12.13.14 Classifier Match Results and…

#1: Sorry so late (9:15pm), a lot of shooters today and classification scores have to be double checked.

Another equal #1: Thank You (with a lot of !!!) to everyone who helped H2O’s “friend” with the Christmas card. There are just not enough of the right words for all of you.  So, thank you again.

We’ll have a post up soon with some details about next year; for now, we just want to thank – or give thanks – to everyone who helped H2O be a great success in 2014.

Here’s the preliminary (2nd draft) results/scores/classifications for today:


Once checked for a third time, and all IDPA numbers verified (ETA Sunday 12.14.14) if there is any changes or corrections we’ll post an updated sheet here.  We’ll start posting the “official” scores to IDPA.com on Sunday, 12.14.14 as well.

12.14.14 Update: Here’s the final (bad spelling and IDPA #s corrected) scoresheet:
All shooters that we could find a number for have their scores/classifications posted at idpa.com except:
– Dave Banas: we need your IDPA number [not sure if that was yours registered in another state]
– Neil T. it/they took your scores but says your membership expired in Sept of 2014.


If we don’t see you out here before: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
If you get a nice new ‘toy’ from Santa for Christmas – come see us after to try it out.


12 13 14 Classifier as a Match

12-13-14 H2O’s Annual IDPA Classifier as a Match Match

Saturday, December 13, 2014
9:00am-10:00am Registration/Orientation
Shooting Starts at 10:00am
Cost: $20.00 per gun
Required Rounds: 90 (per gun)

All of the details you need to “pre-game” (aka there’s nothing secret or dynamic about the IDPA Classifier) are available at the International Defensive Pistol Association’s (IDPA’s) website: http://www.idpa.com/compete/rules

Registration / Pre-Registration

Download, print and fill out the top of our Classification Scoresheet (link follows) and bring it with you on the 13th to speed your registration process.  Make sure you correctly and clearly print your IDPA Number at the top.  If you are unsure of the division wait until the match and ask the Safety Officers.

If you want to “pre-register”, follow the instructions above (link below) and contact us h2ofowlfarms@gmail.com or 910-984-6701 to make delivery/payment arrangements.

Here’s the scoresheet in PDF format: 2014_1213_H2O_IDPAClassificationScoreSheet

Non-IDPA-Members (Yet)

You do not have to be an IDPA member to shoot this match.  The classifier is a great “beginners” or “introductory” match.  The round count is limited, the stages are published (above) so you can look them over, think them through, “air gun” them with your UNLOADED gun (or “pistol-fingers” are safer) at home before the match, and no one is out there to beat anyone.

If you are not a member – the scores don’t count. Simple.

If you want the scores to count (beginning your journey in IDPA):

1. Sign up *NOW* ( https://www.idpa.com/join-now ) and bring your “pending membership” information (all that you have) with you to the match.  If you have signed up online and have not received your membership kit by match day – call them or email them Thursday or Friday before the match and get your number. **

2. Sign up with us on Match Day (online is easier and faster) but we will happily accommodate new memberships and post the scores to the IDPA as soon as you get us the number.  IDPA does NOT send your membership information back to H2O if you sign up at the range/match – they only send it to you. **

** We will only add “membership number pending” scores to the IDPA Official database/site until Christmas Eve (December 24th) 2014.  Do not call in January with your membership number and ask us to upload your classification scores.

*** Tips and Pointers and Important Notes ***

If you know (1) that you are going to shoot the classifier that day, and (2) you know you are going to classify in more than one division (more than one gun, not one gun ESP & SSP) please let us know in advance so we can set up enough bays and squads.

Bring extra ammunition!!! Remember: In the IDPA Classifier you can re-shoot a string because of “mental malfunction” and/or “gun/ammo malfunction.”  The point of the classifier is to get you “ideally” ranked, not pushed down because you had to clear a clicker (or forgot that flat-footed reloads are still in effect until January 2015…).

Matches at H2O are run COLD RANGE: empty chambers, empty cylinders, empty magazine wells until instructed to “load and make ready” at the firing line.

Stage 1 Magazine Cheat Sheet (how to load to “make it quick”):
– Double-Stacks: 15, 6, 9
– Single-Stacks: 9 (8+1), 9 (8+1), 3, 3, 6
* SOs Note: Guns will be hot during scoring/pasting between strings 4 & 5.
* Single-Stack Note: There’s no good way to speed it up except – own more magazines =}

Stage 2 Double-Stack Magazine Cheat Sheet:
12, 6, 12

Stage 3 Magazine Cheat Sheet:
Jam them full! All reloads during Stage 3 are “chamber loaded” (slide forward/tac) – the extra weight helps in getting the magazine out of the gun.  Just don’t press the release and let it fall on the ground (weighted mags tend to fly out of guns).






Nov 29 2014 Toys for Tots Charity Match

Today (two days after Thanksgiving Day) is a great day for Thanks Giving here at H2O.

Thanks to Amp, Allen, Chris, Duane and others for the set up of the match yesterday and all of your work and the other S.O.s work today.

Thanks to 53 shooters for the 52 toys and $1,300.00 raised for Toys for Tots today.

H2O Toys for Tots 2014
Toys for Tots. With Master Gunnery Sergeant Phil Ferrell with Marine Corp League Crossed Rifle Detachment 1346

Thanks to all of the prize/raffle winners who let the winnings go to Toys for Tots.

Outlaw Steel Challenge – Winners

Back Up Gun (BUG) – Carl Hershiser

Single Stack – Robert Davis

Double Stack – Chris Knopp

Raffle Board Winners

1st Ben Beasley – Ruger 10/22 Wooden Stock

2nd Dave Bellow – $100.00

3rd David Akers – $50.00

Extra-Mega-BUG (75 rounds) Match Scores

2014_11_29_H2O_ToysForTots_MegaBUG_Overall – Mike Jones, great work


2014_11_29_H2O_ToysForTots_MegaBUG_MostAccurate – Stephen F. most accurate




Nov 8 2014 Match

Another great day and great match – thanks everyone.

The Moving Target on Stage 4
The Moving Target on Stage 4

Amp announced today that the Toys for Tots Charity MEGA-B.U.G. Match on the 29th will be 90 rounds instead of the usual 60 (3 5-round strings/mini-stages per bay).  $20.00 or bring an unwrapped toy of $20.00 value.

Here’s the scores for today’s match:




(Sorry for the abbreviated message and no kudos and accolades this post – already late!!! DW)

Oct 11 2014 Match Results

Great match today – in spite of the ‘about 20 degrees hotter than predicted’.

Photos of the match – and Amp’s & Andy’s Stage 6 terror stage ASAP.

Amp and Andy's Tacti-cool Technical and ISiL/S shoot targets. Oct. 11 Stage 6
Amp and Andy’s Tacti-cool Technical and ISiL/S shoot targets. Oct. 11 Stage 6

Good job, Chad T., gun breakage no problem, magazine disintegration no problem…

Watch the match page and facebook page for details about November and December. The plan right now is:
– November 8 – regular 2nd Saturday IDPA Match – at the new time (registration 9-10, shooting starts at 10).
– November 29 – Toys for Tots Mega-BUG
– December 13 – Classifier as a Match

Here’s the results:



2014_1011_H2O_IDPA_Accurate (Good work Kevin K. – amazing accuracy)


Sept 13 2014 Match Results

Thanks to everyone who braved the ugly weather forecasts to shoot with us today.  Luckily we only got rained on a very little bit.

Thanks Allen and Shari ( Tarheel Targets ) for the challenging “almost IDPA” stages.

Normally we would congratulate Chad Thompson here – today we have to say: UNREAL.

Have a look yourself below:



2014_0913_H2O_IDPA_Accurate (Good Job Mike B., most accurate)

Interested in Carbine and Advanced Pistol Classes?

Watch our shooting range and additional services pages for details about MOETAC’s (Method of Engagement Tactics) John Sherbert’s classes on the 1st, 3rd and 4th Fridays in October (3rd, 17th and 24th).  Or, check out his facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/john.sherbert.54 Website soon: http://www.moetac.com/

August 30 2014 MegaBUG

Thanks for coming today – a very challenging and fun Mega-BUG match.

Nice work Joe S – very accurate.

Here’s the scoresheet: 2014_0830_H2O_IDPA_BUGMatch (pdf)
Here’s the corrected scoresheet (Amp SSR): 2014_0830_H2O_IDPA_BUGMatch_Corrected

The range is closed for the start of hunting season on Monday, September 1st, 2014.

Starting Monday, September 1st:
~ Range Fees will be $10.00 per hour
~ Match Fees will be $20.00 per gun


August 9 2014 Partial Match Results


Thanks everyone for giving it “the big college effort.” We wanted it, wished it, willed it… the rain came anyway.

A special thank you to all of the LE shooters today ~ our first time with more than ten at a match.

Everyone on the list/scoresheet is PRE-PAID for the Saturday, September 13, IDPA@H2O match.

Join us:

~ August 30th for a 5th Saturday MEGA-BUG Match

~ September 6th for the 2nd Annual Harris/Coins for Children Charity Match

~ September 13th for the “regular” 2nd-Saturday IDPA@H2O Match.

2014_0809_H2O_IDPA_Partial_Match (<<< pdf file, roster/scoresheet)

Chad T.: couldn’t find your Stage 4 sheet as we ‘went to press’ and thanks for drowning in Stage 5 in the heavy rain!