Dec 22, 2012 Rimfire Match

*** Cancelled ****

12.19.12: The saturday rimfire match has – unfortunately – been cancelled.  We will start posting the 2013 schedule a.s.a.p.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from H2O.

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Saturday, December 22, 2012 we will have a ‘combination’ Tactical & Steel Rim-Fire Match. Some stages will be ‘on paper (IDPA like)’ and some will be steel targets.

Sign-in, registration, orientation 9:00am – 10:00am and shooting starts at 10:00am.

$15 per shooter/gun.


IDPA Classifier 12.8.12

** Updated 12.10.12 **

Scores v2 (name/spelling corrections):

** Updated 12.9.12 **

Scores (unofficial) are done: *removed*

A Back-Up Gun (BUG) Match was held as well:

Congratulations (1*) and thanks (2*) to Chad Ward.
1. The only ‘Classified Expert’ at the match/classifier.
2. Did it (1) while working S.O. without any breaks or relief for 7 hours.

Special Thanks to Robert Parker – score sheets and doing scores. See the FB post.

Thanks to all the S.O.s and – as always – to all of the shooters for another great match.

—– Original Below —–

Saturday’s match will be the IDPA Classifier.

Full details at the IDPA Website:

IDPA Members:
Remember to bring your IDPA membership number to the match.

– If you are not an IDPA member (with your number) on Saturday, December 8th then the match is ‘just a match’ and ‘a practice run of the classifier’ and you can see your score when they get posted at H2O’s site. Check your score against the chart at IDPA’s site to see what your ‘classification’ would be.
Option 2: Join the IDPA!
* Go to and follow the ‘Online Membership Application’ link.
* Complete the application and payment by 12:00pm (noon) Eastern Time on Thursday and you can call them on Friday (12.7) after 12:00pm Eastern and get your number.
* You can complete the application and make the payment 24/7 but give them at least one full business day to be able to get you your number over the phone.

Registration, briefings, door-prizes from 9:00am-10:00am, start shooting at 10:00am.


11.24.12 IDPA Scores

Here’s the scores for the IDPA match Saturday, November 24, 2012.

Note(s): The sheets got uploaded before the following were corrected:
– Duane S has a ‘too low’ time for Stage 6 – Chad Thompson is the ‘real’ Stage 6 ‘Best Time’
* The time added back would not affect the CDP Novice rankings
– Jim K  has a ‘too low’ time for Stage 3 – Chad Thompson is the ‘real’ Stage 3 ‘Best Time’
* The time added back moves Jim down to 10th/11th in the SSP Unclassified rankings
** Errors and Questions (SO or Scorekeeping) ‘go to the shooter’ so we are letting them stand as is.

Congrats Chad on the overall match.

Overall Match Scores

Individual Stages

Most Accurate Shooters


2 Matches

Saturday, November 24th 2012 we will hold two matches.

In the morning: IDPA – 6 Stages – 150 estimated round count – 8am-9am orientation, registration, briefings – 9am start.

In the afternoon (immediately after IDPA and a short break for the SOs and directors to eat lunch and reset the stages): Our first Tactical Rimfire match.  The stages will be ‘IDPA like‘ (bad guys and ‘no shoots’) and there is 6 of them.  All of the ‘rules’ are not ‘in stone’ yet so the estimated round count is: bring a lot of ammo and have fun (150-200, may be less but it’s rimfire (.22) so bring lots).  Handguns or rifles – loading/reloading and ‘ready position’ starting will be explained in the p.m. briefing.  For sure you need: a .22 caliber gun, a spare magazine or two (for the handguns).

Shoot either match for $15.00 (per gun) or both for $25.00.

If you shoot IDPA with one gun in the a.m. and the Tactical Rimfire with 2 guns in the p.m. your total will be $40.00 ($25.00 for one gun-two matches; $15 for the 2nd rimfire gun).

As of 3:20pm friday we still don’t have a confirmation on concessions.  We’ll post as soon as we know.

Archive – The Big Day

…Still in the works, still trying to figure out a schedule that works…

FALL 2012
‘New and Re-Newal Shooters Introduction Day’
‘…to the Competitive Handgun Sports…’

News: For Immediate Release July 27, 2012.

On July 26th, 2012 some of North Carolina’s ‘best’ met at H2O to begin plans for a ‘very special, multi-discipline (multi-sport), introduction/orientation day’.

The ‘rough draft’ and meeting were ‘put together’ by John at ZSA. The who’s-who who got together:

  • Andy Howard – H2O Fowl Farms
  • Steven Frye – H2O Fowl Farms
  • John ‘Z’ – ZSA
  • Chad Thompson – USPSA/IPSCNC Justice Academy (unofficial/off-duty)
  • Amp Mangum – IDPA
  • Damon Woodall – IDPA & Multi-Gun
  • and one (going to remain anonymous) web-page writer

The original concept and some amazing ‘multi-use stage’ design (by John Z) is to setup one or two stages for each of IDPA, USPSA, and ZSA and have everyone get a ‘look at and introduction to’ each of these organizations (associations) rules, scoring, targets, philosophies, everything. An Introduction to ‘all of the main’ sport- or competetive-handgun disciplines (associations).

(This anonymous web-page writer is destroying their great meeting and great ideas.)

What ‘got’ decided or ‘put out there’ for further discussion and thought (by everyone):

  • It will have to be in Fall (probably October) when the weather is better (cooler) and everyone has had time to work it into their schedules.
  • It will need to be heavily advertised – and discussed at length in the ‘forums’ ( Carolina Shooters Club and NCSection and facebook ).
  • It will have to be re-named or explained that this is not ‘just for new shooters’. This is for everyone who is interested in shooting. ‘New Shooter’ could mean ‘new to IDPA, been shooting USPSA for years’.
  • It must be made clear that ‘we’ really would like the opportunity to ‘un-do’ the ‘bad experiences’ some shooters out there may have had with groups/associations/affiliated ranges. (~Amp)
  • It must be made clear that ‘we’ really want to encourage younger shooters or parent-child shooting, and that youth/juniors should get a ‘good experience’ out of any shooting they do – especially if ‘Association Affiliated’ or ‘Matches’. (~John Z & Damon)
  • ‘We’ have to figure out a way to get Law Enforcement (LEOs) more involved with shooting. Many LEOs are discouraged by ‘the disadvantages of Duty-Gear’ (slow) -vs- ‘race-gunners’ (always faster just because of ‘retention’). ‘We’ have to figure out ways to make them feel more welcome and less ‘disadvantaged’. (~Chad) ‘I understand what they are feeling, I don’t want to go anywhere (golf or guns) and lose.’ (~Damon) [All agree: Associations, shooters in general, ranges in general have ‘got to’ do something to encourage our LEOs to get some ‘range-time’ in].
  • It needs to be stressed (at this event and other events) that all of the Associations (IDPA, NRA, USPSA, ZSA) need ‘dues paying members‘. The benefits and ‘what they do’ for/with those Dues-$ need to be ‘out there’ for everybody to understand.

There was much more discussed and an amazing amount of good ideas from ‘The Gun-Men’. What all of them need from you (shooters or ‘just people reading this page who aren’t gun peopleyet‘) is input and feedback. What do you think of this kind of ‘Event’? Would you participate/attend? Do you have a business that could benefit from ‘Sponsoring/Advertising/Setting Up A Booth’ at a sport-gun event that could have hundreds of shooters and/or spectators?

Ideas, comments, answers to the above questions:
– post in the forums ( Carolina Shooters Club and NCSection ),
– post on facebook,
– email: (we will keep your privacy/email address private, but may ‘use’ your text/idea in the forums or on facebook discussions – indicate in the email your privacy preference)

Updates to this ‘news release’ (plan announcement) will be here (and on our facebook and our weblog) as ‘the plan starts to come together’.

10.13 Match Scores and Some Notes

Sunday, October 14, Yesterday’s IDPA @ H2O Match Scores are posted:

The match was a great one:
* The new ‘almost-300-degree’ bay stage made for a good scenario/stage layout that was fun and new.  An interesting note: almost everyone was “down-zero” on the target ‘at your six’ (almost directly behind the starting chair).  More on that later.
* The ‘shotgun start’ worked out well again.  Everyone seemed to be able to get through all the stages much faster than when grouped.  A very special thanks to the SOs – it is a lot more work on them this way, but (we think) much better for the shooters.
* Thanks to Steven F. for putting the scores together.
* Thanks to all of you for coming out and making the match (and making it a good one).

A couple (few) reminders:
* We will have a ten-stage rimfire match on Saturday, October 27th.  Registration/Orientation at 8am – start shooting at 9am.
* The November IDPA @ H2O match will be held on Saturday, November 24th.
– November 10th is the Justice Academy Charity Challenge:
– It was decided at the 10.13 match to start registration at 8am and shooting at 9am for the November 24th match.  We will announce then if we are returning to ‘winter hours’ (start shooting at 10) for the December match.
* There will be a Tactical Rimfire Match immediately after the IDPA match on November 24th.
* Until further notice: all ranges are closed on sunday (sorry).


Fall and Winter 2012 Schedule

Fall/Winter 2012 H2O Schedule, Range, Match Information

Hunting season is here and we have many hunts booked but still have some openings.  Contact us about scheduling hunts.


14th-16th: All of the dirt for the new berm and improvements to some of the exising berms is in and Andy got all of the ‘roughing in’ done.  The big equipment will raise the new berm to 12-feet and flatten out the top this coming week.  This will allow a closed-in (260-degree or more safe turning), truly ‘blind’ stage and 6 IDPA stages in the main range area.

Saturday, 22nd: First day of fall.
– Steven will qualify a CCH class and ‘some others’ will be ‘plinking’ .22s in the late afternoon (3pm and later).
– The range will be open for rim-fire ONLY this afternoon – approximately 3-5pm.


6th-7th: Osage Training and Consulting 2-Day Advanced Handgun Combatives course.
– as of 9.16.12 we believe there are still openings in the class
– see: for information and to register (link opens in new tab/window)

Saturday, 13th: Regular 2nd Saturday IDPA Match
– registration/safety/orientation 8-9am, start shooting at 9:00am.
– feedback was good about the ‘shotgun start’ so we plan to do it again
*** shooters please keep your score sheets together (do not tear off and leave with S.O.s/stages)
– S&S Concessions will be back for the match (breakfast, lunch, drinks)
– Our first match with the new ‘closed in Stage 5’ (true-blind, IDPA 180 rule may apply) and Stage 6 all in the main range area.

Saturday, 20th: Johnson County 4-H 8am ‘until done’ (around noon)

Saturday, 27th: 10 Stage On-Steel Rim-Fire (.22) Match
– registration/safety/orientation 8-9am, start shooting at 9:00am.
– 2 10-Round ‘Runs’ (passes, strings) per stage per shooter (200 rounds total for the match)
– Best Time of the 2 (each stage) kept as ‘counted score’
– Score per stage = Raw Time + (5 seconds per miss)
– $15.00 per Gun


3rd-4th: Daylight Savings Ends – clocks back one hour at 2:00am on the 4th.

3rd-4th: Larry Vickers & GreyGroup
– 1 Day Basic Pistol (Scheduled for Saturday 11.3.12)
– 1 Day Basic Carbine (Scheduled for Sunday 11.4.12)
* 9.16.12 H2O Note: We are not sure if there are still openings for these classes, check with (new tab/windnow) and/or (new tab/window) to verify course availability.
* 9.16.12 H2O: if possible we need to reverse the scheduled days, Carbine on Saturday the 3rd and Pistol on Sunday the 4th. We will post here if this change happens ~ it will be entirely dependent on the already enrolled participants schedules.

Saturday, November 10th: North Carolina Justice Academy Charity Challenge (new tab/window)
– our regular ‘2nd Saturday IDPA’ is rescheduled for the 24th (along with our 1st tactical rim-fire), see below

Saturday, 17th: Johnson County 4-H 8am ‘until done’ (around noon)

Saturday, 24th: One Big Day at H2O
Hunts scheduled
IDPA Match
* 8am register/orientation/safety, 9am shoot
* re-schedule from the 10th (one-time 4th saturday only, regular 2nd saturday IDPA schedule resumes in December)
* $15.00 per gun **
1st H2O ‘Tactical Rim-Fire Match’ (immediately after IDPA finishes)
* IDPA Targets (poppers and high-power triggers removed)
* ‘IDPA-Like’ Scoring: time plus ‘points down’ and penalties
* All ‘shoot targets’ require 2 (no 3-shot targets)
* Rifle or Handgun (.22 ONLY), at least 2 magazines
* Reloading ‘stations’ or ‘safe points’ being considered
* Start from ‘ready position’ (not holster)
* $15.00 per gun **
** Shoot both matches $25.00
– we haven’t confirmed a food/drink vender yet (9.16.12)


Saturday, 8th: Regular 2nd Saturday IDPA

Saturday, 15th: Johnson County 4-H 8am ‘until done’ (around noon)

Saturday, 22nd: Rim-Fire Match
– not decided (9.16.12) if ‘On-Steel’ or ‘Tactical’
– not decided (9.16.12) if start shooting at 9:00am or 10:00am

Tuesday, 25th: Merry Christmas from H2O Fowl Farms
– all ranges closed

Monday, 31st: Happy New Year from H2O Fowl Farms

NC Justice Academy Charity Shooting Match Nov 10 2012

North Carolina Justice Academy Charity Challenge
Shooting Match Saturday November 10, 2012
At the Salemburg (East) Campus

Sept 8, 2012: At the IDPA match this morning the NCJA Charity Challenge was announced by Chad.

All the details at their facebook page:

This is an ‘all volunteer’ effort and all of the money is going to charity.  Visit the facebook page (above) for all the details.

H2O Fowl Farms will NOT have our 2nd Saturday IDPA Match in November to support this event.  Please, join us in Salemburg that day.  We have not had time to plan an alternate November IDPA Match date – we’ll post here and our facebook page when we figure out if it will be ‘rescheduled’ or ‘just cancelled’.