July 12th Match Results

Thanks 90 shooters, S.O.s, score-keepers – everyone – for dealing with the heat and making today’s match great.

Ricky and Kay announced officially today that the 2nd Coins for Children Charity match is scheduled for Saturday, September 6, 2014.  Tarheel Targets signed on as another sponsor offering a dueling tree for the event.  We’ll have more details on a special page here at H2O in the next few days.

The Harnett Region Friends of NRA is raffling a Mossburg Night Train III .308 rifle with 4×12 scope. Tickets are $10.00 each or 3 for $20.00.  Contact us and we’ll arrange tickets for you.

Eddie & Sandra: There are a few more cans and Andy and Shari said they would add a few more – give Andy a call to make the pickup arrangements.

If “J” would like to make public the video of the Blackhawk mishap – please let us know where it is posted.  Putting “truth” to that “legend” would be a big help to all of the shooting community and all of the instructors at H2O.  Send us a link if you should decide to upload it.  And – again – we are very not-happy that it happened at all – but, happy that you were not seriously hurt.

Today’s match results:

Match Results Overall

Individual Stages

10 Most Accurate Shooters



Can Fast Eddie

Attention 2nd Saturday Match Shooters:

Mrs. Fast Eddie (aka Sandra) is involved in a canned food ‘drive’.  We have volunteered Fast Eddie to go home from H2O on Saturday, July 12th, 2014 with a lot more than he came with.

We’re calling this Grass Roots Effort “The Can Fast Eddie Campaign 2014”

Please bring a can or two to help:
– Mrs. S. with her efforts
– Mr. S and Jack get their exercise 🙂
– Feed needy people.

Thanks Everyone (especially all of you who know Eddie and Jack).


June 14 2014 Match Results

n82_logo_leatherFirst off, thanks everyone for coming out and making today’s match great!

Thanks to a new match sponsor: N82 Tactical
They provided holsters, shirts and other great things for the ‘door prize’ drawings today.

(Thanks Richard Morris for providing/making the connection.)

Extra congratulations to Chad Thompson today – too fast even for you (it must be the gun).  Absolutely setting the bar higher and the good example.  Check out Chad’s videos at his youtube channel to learn how to shoot times like his today.
* How to be a better shooter
* Equipment recommendations and basics of the draw
* Reloading coming soon…

One more special note before the scores: Happy Fathers Day to all of you.

Overall Match Scores

Individual Stages

10 Most Accurate Shooters




May 10th 2014 NCRPA Shooting Sports Games

stategameslogoH2O 2nd Saturday Shooters:

Our “regular” IDPA match in May – Saturday, May 10th – is going to be a North Carolina Rifle & Pistol Association ~ North Carolina Shooting Sports Game.  You can get more info about the NCRPA ~ here.

Gold Medal
Gold Medal ~ NCRPA Shooting Sports Games

The match will be run as our “regular IDPA” match (concealment required, carry-type equipment) and 6 stages.

However, we will be awarding ‘medals’ to the top 3 finishers in all Divisions/Classifications.

Registration/Orientation and new shooter introduction from 8:00am to 9:00am – shooting starts at 9:00am.

$15.00 Per Gun (or per ‘run’ in different divisions [same gun ESP and SSP]).

The food truck will be here.

***** Medals, Door Prizes and Special Thanks ****

Medals, Ammunition and Door Prizes
Medals, Ammunition and Door Prizes ~ Click for full-sized

Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals are going to be given out shortly after the end of the match.  Stay, have some lunch from the food truck and receive your medals.  Anyone who “just has to go” can pick up their medals later.

The ammunition and other door-prizes and give-aways are thanks to Chad T. and Harris Publications / Harris Tactical Group.  Visit their facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/HarrisPublications.

Publisher of Guns & Weapons for Law Enforcement, Special Weapons for Military & Police, Combat Handguns, Tactical Weapons, Tactical Knives, Guns of the Old West, Pocket Pistols, Urban Warrior’s Black Guns annual…and many more

The Medals are being partially sponsored by:

Their google+ page here: Bent Creek Transport @g+

A whole box of hats, supplies, cup holders, give-aways from Harris Publications
A whole box of hats, supplies, cup holders, give-aways from Harris Publications


IMFs Corporation
Defense/Firearms Consulting & Training
Web-page here: www.imfscorp.com


Gunners’ Choice Outfitters
Dunn, NC Gun Shop
Facebook page: Gunners Choice @fb





SO/Set Up Volunteers
None of this would be possible without the ALL VOLUNTEER group of Safety Officers (SO) and the 5.9.14 “Set Up Crew” (Not pictured but did a lot of the heavy lifting: Terry R.)

*** Special Thanks ***

Richard and Todd ~ Above and Beyond

Candace ~ Scores, Running, Concessions, Beautiful Singing ~ Thanks a MILLION
(if it’s spelled wrong have your dad let us know the correct way)

“Mister” Bolton ~ Scores, Running, “Mini-M.D.” ~ Thanks another MILLION

 *** SCORES ***

Congrats to all of the medal winners ~ anyone who did not get theirs contact us about picking them up. More details later, for now ~ The top 3 in all divisions/classifications received Gold, Silver and Bronze respectively.  We awarded a Gold and a Silver for “Womens/Ladies” and “tied Gold” for the two Juniors/Youth shooters.

Overall Match Scores

Individual Stages

Ten Most Accurate


April 5, 2014 MEGABug Match

It was a great spring day at H2O and we had a great MEGA-Bug match.

Thanks everyone for coming out, here’s the scores:

After the BUG match we held a classifier for 4 shooters (5-Guns), here’s those results:

Don’t forget next Saturday – April 12 – is the:
2nd Annual TSgt. Adam Ginett EOD Charity Shooting Match

Here’s what the weather.com says about next weekend for the match:
20140405wchanpredictionLet’s hope it stays that way!  If you can – and want to help – come out Friday and help us clean up and setup for Saturday’s match.

Last year we had 86 scored shooters (and lots of spectators and volunteers) who helped make the 1st Annual a giant success.  We would love to see all of you (and more – bring your friends!) next Saturday.

March 8 2014 IDPA Match

The match is ON. Because of the heavy rain Thursday and Friday there will be little movement required in the stages.  The range is drying out quickly and the weather is supposed to be beautiful by lunch-time.

Registration/Orientation from 9am to 10am – shooting starts at 10:00 am.

Don’t forget to set your clocks forward tonight/tomorrow morning!

Thanks everyone for squishing around in the mud with us today, and thanks again Allen for all of your hard work.

Here’s the scores:

Overall Match Scores: 2014_03_08_H2O_IDPA

Individual Stages: 2014_03_08_H2O_IDPA_Stages

Most Accurate Shooters: 2014_03_08_H2O_IDPA_accurate


February 2014 Match

CANCELLED 2.21.2014.

Due to the heavy rains Wednesday and Friday, bays 4, 5 and 6 are not safe for a match tomorrow.

The next match will be the regular 2nd Saturday Match on March 8th.

Update 2.13.2014: The February IDPA @ H2O shooting match is being postponed due to rain (all that we’ve had and more predicted for Friday and Saturday) ICE and SNOW (and MUD) – again.

Our Match will be held Saturday, February 15th 22 March 8.


2014 2nd Annual Tsgt Adam Ginett Shoot

The 2nd Annual Tsgt Adam Ginnet Memorial Pistol Shoot

is scheduled for Saturday, April 12, 2014.  Registration, orientation, door-prizes, sponsor information and more will be from 8:00AM to 9:00AM and shooting begins at 9:00.

The ‘match’ will be in our usual IDPA @ H2O format: concealment required, 100-150 rounds, at least three magazines, eyes and ears (eye and hearing protection).

Here’s the proof image (click or tap it to make it big):
Early Registration 2014More info at: http://www.eodwarriorfoundation.org/memorial/warrior/adam-k-ginett
and: http://www.eodwarriorfoundation.org/events/events/view/53

April 5, 2014 update: Weather predictions for next Saturday = Great!!

(Corrected the spelling error on this page/link – sorry, DW)