooter reached down before a ‘table start’ stage and moved Duane’s gun. It has been noticed by several Safety Officers (SOs) and the MD, noticed and ‘quietly, politely mentioned’ by the “victims”, and mentioned by some spectators that some of the SOs “touch” or “grab” at shooters and/or their equipment. Sorry SOs and thank you for all you do. (But!) If you *see* that something needs adjusting, correcting, moving or something of that sort then you MUST TELL the person what it is and how to fix it. You MUST NOT touch a person or their equipment without first ASKING for express permission AND RECEIVING that express permission. Sorry – and thank you – again SOs and anyone else guilty of this little faux pas.

Let’s get back to that holster and combine it with “range etiquette” and go to a couple of more sayings. “Opinions are like…” ~oops, too grown up for a family range post. “Good intentions pave the road to H-E-double-toothpicks.” When mention was made of JT’s finger many “well intended” people offered “break/disable” the button solutions. Thanks, guys, love you to death, but… look again at how Glock and Glock’s Shane teach people to draw guns and keep your “inanimate object opinions and work-arounds” to yourself. Please!!! He got “remediated” in his draw (Steps one-to-two) technique and showed his ability to do so *SAFELY* before he was allowed to shoot. Your “messing with” and “further comments about” his holster only served to ‘take away’ from his competition experience. We’re sorry, Mister Josh Toth, we are all “works in progress” and very proud of you and amazed by your “skills”… none of “us” that “messed” with you and your holster were “doing matches” (to medal contention level)¬†when we were¬†your age — but we “meant well”.

Josh's near perfect draw in Stage/Bay 5.
Josh’s near perfect draw in Stage/Bay 5.

[ Still More Long Post Warning ]

Our next match is our regularly scheduled 2nd Saturday IDPA match on Saturday, June 8, 2019. Sign-up and Squad at practiscore:


** Any one who earned a medal and did not get it delivered by a friend or stay to get it in person: We will keep them for you¬†until the end of the June 8th match. And then… they are gone! We send them back to NCRPA so that we don’t have to pay for them and they can use them at other NC Shooting Sports Events this year. **

Wayne Brown – Gold

Conner Fowler – Gold
Adam Sale – Silver
Steven McGeachy – Bronze

Chris McLean – Gold
Grover Ezzell – Silver

Larry Minner – Gold
Cole Williams – Silver
Barry Lewis – Bronze

Ken Dickson – Gold
William Bayer – Silver
Blake Allen – Bronze

Austin Moody – Gold
Patrick Robbins – Silver
Sean Sorrentino – Bronze

Joshua Yount – Gold
Joe Weber – Silver
Brian Edwards – Bronze

Ed Arthur – Gold
Josh Anderson – Silver

Adam Barringer – Gold
* We are/were well aware that the SSR/ESR divisions no longer exist and that we mis-categorized the revolver shooters. Wayne Brown ‘should have’ received silver here. It was our mistake so¬†we let it stand.

Horse Freeman – Gold

William Benbow – Gold

Mike Boulus – Gold

Anthony “Amp” Mangum – Gold

William Bayer – Gold

Zack Smeltz – Gold

Howard Hoadley – Gold

Todd Barber – Gold
Wilton Deets – Silver
Hal Belk – Bronze

Brandon Bolton – Gold
Chris Kropp – Silver
Carl Hershiser – Bronze

Matthew Brojakowski – Gold
Larry “Distinguished Senior” Burkett – Silver
* it is ‘right’ at practiscore this time Larry – thanks and sorry
KC Cody – Bronze

Dustin Thompson – Gold
Bert Winfield – Silver
Eddie Simons – Bronze

Dominic Mittica – Gold
Patrick Parker – Silver
Lon Layton – Bronze

Richard Banks – Gold
Brandon Bolton – Silver

Brad Kiger – Gold

Jeff Boaz – Gold

Matt Fowler – Gold

We had other stuff to say about (1)range/brass clean-up [Are you OK JY?], (2) tablet scoring coming soon(er) but not quite yet, (3) all of you amazing people patient/tolerant enough to sit through all of this ūüôā . However, with image rotation (below), setting up the next match at practisore, and uploading a classifier to we are at 5-hours-45-minutes into this “thing” so: Some More Pictures of Medalists and that’s all folks, see you in June or in-between for your shooting range needs…

Wabbit Ears (photobomb) again by Thee BB. Yay Fast Eddie

Our illustrious Match Director (MD), Safety Officer (SO), Stage Designer, set-up, tear-gown, guidance counselor, complaints department, cat wrangler and all around swell guy: Amp – Gold CDP MA (Happy Mothers Day Mrs. Amp)

IMG_3060 IMG_3071 IMG_3075 IMG_3077 IMG_3078 IMG_3080 IMG_3081 IMG_3082 IMG_3083 IMG_3084 IMG_3086 IMG_3087 IMG_3089 IMG_3092

I’m sorry to so many of you ‘pictures not uploaded’ and ‘no captions above’. ~The Web-Guy

April 27 2019 Match Results

Thanks everyone for joining us for our 2nd Saturday postponed due to rain 4th Saturday IDPA match. An extra shout out to Jack and Eddie for handling the digital stuff while Shari was away.

Practiscore was not working 100% Saturday afternoon and evening, but seems to back on Sunday so here’s the “real” link to the scores:¬†

Carl H. - 2nd Place Revolver
Carl H. – 2nd Place Revolver

We didn’t get any photos from Saturday’s match (yet) so above is a Golden Oldie from a Trophy match a while back. We used that one because the next match is the¬†6th Running of the NCRPA’s NC Shooting Sports Games (IDPA) Match @ H2O on Saturday, May 11, 2019. Medals will be awarded to the top three in each Class/Division after the match. You must be present when we hand them out to get a medal. Pre-register at practiscore:¬†

That’s it for this go around, web-guy was out of place (teaching a concealed carry class).

Thanks again! And, we’ll see you out here Tuesday-Saturday (members) and Friday-Saturday (everyone) between now and The Games on the 11th.

March 30 2019 BUG Match Results

Thanks everyone for another great “Mega-BUG” match today. The weather and the company was… the best. We’re going to give our extra minute of thanks to the “statisticians / score-masters” today, so thanks Shari, Andy, Carson, Scott, Claudia, Eddie and Jack. “All right! Let’s do this!”

We had three (3) shooters who completed the match with zero down points. Amazing work Matt, Larry and Duane. Since we are on the points, here’s the results at practiscore:¬†

Duane in Bay/Stage 6  doing his famous head hunting for a clean match
Duane in Bay/Stage 6 doing his famous head hunting for a clean match

Our next match is our full 2nd Saturday IDPA Match on Saturday, April 13, 2019. Registration 8am-9am, shooting starts at 9am. Pre-register and squad at Practiscore:

Dean Wiley & Jesse Alphin (with Concealed Carry North Carolina Firearms Group & Gunners Choice Outfitters) are having a North Carolina Concealed Carry Handgun Class on Saturday, April 27, 2019. Join the Facebook event: or view the PDF flyer at: ** Call Gunners Choice 910-892-1699 to check availability, this class was over half full last week.

Our¬†Saturday, May 11, 2019¬†match is our 6th Annual NCRPA NC Shooting Sports Games (IDPA) Match @ H2O. Scores done during the match, medals after. Stay up to date with events and legal news at the North Carolina Rifle & Pistol Association’s website:¬† (We’ll open up practiscore registration in the next few days and get the link in our “Coming Soon” sections.)

So many words, let’s have another good action picture in the beautiful sunshine…

Dustin kickin' up the dust in (<--- see what we did there?) Bay/Stage 1
Dustin kickin’ up the dust in ( *winK* see what we did there? ) Bay/Stage 1

No “Gun School” today. Just¬†a thought about the Two Main Match Rules: Be Safe, Have Fun. Today was a good day, Have Fun came first (sort of, because everyone was being safe). Great weather, great company, great match, lots of fun. Thanks again, every body, and we’ll see you Tuesday-Saturday for members and Friday-Saturday for anyone while you get “tuned up” for the match on the 13th.

Can you hear Jimmie now? 16.91 seconds later the 'bank robbers' in Bay/Stage 3 heard Jimmie loud and clear. [[ But, who was Phone?? ]]
Can you hear Jimmie now? 16.91 seconds later the ‘bank robbers’ in Bay/Stage 3 heard Jimmie loud and clear. [[ But, who was Phone?? ]]


March 9 2019 Day and Night Matches

What can we say besides, “Wow”? Oh, yeah, THANK YOU EVERYONE for a very long, but very great day and night set of matches. We’re not going to do a lot of photos and web-logging about these two, we’re a little tired from a hunt, the drizzle rain, and 12+ hours of match work. We are going to say THANK YOU (in all caps) again to 102 total shooters, the Match Director “Amp”, and all of the Safety Officers (SO/SOs) for all of the work that went into the 9th of March, 2019!

Screen grab from Sean's youTube video of both matches. Link below.
Screen grab from Sean’s youTube video of both matches. Link below.

Scores! Scores! It’s all about the scores!

1. Day Match Scores at Practiscore:
* Matt ( 83.76 ) and Joshua ( 83.80 )
* if 0.04 is not the closest ‘overall’ we’ve ever had, it’s close enough to closest!

2. Night Match Scores at Practiscore:

3. When are YOU going to use tablets so we can look at our scores the very second we holster up for the last time? “It’s complicated.”

Number 3 Subparagraph A: even if we did do in the bay tablets, six¬†$249.99 each iPads would not have been out in the all day mist and mud. Even if we did $49-ish Android tablets… not in the mist and mud.

3B: We are more than willing to “try” – but here is the experience:
* The match goes slower and finishes later. Practiscore (app) is much, much slower than writing. So, you are not going to get your scores any “sooner” in reality, you’re just going to leave the range later. Extra-especially because it will be the $49* ‘affordable=slow’ tablets that we put at risk on a shooting range made of dirt (and mud), not the $599 latest-greatest whatever.
* Match set-up is much more complicated and takes longer to match the tablets to reality. Match/Stage design all looks good on paper, but every match what gets set up in the bays is not what is printed on the stage design sheets. Any time any change is made during “real” match set-up the ‘master’ tablet has to be updated and then the other five ‘synced’ to it. The match will start later or we’ll have to ask the VOLUNTEER SOs, MD and ‘statisticians’ to show up earlier.
* See the first * above (slower) because every stage, every shooter MUST be scored the exact same way. The same people that ask for tablet scoring get very “loudly upset” if Target-1 (T1) on their “by stage breakdown” is scored against someone else’s Target-8 (T8) because the SO & scorekeeper went left-to-right on one, and right-to-left on the other. Every stage, every shooter, exactly the same.
* Data loss happens. Computers. No hard copy = maybe no scores for one or more squads. It co-incidentally happened to us last March while scoring the night match. Poof* Exactly half of the scores were suddenly gone.

3C: We’ve said it quite a few times in seven years. Want your scores immediately when you finish the match? Use YOUR smart-phone smart! Take a picture of the front and back of the sheet. There. Done. B-b-b-ut, what about my friends’ scores “they” say. Yes, sir or ma’am, ‘competition’, we understand that. ‘They’ need to know how badly ‘they’ trounced another ‘they’. (Slowly) Smart. (pause) Phone. Twit your score, ‘they’, and ‘the other they’ can Gram ‘theirs’. You can reddit each other to death about it in the forums.

3D (there we go, multi-dimensionally): Do we sound a little ‘testy’ about this? Sorry. At almost 11:00PM when it was finally all over for the people who do the scores, do you think that ‘those they-s’ heard thanks and good match?! No, sir or ma’am. “When are we getting tablets?” ~They, 3/9/19 22:50 hours, for the umpteenth-bazilyionth time that day.

So. Here’s another reminder. Be very careful for what you ask for. We may just “go tablets” and ask you to, “Please bring your lunch or snacks because matches typically end at 3:00PM or 4:00PM like they do at all the other ranges, instead of 12-2 like they used to.” [ We’ll discuss in detail some other time about how at all those other ranges (that we love, they are friends of ours) they do not post the scores until every little thing is cleaned-up, by the shooters, including ALL of the brass. ]

One last thing about the Scores! from the 9th. “We” tried, we really, really did try, to keep the NFC, Not For Score, they shouldn’t be allowed (!!!) “weapon mounted lights” in a separate, un-used division. We failed. Sorry. If that’s not good enough, take it up with Dean at the next match: he’ll tell you “Sorry” again and “we’ll try harder next time.”

Edit: While 3-and-a-half hours into writing this post and setting up the next two matches at Practiscore a message came from Amp. “[redacted] should have been in [some other division]. I think there are a couple¬†of hurt feelings in [division]. Fun match!”

From Dean to ‘hurt feelings’: “Sorry, again, we’ll try harder next time.”

From all of us to Amp: “Sorry, Amp! THANK YOU for two great matches and all the hard work and being such a good After The Match Feelings Counselor. They were both fun matches! All of the matches are fun matches!”

One more edit, exactly 15 minutes after “Publishing” this, we find on Facebook:

Screen Shot 2019-03-10 at 3.05.35 PM


Speaking of Time, did you remember to move the clock forward during the overnight?

Let’s get Sean D Sorrentino’s video linked to:
At Facebook:
At youTube:

Our next match is a 5th Saturday Back-Up Gun (BUG) Match on Saturday, March 30, 2019. Registration/Orientation from 8AM-9AM, shooting starts at 9AM. Pre-registration and squadding are available at:

Our next full match is our 2nd Saturday IDPA @ H2O Match on Saturday, April 13, 2019.Registration/Orientation from 8AM-9AM, shooting starts at 9AM. Pre-registration and squadding are available at:

*** Got the message from Amp, got a little bummed out, going to end this abruptly. Calling “STOP” and saying “paste it up and reset it, we’ll offer a reshoot…”

Come out and get your skills plussed-up Tuesdays-Saturdays for members, Friday & Saturday for anyone, and if not before, “We’ll see you at the next match.”

Feb 9 2019 Match Results

Thank you [so much] to 91 shooters, all of the stage designers and Safety Officers (SOs) that made the match a [another] great match. Happy Birthday Ash DeVane! One more quick shout of thanks to the ‘statisticians’ – Carson, Scott, Claudia, Shari, Bryan: ‘just wow’ and thank you. There’s too much to-do this post so here we go.

Did we mention that today started out with some very light snow? Before the set up for the match while we were hunting ( The Middle Neuse River Delta Waterfowl youth duck hunt – facebook post: ) some of that ‘demon dust’ fell out of the sky and made us wonder about how the day was going to be. The weather turned out about 3 degrees less-cold than was predicted, the normally ‘ruins the match’ wind was just enough to air dry the bays and it was a really good day here at H2O. Except…

Our Range Master Chris Welch on 2/2/19 - had to be at an away game on the 9th.
Our Range Master Chris Welch on 2/2/19 – had to be at an away game on the 9th.

Oh, forgot the “I don’t like to read those posts” link to the Practiscore scores. Note: Wilton Deets is taking advantage of the *new* (still in development) ‘social media’ aspects of practiscore and uploaded our first Practiscore Match Video in the match scores. Thanks Wilton, Awesome!

So. Chris was MIA. Could it be ‘just a coincidence’ that on the one day in years that The Range Master was ‘away’ The[e] Range Master of Ranger Masters, none other than The[e] [World Famous] Chad Thompson¬†returns to¬†us¬†after so-soooo many months? What are the odds? And then, The[e] Chad Thompson got “soundly beaten in a fair fight”: (1) by Dustin Thompson (and many others!)¬†in one stage; and, (2) Matt Fowler ‘overall’. Now we’re beating him up in this post! Just kidding Chad, we <3 you and miss you all the time and hope your schedule lets you hang out with us more. And, thanks for ‘letting them win’.

*** Let’s do some Chad School ***

During the match Chad mentioned a long time ago Legendary Lady imported to NC via Vietnam, Peoples Republic Of: “Mama Trang”. We have mentioned her in previous post[s] because when Chad’s destiny put him across her path she famously asked him, “Why you bling gun in here?” She did this about an hour before a rather rambunctious “SO” asked/told him, “DQ much?!” Mama Trang, Asian accents, signs in stores long ago read: You break it, you bought it. Asian edition: You Blake You Buy! Dean said to Blake Allen: “Some day I’m going to teach you how to hold a gun and you’re going to be dangerous.” Slide show in three dots…

With a certain certainty we will guarantee you that the only way you are going to see Chad with his "hands up in surrender" is to write it into a stage brief at a shooting match.
With a certain certainty we will guarantee you that the only way you are going to see Chad with his “hands up in surrender” is to write it into a stage brief at a shooting match. That dog-eat-dog sly smile is not because of the jokesters in front of him, it is for the fool behind him.

Blake's Sprit Animal is a tyrannosaurus rex. (Couldn't help it, sir, 'had to')
Blake’s Sprit Animal is a tyrannosaurus rex. (Couldn’t help it, sir, ‘had to’.) Sean Sorrentino’s first day as SO**

Study Slide One: Profile - Blake (and anyone else who wants an 'ideal' grip) make yours look like this
Study Slide One: Profile – Blake (and anyone else who wants an ‘ideal’ grip) make yours look like this

Study Slide Two: top/behind view. Chad Thompson hand/handgun model
Study Slide Two: top/behind view. Chad Thompson hand/handgun model

Study Slide Three: Ray Bullard (former LEO/SWAT; current NC Private Protective Services Board 'Training Guy') really shoots (mostly) the way that Dean always 'squaks' about - shooting hand thumb straight up in the air. "Physics, not physical strength".
Study Slide Three: Ray Bullard (former LEO/SWAT; current NC Private Protective Services Board ‘Training Guy’) really shoots (mostly) the way that Dean always ‘squaks’ about – shooting hand thumb straight up in the air. “Physics, not physical strength”.

Reference Slide One: Blake. That left hand would be better off over your heart than flopping around out there barely touching anything. See the Ray B. slide, specially with a compact .40, and stick that right thumb straight up in the air. We'll discuss it in person at the next match. <3 and :) "Less recoil impulse = faster splits"
Reference Slide One: Blake. That left hand would be better off over your heart than flopping around out there barely touching anything. See the Ray B. slide, especially with a compact .40, and stick that right thumb straight up in the air. We’ll discuss it in person at the next match.

So. Next time we do this type of grip clinic (or is it glip crinic) let’s do it at “Mama Trangs” gas station and eatery. You, Blake, you buy! (haha just kidding, but that would be a heck of an adventure until she killed us all for “bling gun in here”.) There’s more than one reason for putting that shooting hand thumb up. The non-inclusive list is: (1) it opens up space for your ‘support hand’ to get in there and make a physical barrier; (2) it fills the space/gap between hand and tang with meat thereby creating a physical barrier against recoil/muzzle-flip; (3) if you run a gun with a 1911 or Beretta style safety on it that thumb needs to be up there keeping the safety *off*.

See also last month’s “Gun Schools” in the results post.

Still a lot to get done here (!!!!!s). Moving on. We got quite a few links to shooter videos so here’s those:
Blake (and Amber) Allen’s match video (first edition) at Facebook:
Dustin Thompson’s individual stages videos at Facebook:
Sean D Sorrentino’s video at Facebook: and at youTube:

Directly/Indirectly related video from our friend Tiffany Waller of the “Tiffany Outdoors” and *new* “Gun Talk With Tiffany” youTube channels. In this post on Facebook from the 8th Dean discussed the exact same ‘thumb up’ stuff in a comment.
Gun Talk With Tiffany:
Tiffany Outdoors:
** 862 Subscribers, Tiff, way to go! Blink and it will be 1,000…

Sean's first 'EVAR' shooter as a SO. "The tension is palpable!" "The nerves wear off after four stages," some loud mouth always says about new shooters. They step down from 10/10 to 9.9/10 for SOs after about 400. "You done good, sir! Welcome to the club."
Sean’s first ‘EVAR’ shooter as a SO. “The tension is palpable!” “The nerves wear off after four stages,” some loud mouth always says about new shooters. They step down from 10/10 to 9.9/10 for SOs after about 400. “You done good, sir! Welcome to the club.”

Coastal Carolina Challenge 2019

The Coastal Carolina Challenge 2019 is a Level 2 IDPA match being held at Ant Hill Shooting Range (Bolivia/South Port/Oak Island, NC) on Friday and Saturday, March 22-23, 2019. $110. 180 rounds (minimum) ‚Äď 11 stages and a ‚Äúwarm-up‚ÄĚ stage.

You *must* be a classified IDPA member to shoot Tier/Level 2/II IDPA matches. Here’s the match at, where you can conveniently and quickly join the IDPA as well:

Here’s the match registration page (you must sign up for a practiscore account):

Make sure to check the boxes and/or contact the Match Director if you are an IDPA Safety Officer (SO) and are willing to SO (SSO) at the match.

Coming Soon at H2O

Friday-Saturday, February 15-16, 2019 Dean will be ‘instructing’ a “2-Day 20 Classroom Hours Minimum” long days “intense”¬†North Carolina Private Protective Services Board “Armed Guard Certification Full Class”.¬†8am until *when finished very late at night* both days. Details at:

Saturday, March 9, 2019: 2nd Saturday IDPA. Pre-register and squad at Practiscore:

Sat-Sun, March 9-10, 2019: Daylight Saving Time Starts AFTER the 2nd Saturday Match ~ All Match Start times until November 9:00am

Saturday, March 30, 2019: 5th Saturday BUG Match.

Time to wrap it up. No T-Rex(es) were hurt in the making of this post. The people “picked on” are “tough and they can take it” – they know that we’re all out here to become better, learn from each other, teach each other, and occasionally¬†beat The[e] Chad Thompson (a little bit, because he lets us). Oh, and ‘Hay, Chad, if you talk to¬†Codename: Bananas get him to come hang out with us some time, too.’ Terry Riley, we have¬†missed you tons and¬†are so glad you popped in, also.

Repeat the scores link and exit on an action shot.

If you read all of this post and clicked all of the links then you would know that this is Sean's "next gun"
If you read all of this post and clicked all of the links then you would know that this is Sean’s “next gun”


"Catch them doing something right and dote on them over it." Blake! Awesome. Amazing. Super and Duper! (Amber, thanks for letting him hang out with us. )
“Catch them doing something right and dote on them over it.” Blake! Awesome. Amazing. Super and Duper! (Amber, thanks for letting him hang out with us. )