Oct 12 2013 Trophies and Scores

It was a great match today, thanks to all of you for coming out.

It was good to see some ‘long time no shoot’ friends back today as well.

The ‘big’ surprise today: Trophies for the “Top Shooters” ‘almost 2 years’

H2O Trophies
Top Shooters 2012-2013 – Click/Tap for Full Size
  • Chad “AD Much” Thompson – “score leader” again today and every match he’s shot here since January 2012 – S.O. at many matches – overly nice and helpful.  “Mens Gold”
  • Anthony “Amp” Mangum – “our” illustrious MD and regional “IDPA guy” – thanks for all you do putting these things together, Directing, S.O.-ing, being (also) overly nice and helpful.  Tie for “Mens Silver” with…
  • Ricky Harris – another of “our” overly nice & helpful S.O.s, setup and “MD-ed” the Charity match, with Amp tied for “Mens Silver”.  You guys really deserve Gold – without the “Chad Factor” Ricky & Amp would always be the scores to beat (or try to achieve).
  • Kay Harris – “Womens Gold”.  Kay keeps score (SSO?) when shooting, or not.  And not only is the most consistent female shooter at our matches – she’s good.  Check those old score sheets – she beats lots of the guys.  Get that foot better “Miss Kay” and shoot it up with us soon.
Mens Trophies
Mens Trophies
Womens Trophy - Kay Harris
Womens Trophy – Kay Harris

We’ll do more trophies soon – or other awards.  Shoot with us often and you might just get one.

18 Stars on these because they “cover about the last 18 months”.  The rumor is that it is Chad Thompson’s silhouette in the picture.

* * * * * *

* * * October 12, 2013 Scores * * *

2013_10_12_H2O_IDPA_Overall – Overall Match Scores

2013_10_12_H2O_IDPA_Stages – Individual Stages

2013_10_12_H2O_IDPA_Accurate – Most Accurate Shooters (Duane & Allen, Good Job)

Some notes about the scores (and why they came out so late today):

  • Jimmie Honeycutt – Failure To Do Right (FTDR) removed – no explanation or notification to MD
  • Mike Boulus – no score (time or targets) on stage 2 – gave Ricky Harris’ (best nearby score sheet) score
  • Bradley Hamilton – no time written for stage 4 – gave Barry Lewis (best nearby score sheet) time

Check the weblog in the next couple of days for details about a ‘very busy November’ here at H2O. The highlights:

  • Match start time changes with the clock – registration 9-10am; shoot at 10.
  • 2nd Saturday regular IDPA
  • 4th Saturday Tac-Multi-Gun Rim-Fire for Toys for Tots (gifts valued at $15 or more for entry fee).
  • 5th Saturday IDPA Classifier “Match” (5 or 6 bays setup to run the classifier [90 rounds limited]).

September 14 2013 Match Scores

As always just before the score sheets:

Thanks everyone for coming out and shooting (scoring, paste-ing, etc) with us.

Thanks to Amp & Terry for 6 great stages.

Thanks to Holly and Shari (and Andy) for totaling up and entering scores so fast.

Chad T. destroyed it again today – the only less-than-100 score.
(Somebody, please, start grabbing video of Chad so we can all try to ‘go to the tape’ and see how it’s done.)

Chris E. and Craig G. get the Most Amazing Accurate Shooters awards for the day.

Kay H. – great job ‘rep-in for the Gals’.
(…and thanks for the hair help…)

No further to-do:

Overall Match Scores

Individual Stages

Most Accurate Shooters

See you Saturday, October 12th for the next match…

or any day (other than Sunday) just come out and shoot it up @ H2O.

Aug 31 2013 BUG Match Scores

Thanks to all who came, shot and helped make this a great BUG match.

Congrats to Brandon Bolton – overall Match winner, thanks to Jacob for helping him do so well.

Good job Amp and Jessie Wigent – tied for Most Accurate shooters.

Overall Match Scores

Individual Stages (The right column is the String-1 Time, the software doesn’t show String-2: you have to subtract String-1 from the Raw Time column to get your String-2 Time.)

Most Accurate Shooters

We’ll hope to see you at the ‘Harnett Region Friends of NRA Banquet/Auctions’ on Thursday, September 12th at 6:00 PM at the Dunn Shiners Club, and…

See you Saturday, September 14th for our regular/full IDPA match.

Thanks for the great stages Allen – you forgot your laundry!


Good Work Chad T. – #2 USPSA

8.15.13:  “Our own” Chad Thompson is Ranked #2 in the USPSA.

The #1 is a full-time pro IPSC/USPSA shooter. So adjusted for the:
(1) works a full-time job [Justice Academy Firearms Instructor and Instructor’s Instructor];
(2) spends his ‘spare’ time shooting and S.O.-ing with us at H2O;
(3) spends more ‘spare’ time playing music at clubs and events all over the state;
(4) everything else he does (that his STI gets the credit for)
…curve, Chad is by far #1.

We would say ‘Congratulations Mr. Thompson’ – but you didn’t get top spot by lottery ~ so Good Work! Great Job! We’re proud of you and glad you shoot with and help us out all that you do.

And we know it’s not the gun

…mostly… 🙂


Harris Charity Raffle (8.10.13)

Ticket sales continue for the ‘Benefits Coins for Children Raffle’.

From Ricky H: NEMO Arms matched stripped upper and lower receiver combination ($800.00 value).

The tickets are 5.00 each.

The Harris ‘crew’ will be on hand selling tickets between 8:00am and 9:00am at the Saturday, August 10, 2013 H2O IDPA Match.

The drawing and award will be around 9:00am – just before the match starts.

Harris Charity Match Scores

Thanks everyone for coming out and supporting Coins for Children.  Thanks again to Ricky & Kay & “Miss B” Harris for everything.

Overall Match Scores

Individual Stages

Most Accurate Shooters

Congrats to Chat T. and Ricky H.: you guys left the field way behind.

*** Sorry for any previous confusion regarding the Side-Match ****

The Side Match was held immediately after the main match:
Joey Palieri took 1st Place with a time of 4.32 on three pieces of steel.


July 13 2013 Charity Match

July 13th 2013: H2O’s 2nd Saturday IDPA Match is going to be a ‘for charity’ match.
The ‘match fee’ will be $25.00.

Due to the heavy rain and flooding the match is rescheduled for
SATURDAY JULY 20th, 2013.

All proceeds are going to benefit Coins for Children. **

Ricky H. and Amp M. already have some great ‘themed‘ stages planned.

Allen Pier ( Tarheel Targets ) and others are putting together give-aways.

Jonathan Fletcher (Senior Pastor, Bethel Church) is going to speak to the group for a few minutes.

Keep an eye “on the forums” for updates from everybody and check back here over the next (almost) two weeks.

July 12: Bad News/Good News. Bad news first: For safety (because of the heavy rain, flooding and standing water) the match is “rain delayed” one week, until Saturday July 20.  Good News: The food vender will be here for the match on the 20th.

*** A minute on the ‘soap box’ (or ammo can) ***

We know these are ‘tight times’ right now – especially for us shooters. Ammo is ridiculous expensive and hard to find, a lot of our regular shooters are .gov employees or contractors who haven’t had raises in years  – any many just got ‘up to 20% cuts’ (furloughs and ‘sequesters’)…  But we’re only asking you to skip a few cans of soft-drink, a few cups of coffee or order water while dining out instead of a $2 drink.  It is “only ten bucks” more than a regular match.

And! It is for a cause that we can all pull for.  Extra-specially, it is important for us to remember during this “Independence Day” week those who have none (freedom/independence).

*** That’s it, off the Ammo Can ***

The fine print ( the ** above): This match is not organized/endorsed/arranged by Coins for Children.  Ricky & Kay organized this and just want to pass the money along to the .orgs and the message along to as many people as we can get to listen. (Even if only for a day.)  They don’t want “to-dos” and “kudos” – they are really being charitable about a charity (and cause) they believe in.  Thanks, you two.

If you want to ‘help out’ – set up on Friday the 12th – keep scores – help total the scores and enter them in the computer: post in the forums, post on our facebook page, send us an email h2ofowlfarms@gmail.com, or let Ricky and/or Andy know if you are able and willing.

Now, get your blasters (as Amp calls them) cleaned and oiled; get a box of ammo (or 4); and your dis-like of ‘Human Traffickers’ and their ilk warmed up: See you in 13 days, 12 days…

Scores will be way down here when all the card-board bad-guys are ‘sleeping’ with 1000s of down-zeros in ’em.

June 29 2013 Matches and Scores

Thanks EVERYONE (it’s like Thanksgiving in June) – for two great matches today.
– SOs/ROs, scorekeepers
– Amp and Allen (MDs & great stages)
– all of you who came out and shot with us (and kept scores, pasted targets, cleaned up brass…)
– Brandon for the help, the timer, and the battery (we’ll ‘get flush’ with you next match)
Thanks, thanks, thanks…

We had a lot of youth/junior shooters today – thank you guys for coming and your parents for bringing you!

Special Notes on some of the youth:
~ Austin Jones – congrats on the good grades, the gun, and good job shooting today.
~ “Mister J” (Jack Simons) – Happy 15th! and, yes, you beat your dad in the BUG match.
~ “Miss Mason” ~ Happy 15th Birthday (again), we are glad you chose to spend your big day shooting it up with us.  And great work with that revolver in the BUG match.

To the scores (and 10x thanks to Shari for having all the scores done so fast):

The “Main Match”:
Overall Match Scores
Individual Stages
Most Accurate Shooters

The Backup Gun (BUG) Match:
BUG Match Overall Scores
BUG Match Individual Stages
Bug Match Most Accurate Shooters

Thanks once again, and see you in two weeks… for the ‘Charity Match’ (check back at the site for details)

June 8 2013 Match and June 29 Info

June 7, 2013: The Saturday, June 8, 2013 IDPA @ H2O Match is CANCELLED.

—– From the Match Director —–


Due to the heavy amount of rain we have had and are continuing to get, range conditions are un-safe and tomorrow’s match is postponed until June 29th. We will combine the normal IDPA match with the scheduled BUG match so you can double your shooting fun.

Sorry about the cancellation but we felt like it is the right call due to range conditions.

Be safe and I hope to see you on the 29th.