3rd Adam Ginett EOD Memorial Match Results

Everone involved: THANK YOU for a very successful match.

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We’ll get a post up at H2O’s facebook page and the Event page about left over T-Shirts and how you can get yours.  They may be all sold out (11:23PM Match Night). We’ll let you know.
There were some bumps: the cameras failed to fire and we don’t have “from the range” photos for this match.  Please, everyone with photos and videos, post links on our facebook page or send us email with the links and we’ll add them here and at facebook.

Duane S. gets one-better and one-closer to a “Clean Match.”  2 total down points for the entire match.

Still using the “so last year” software, so the ‘listed as’ ESR shooters are actually CCP.  (And a nod to them for great times, also.)

Almost to the results/scores, we just can’t thank and promote the sponsors enough.





Gunner’s Choice (facebook)

Tactical & Outdoor Wear (facebook)



http://nc.benson.stores.advanceautoparts.com/Magna-Arm Profile Pic

Jim’s Seafood (facebook)

NC Farm  Bureau – Anthony Mangum

Firearms & Etc (facebook)

Jus’ Enuff Home Cookin’ (facebook)

American Gun & Pawn (facebook)

…too many more to keep listing.

Scores and Results (Adobe PDF Documents):

Overall Match Results: 2015_0418_3rd_GinnetEOD_H2O_IDPA

Individual Stages: 2015_0418_3rd_GinnetEOD_H2O_IDPA_Stages

Most Accurate: 2015_0418_3rd_GinnetEOD_H2O_IDPA_Accurate


Final note: I apologize for the late posting (family matters sometimes come first), and thank Andy, Shari, Eddie and Candace (and anyone else they haven’t told me about yet) for getting the scores done so fast and working it all out.  DW


April 11 2015 Match Results

As always, thanks for coming out and making today’s match a great one.

Reminder: The 3rd Annual TSgt Adam Ginett EOD Memorial Pistol Shoot is next Saturday, April 18, 2015.  Here’s a link: to the facebook event.  The “at the door” price has been lowered by the organizers from $30.00 to $25.00.

There were a lot of very accurate shooters today – but Duane, 3 down total for the match!! Nice work.

Dane C. – Oops, you did it again. – even with the procedural.  Nice job.

Here’s the results (Adobe PDF files):

Overall: 2015_0411_H2O_IDPA

Individual Stages: 2015_0411_H2O_IDPA_Stages

Most Accurate: 2015_0411_H2O_IDPA_Accurate

Sorry for the late scores posting after such an early finish.  Shari you were sorely missed.

No Foolin Around Ben THANK YOU

No Foolin’ Around, Ben: Thank You!

1st, foremost: Thank You for your service and sacrifice – for us.

2nd, tied for first: Thank You for shooting with us.  We don’t brag on ourselves (much), we credit you (our shooters) for the fact that we hear good things about our matches and range.

3rd, still tied for first: Thank You… from all of us (owners, shooters, SOs, scorekeepers, sponsors, vendors…) …all of us.  Thanks, we can never express it enough nor as heart-felt as it is.

Letter received 4.1.2015 – Ugly/Quick-Edit to protect .mil identity
Flag from Afghanistan received with letter (edit again)

Backstory for those ‘outside’ the loop: Andy and Shari, here at H2O, received this in the mail today, Wednesday, April 1, 2015.

March 2015 IDPA @ H2O Match

Thanks everyone for a great match.  Cold, wet and foggy start but it ended very warm and sunny.

Great work Kay, you tied Chad on a couple stages!!

To our shooters and friends with heath issues right now: Get and feel better, get well, get healed soon.

Reminders for April:
2nd Saturday IDPA on April 11, and
3rd Annual TSgt Adam Ginett EOD Shoot on Saturday, April 18.
* Please join the facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/353395591523928/

Here’s today’s match results (pdf documents):

Overall: 2015_0321_H2O_IDPA

Individual Stages: 2015_0321_H2O_IDPA_Stages

Most Accurate (Duane, amazing): 2015_0321_H2O_IDPA_Accurate


*** Original Below ***

Friday, March 13, 2015: Due to current sporadic sprinkles, the prediction of rain overnight, and the 80% chance of heavy rains and storms on Saturday, we are re-scheduling the monthly IDPA @ H2O match for next Saturday, March 21, 2015.

Updates and match results will be added to this post.

Thank You, H2O Fowl Farms

Feb 14 2014 Match Results and Time Change Reminder

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone

It was another cold start – but turned out great – day at the match today.

Thanks for all of the help everyone: Jack, Eddie, Daniel and all the rest for helping with the scores; Steven, Cody, Eddie for helping with the range work (drains worked great); all of the S.O.s for the setup and running of another great match; extra thanks to all who helped out with the Friends of NRA raffles and the Girl Scouts’ Operation Cookie Drop and Dunn Troop Sales.

Here’s the sheets (adobe PDF documents):
Overall Match: 2015_0214_H2O_IDPA_Overall
Individual Stages: 2015_0214_H2O_IDPA_Stages
10 Most Accurate: 2015_0214_H2O_IDPA_Accurate
(Reminder: REV says “SSR” on the sheets; CCP is in the ESR division)

Congrats to Carl Hershiser – our first “official” CCP Classifier – EX (expert):

If we don’t see you before, we’ll see you on Saturday, March 14, 2015.

REMEMBER: Clocks change (forward) on Sunday, March 8, 2015.  The matches, starting with the 2nd Saturday Match in March start earlier!  Registration 8:00am-9:00am – Shooting Starts at 9:00am.

2015 Rules and Classification Sheet

(thanks to C.Grivois for researching and summarizing)

The new IDPA Rules and Rule Book become official March 1st, 2015.  However, the IDPA has said in all of their communications to members and Clubs (Ranges) that “early adoption” was up to the Club.

The problems with “early adoption” have been:
* Could not locate the new rule book
– solved: http://www.idpa.com/misc/docs/2015IDPA-Rules-MA-V1.0.pdf (this link may die because it is only an “official final draft for publication”)
* Could not locate the Classification Times for the new divisions
– solved: all documents at IDPA now (2.11.15) updated http://www.idpa.com/compete/rules

Here are the important ones for our Safety Officers and Shooters to know:

  • No more “flat-footed” reloads (effective 1.1.15 at H2O)
    You may initiate and complete a reload while moving if you are behind continuous cover (such as a wall)
    You may not leave a position of cover with an empty gun
    You may not initiate a reload while crossing (moving across) an opening such as a doorway or window – regardless of your target engagement.
  • All Hits on Non-Threat Targets (HNT) Counted (effective 2.14.15 at H2O)
    The new rules have removed the language that stated that no matter how many hits a non-threat target had, only one was counted.  Each hole – including pass-through hits – in a non-threat target will incur a HNT Penalty of 5 seconds.
  • 2:1 Non-Threat to Threat Target Ratio (effective 1.1.15 at H2O)
    The old way was 3-to-1, now we can have more non-threat/no-shoot targets per stage.
  • Steel can be designated as Non-Threat (not new, clarified)
    If specified in the stage description, steel or reactive targets can be designated as Non-Threat Targets.  If it is a “reactive” target (for example, a falling steel target) it must “fully react” to be counted as HNT.  For example, a falling steel target must fully fall to be counted, a “hit” (ring) that does not cause the steel to fall is not counted as HNT.
  • Alternatives to Shooting the Classifier (N/A Club Level at H2O)
    Too complex to get into here (Match Bumps, MD Promotions, Equity Promotions, Sanctioned Match Counting for Division Classification, Match Promotion for Division, had enough?).  See the rules at the link above.
  • Classification rule 9.2.3: To shoot in a Sanctioned Match you must be classified in the last year in the division you enter the Sanctioned Match. Equity does not count at Sanctioned Matches. Contact us if you need to get classified – or get your classification current – in a specific division.
  • One Gun, One Shoot, Two Classifications: Because of the new rules and divisions you can shoot a single gun and have it count for two divisions.  For example, a Glock 17 can be shot once through and count for ESP and SSP.  More tricky, and costly for your classification: a 4 (or less) inch .45 (there are a few out there that run 8+1) can be shot once through and count for CDP and CCP.
  • One Gun, One Shoot, Three Classifications? See Rule 9.3.2.  Yes. Glock 19, Springfield XDS, Smith and Wesson M&P9c, and others, shot loaded to CCP capacity counts for CCP, SSP and ESP.

H2O’s Classification Score/Cheat-Sheet

We’ve got updated Classifier sheets:
* MS Word (type in your name, date, etc): 2015_H2O_IDPAClassificationScoreSheet
* Adobe PDF (not edit-able): 2015_H2O_IDPAClassificationScoreSheet

Note the following major changes:
– Added boxes for Safety Officer (S.O.) Name, #, Signature at the bottom
– Updated the Classification Chart to include CCP & REV, verified all times
– Re-arranged the Strings 1-4, 5-7 Hits/Down Points boxes for Stage One (S.O. requests in 2014 “put the stings together instead of the targets”)


If you don’t understand – or just don’t like – this way of doing it: Run Stage 1 the way you are used to running it, draw “X” or a line through the left boxes (T# 1-4 Down and Hits).  Write your total hits and down in the 5-7 boxes.

Plan-B if you want to do it the ‘traditional IDPA way’ – here’s the newest Classifier Sheet from the IDPA: 2015 IDPA Classification Match Score Sheet (MS Word Version)

The reason we made this sheet this way: The 2 SO/Score-Keepers for H2O find it easier/faster to Score and Paste all holes after String 4 (should be 3 head, 2 body for all 3 targets).  The ‘traditional’ way is to “score and paste the required headshots that hit low on the target” then at the end of all 7 strings you should have 3 mandatory headshots and 7 could be head or body.  Splitting Stage 1 “our way” is easier and faster for us because: (1) If you are ‘sort of scoring’ and taping anyway, score it and paste it – only 5 holes; (2) If the shooter requests a reshoot because of a problem/malfunction in strings 5-7 you don’t have to reshoot 1-4; (3) no arguments from the shooters; (4) gives non-shooters something to do (we have had some very large classifiers) usually while the shooter is trying to figure out how to load what next.

Reminder: This is just “our” sheet “we” cooked up to make it easier on the score-keepers. You don’t have to use it.


Feb 14 2015 Match


Nothing says romance like shooting an I.D.P.A. match at H2O… ?

wral weather screenshot
Weather forecast (c) wral.com

Registration / Orientation (and stand around the fire pit) 9:00am to 10:00am.

Shooting begins at 10:00am.

$20.00 per gun.

January’s match had the exact same weather forecast and the day was fantastic.

See the notes below about new drainage.

*** March 2015 Rules ***

We are “early adopting” the new rules.  However, our scoring software and sheets do not have the new divisions on them.  If you shoot CCP it will be marked ESR on the sheet and the results – please, make sure to write CCP at the bottom of each score sheet.  All revolvers are now in the REV division and will be in the SSR division on the sheets and in the results.  Once we get new/updated software we will resume posting match results officially at IDPA.

We are NOT incorporating BUG division shooters into this match.  Small – yet high capacity – guns (Glock 26 for example) can pick: SSP, ESP or CCP.  If you want to shoot a “real BUG” (Glock 42, Shield, Bodyguard, etc.) you’ll need at least 5 magazines and shoot in the CCP division.

See the forums about the moving-reloads (behind cover), there is still no “leaving cover with an empty gun,” a few other new rules, and the new divisions: www.idpa.com

As soon as possible we will hold a classifier for all of the new divisions.

*** Operation Cookie Drop ***

The Harrington gals will be back during registration time with the Girl Scout Cookies.  Please, help our local Troop 56 (Dunn, NC) by picking up your Girl Scout Cookies here.  All monies go to sending boxes of cookies to our troops overseas.

*** Harnett Friends of NRA ***

The 2015 Harnett Region Friends of NRA ( facebook ) Banquet is coming.  They still have slots on the raffle board for the Glock 26 or 19 and will be selling tickets for a drawing for 4400 rounds of .22LR ammunition at the match.

*** Women’s Defense Workshop – FREE!! ***

Here you go, guys, something you can give her to make up for shooting on St. Valentines day – and it’s free, right up Man Alley. Saturday, February 21 at Gunner’s Choice. Almost ‘full’ so please join the facebook event so we know roughly how many people are going.
Link: Official full details post
Link: facebook event

 *** Finally, That Drainage Thing ***

It has been an amazing three years since we first “dug-out” the range area and officially opened and started shooting here at H2O.  Wind, weather, vehicles, thousands of shooters, and millions of rounds have caused quite a bit of ‘water flow’ changes.  This week we dug over 600 feet of drainage ditches (just in time, lots of rain Monday-Tuesday) to help the shoes of our shooters. We’re continuing to work on the ranges and will have a ‘2015 planning and improvements’ post/page here very soon.

2015 Drains
Feb 2015 New Drainage Lines.

Jan 31 2015 MegaBUG

We are very grateful to all 50 shooters who came out for a very cold start Mega-BUG match.  It warmed up enough to make it a very good match.

Anyone who has pictures or videos from the match that they want to share, please send us links so we can add them to this site and our facebook.  Thanks.

A special thanks (letting us check out a very – very – quiet M&P-22) and ‘Welcome’ to the guys from Stalking Rhino Industries ( www.stalkingrhino.com ).  Check them out for: “Suppressors * Jailbreaking & Repair * Custom NFA”  Hopefully we’ll be seeing more of them at the matches.

*** 2015 Simons/H2O Mega-BUG Challenge Leaders ***

We’re going to have a page up with all the details about this ASAP.  For now, congrats and good/great work to:
Chad Thompson – 56.54
Larry Vickers – 61.99
Carson Harrington – 68.10
Mike Boulus – 68.36

*** Match Results (PDF Documents) ***




Our next regular IDPA match will be held on Saturday, February 14, 2015.  Guy (Eddie!) Reminder: that’s Valentines Day. We hope you’ll come out and join us.  Regular IDPA equipment and up to 150 rounds.


2014 IDPA at H2O Archive

IDPA @ H2O Schedule & Scores (PDF documents):