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April 15 2017 Handgun Accuracy Clinic

On Saturday, April 15, 2017 Loflin-McCraw Tactical Solutions is holding a “Handgun Accuracy / Pistol Marksmanship Clinic” here at H2O.  $120.00 per person. Contact Ricky Harris ( ricky.harris4@gmail.com ) to reserve your space.  The spaces are limited (and have always filled up, and had great feedback). Here is a flyer (PDF format): 2017_0415_LMTactical_H2O_Pistol_Marksmanship

March 11 2017 Match Results

We have a great deal to be thankful for today – ahead of predicted nasty weather.  As always, first, thank you to 84 shooters (many of you new to competition) for spending your day with us.  Thanks, as always tied for first to the SOs, Amp – Match Director, and score-keepers for all the hard work. A lot of new went into today’s match: new score-sheets, new bay, newly rebuilt berms/backstops/side-stops, new signs, new safety markers and ropes… Thanks to Chris K. […]

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Feb 11 2017 Match and Classifier Results

We are extremely thankful for everyone who came out today and made our first “100+” shooter match (101 to be exact) a success. We are also thankful for the “record” weather for today’s “record” match.  Last year the February match had to be cancelled due to ice!   Thanks also – everyone – for helping Girl Scout Troop 56 (Dunn) get a lot closer to their cookie sales goals and for all of the contributions to Operation Cookie Drop. Reminder: The Gun […]

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Jan 14 2017 Day and Night Match Results

It was truly a Happy 5th Birthday to the range here at H2O. So many ‘thanks’ to hand out! Steven Frye (missed you Frye-Guys today: Tonya, Cody, Trevor) and Chris Mayhue (so happy you could make it): without you… none of this! “A place to do some CCH, PPS, LE qualifications; maybe a rim-fire match on steel” (aka your baby) and all of your endless work building ranges, bays, targets, target-stands and range equipment is not forgotten!!  Some of us were discussing very recently […]

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2016 Match Archive

2016 was a great fifth year for competition shooting matches at H2O.  We did not get trophies for the Mega-BUG series as planned – our apologies to Andy Landon, Mike Boulus, Brian Edwards, Anthony “Amp” Mangum, Vickie Barham, Wendy Wilkes-Harmon, Mason Bolton; our great youth shooters for 2016; and, finally to Duane Stephenson, not only most accurate in the BUG matches, most accurate in all of the matches for the year. Saturday, January 9, 2016 ~ Results Post ~ Shooter […]

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November 12 2016 Match Results and Info

Extra “Thanksgiving” Thanks to everyone who joined us today for our 2nd Saturday IDPA match, and: to all of our Veterans (a person who has had long experience in a particular field; a person who has served in the military) THANK YOU a day late, and for joining us today. Hunting Season 2016-2017 is Open – contact Andy for hunt scheduling. 910-984-6701 If we don’t hear from you before: Happy Thanksgiving, we hope you have a great one. Immediately after Thanksgiving: […]

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Oct 29 2016 BUG Match and Classifier Results

Thank You to everyone for coming out today – twice! The Mega-B.U.G. Match results are online at Practiscore’s site: https://practiscore.com/results/new/27757 The classifier results are online at IDPA’s site: http://www.idpa.com/compete/competitiondetails/26735 and – here in a more detailed PDF format: 2016_1029_h2o_idpaclassifier We’ll look forward to seeing you at the regular 2nd Saturday IDPA Match on November 12th – don’t forget to move your clocks back on the 5th-6th and that registration for the matches is from 9:00am-10:00am and shooting starts at 10:00 […]

We made the news – Again!

The good people at America’s Electric Cooperatives ( http://electric.coop ) featured H2O Fowl Farms and our own Holly in a very great – and humbling – write-up.  Thank you Victoria Rocha, AEC, and most of all Paul White & Family. Full Link: http://electric.coop/h20-fowl-duck-hunting-preserve-builds-skills-and-memories/?hootPostID=2ac8944ae829782d28db450f2c7a1e8a Short Tap-able / Click-able one:  Click / Tap Here In case you missed it N&O’s Outdoor Section write up from July: http://www.newsobserver.com/sports/outdoors/article87979737.html

Hurricane Matthew – Ranges Closed

10/17/16: H2O Fowl Farms is RE-OPENED! There is still some (a lot of) cleanup to do.  Thanks to Clint Creed, Drew Howard, and Mike Pearce ( & Andy and Shari ) for the extreme efforts in completing all major repairs in only a few days. There will be NO IDPA Classifier on Saturday, October 22.  We are discussing having the Classifier (as a match) in the afternoon of the 29th after a break after the Mega-B.U.G. match. – – (10/10/16) Until […]

Sept 10 2016 Match Results

Thank you everyone for enjoying the “not as hot as they said it would be” with us today.  It was a great day and a great match. Thanks again to Lynx Defense for coming out today.  Great “Made Right Here” (NC, USA) gear and accessories: https://www.facebook.com/lynxdefense/ Now, about those scores/results.  This was our first match using practiscore ( https://practiscore.com ).  It took us a while to figure everything out but it is done.  Thank you for your patience.  The results are […]