Oct 13 2018 Match Results and Notes

Thank you so much, everyone, for “falling in” with us on the first beautiful weather day we’ve had for a match since (wait for it) March. Started in the 60s, ended in the very low 70s, shooter count was in the middle 80s. (musically) Who could ask for anything more? (end music) An extra-extraordinary Thank You to the stage designers and MD (Amp) for¬†six short-sweet-but-challenging and “super fun” stages**. Much todo on the list today (day late, sorry), so: standby!

Just in case Combat-Focus (or lock, aka tunnel vision) doesn't happen enough... Safety Officer (SO) Kevin
Just in case Combat-Focus (or lock, aka tunnel vision) doesn’t happen enough… Safety Officer (SO) Kevin H in Stage 5.

We’ve got so(oooo) much today. For you impatient gamers, here’s the Practiscore scores/results right after this important message. Nice Work, Brian Edwards. CLEAN MATCH! https://practiscore.com/results/new/67873

Awesome Video and Welcome Back, Friends

Jack and Eddie (many thank you-s for the scores) re-appeared. Yay! And… Sean came back with a cool new gizmo: an iPhone 7 in a DJI Osmo Mobile 2 mount. SMOOTH (sorry caps, it really is) and STABILIZED (*caps-sorry again) video. (Yes, Apple and DJI, he will accept ‘free/promotional/review’ devices. ūüôā Us, too.)

YouTube video of Sean’s match, featuring an interesting¬†~intro?~ by SO Kevin H (pictured above): ¬†https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IByQ_JS7O2U

YouTube video BY Sean of shooter J. Lee: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kPMlCDRuyOE

Demerit! Demerit! These aren’t the rules you’re looking for. Go about your business.

Thanks to Jay Hafemeister (and Sean’s videos above) we have been re-educated. Errrr, “remediated”. Errrr, “clarified”. Never mind, let’s talk about Stage 1, Oct. 13, 2018. Those last three targets and “rules without consequences”. Here’s what Jay said about ‘that’ stage: “Gamer suggestion: On the first stage, it would likely have been faster to retreat to the spot where you engaged the last target to engage all 3 low targets.” (Spoiler: He’s right.) Discussion(s) and rule book reading ensued. “Fault Lines” and “positions of cover”. Want to play along? The rule book in question is at: https://www.idpa.com/wp-content/themes/idpa/assets/match-files/2017_Rule_Book.pdf

3.2.4 If targets are hidden by cover, the targets are engaged as they become visible around the edge of cover (slicing the pie).

3.5.2 When cover is available it must be used, while engaging targets, unless the shooter is ‚Äúin the open‚ÄĚ and must engage targets ‚Äúin the open.‚ÄĚ Shooters may not cross or enter any openings (doorways, open spaces, etc.) without first engaging targets visible from those locations.

3.6.1 Fault Lines must be employed by Match Directors to mark the limit of a Position of Cover or shooting positions for a CoF.

(and again at) 6.3 Fault Lines
A. Fault Lines must be used by match directors to delineate cover at a cover position to reduce disputed penalties.
(…but see A-F)

So. There we have it. Except. “We didn’t (3.6.1 and 6.3A).”¬† So? Now what? IDPA has no rules for “Oops, MD and Club at a Club-Level match missed a little something something.” Now, what? Now… nothing. Except: if you don’t like your Stage 1 score, pretend it didn’t happen. We’ll get a can of paint or something for next match.

Thank you, Jay. It won’t happen again (we hope :O ).

Coming Soon

Reminder: There is NO Classifier as a Match match this month. We are combining the new 5×5 Abbreviated Classifier (as a match) into the Saturday, November 24, 2018¬†~ Toys for Tots Charity Match.

Friday, November 2 through (possibly) Sunday November 4: Dean Wiley will be conducting a North Carolina Private Protective Services [Board] “FULL” 20-hour “Armed Guard Certification Course”. Details including cost at: http://imfscorp.com/nov-2-4-2018-ncpps-handgun-certification-course/

Sat-Sun, November 3-4, 2018: Daylight Saving Time ENDS ~ Matches start at 10:00am (registration 9-10 am).

Saturday, November 10: 2nd Saturday IDPA. See the bold-italic note above re: starts “later”.

Saturday, November 17, CCNCFG will be having a ~discount~ NC Concealed Carry Handgun class in Dunn, NC. Join the facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/273626526540975/ and/or look at the flyer directly (PDF): http://imfscorp.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/2018_1117_NCCCH_Flyer.pdf

Interesting Phenomena (menomena, dah dah dee dah dah) Observed in the Alligator Swamp

"My man! Bobby Mac-A" stompin' in the swamp in which 6 alligators were trying to eat some unwise waders. (Stage 3)
“My man! Bobby Mac-A” stompin’ in the swamp in which 6 alligators were trying to eat some unwise waders. (Stage 3)

Tunnel vision. Combat/Stress Lock/Focus. Ocular occlusion.¬†(Loss of peripheral vision.) Let’s call this one “mental (or memorized) ¬†myopia and the associated ‘problems’ caused during target acquisition and engagement.” (Loss of real-world perspective. Do your eyes lie to you?)

Click or tap on the image above to view it full size and resolution, zoom it in, and look closely at the two targets in the back. Almost all of the shooters worked this stage like a type-writer or reading a book: front-to-back and left-to-right. Looking closely at the back targets: the left one is “head facing left with down zero body ring near the left side of the target” and the right one is flipped the other way (down zero body ring is near the right side). Now look at all the “stickers (or pasters)”. Both targets were shot as if they were both facing left. Without the “heads” the groupings¬†are very distinctively in the same place on both. This was¬†Bobby’s squads’ last stage so this is photographic/forensic “proof” that 85-ish shooters all did the same thing. Shot the left and left-facing target and got down-zero hits, transitioned to the right target with a “mental imprint” of the last target and got a lot (an awful lot) of down-one hits.

Except… Brian Edwards. He shot a CLEAN MATCH.

Dry-Fire practice types. Here’s a drill of the day for you. Set up the targets as above (approximately 10 yards for the far ones), 3 shots on all targets. Stop yourself when you get to that 2nd ‘back’ target and look carefully as to where that front sight is pointing. Something to think about, because it really happens/happened.

That’s it. Take the classes above. Come shoot with us at the matches above. Do the dry-fire drill above. And: come shoot with us often. Members Tuesday through Saturday. Non-Members Friday and Saturday.

Re-Link to scores: https://practiscore.com/results/new/67873





September 29 2018 BUG Match Results

Thanks so very much to everyone for joining us for today’s still wet and muddy from Hurricane Florence Back-Up Gun (BUG) Match. Sorry about your shoes! It was a great match with great shooters and we feel “lucky and blessed” that Florence didn’t hurt us as bad as so many of our friends and neighbors; and, that you chose to spend your Saturday with us. “Gotta go, gotta go, hauling freight,” a truck-driver friend of ours used to say when it was time to hurry up…

Friends Old and New (in pictures)

Got a lot of good action photos today. Our "new" friend's first shot of his first match (here at H2O) - brass up and hole in the zero-down.
Got a lot of good action photos today. Our “new” friend’s first shot of his first match (here at H2O) – brass up and hole in the zero-down.
Say good-bye to our dear old friend "shoot house" or "range office" or "the box". Andy and Shari (in the window) announced today that "the new building is on its way." (Sad-face and happy-face) We'll miss you.
Say good-bye to our dear old friend “shoot house” or “range office” or “the box”. Andy and Shari (in the window) announced today that “the new building is on its way.” (Sad-face and happy-face) We’ll miss you.
Say hello to our young-old friend and "range daughter" BB's real daughter Ms. M.S. So many people said today, "I almost didn't recognize her!" They grow up too fast (sad-face and happy-face).
Say hello to our young-old friend and “range daughter” BB’s real daughter Ms. M.S. So many people said today, “I almost didn’t recognize her!” They grow up too fast (sad-face and happy-face).
You haint no friend of ours. One of the post-Florence Mega-Mosquitos plaguing NC. (mad-face) Hand-modeling and kill-or-capture (or just kill) by Ms. M.S.
You haint no friend of ours. One of the post-Florence Mega-Mosquitos plaguing NC. (mad-face) Hand-modeling and kill-or-capture (or just kill) by Ms. M.S.

And, on that note (not a friend) we’ll continue on with the results and notes post.

Dear Jon (research) Letter

As was announced at the match today, we (some of us) are going to hang out with The[e] Chad Thompson tonight in Benson. We (one of us) will inquire of him what his thoughts are on “a low hit”. We’ll get back to you. Join us and listen to Chad sing and play guitar at El Charro’s Mexican restaurant in Benson, on 301 across from the IGA and Dollar General (old Walmart*). He goes on at 7pm.


(Picture above) We’ll have a new “range building (office, house)” soon. It’s going to be nice!

We are ~not~ going to hold a “classifier as a match match” in October. We’ll mark it as cancelled on the Match Page (schedule) ASAP. The “why” of that is: the new abbreviated (5×5) IDPA classifier is very abbreviated. Our plan as of right now is to “incorporate” it into the November Toys-For-Tots charity match.

CCFGNC’s “discount” NC Concealed Carry Handgun class is next week, Saturday, October 6. Join the facebook event¬†https://www.facebook.com/events/231442570881368/ and/or view the PDF flyer: http://imfscorp.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/2018_10_06_NCCCH_Flyer.pdf Jesse Alphin & Dean Wiley are co-lead instructor-ing this one. And, did we mention: “discount”

Our next match is the full 2nd Saturday IDPA Match on Saturday, October 13, 2018. Sign up (pre-register) and pick your squat at Practiscore: https://www.practiscore.com/october-13-2018-idpa-at-h2o/register

Thanks again everyone, and we’ll see you Tuesday-Saturday (members) and Friday-Saturday (anyone) at the range(s). And, we’ll see you on the 13th for the match.

Gotta have a girl-power action shot. Claudia: smoke, brass, down-zero that stage.
Gotta have a girl-power action shot. Claudia: smoke, brass, down-zero that stage.

No, we didn’t forget ūüôā here’s your scores/results at Practiscore: (Matt F. Oh-Emm-Gee, nice work!) https://practiscore.com/results/new/66959

September 8 2018 IDPA Match Results

We’ve got a lot to do in today’s (day late) post about the match (yesterday). So, we’re going to do a shortened THANK YOU to the shooters, participants, SOs and other volunteers, everyone, and… one special Thank You for Stage Six¬†and glad to see you to Ricky and Kay.

We got quite a few good pictures at the match. This post is going to be a little more “visual” than usual. Check out this fantastic ‘in action’ catch:


We we’re “lucky” to be joined by the new IDPA¬†NC State Coordinator Bert Winfield. He and “our” Match Director, Anthony “Amp” Mangum announced a “big state match” coming to Ant Hill Shooting Range (South Port, NC) in March, 2019. 11 Stages and a “warm up”. Stay tuned for more details.

Tactically Sound** is Not For Competition (NFC)

IMG_6759 Working around a RIGHT hand corner the gun in the RIGHT hand
IMG_6759 Working around a RIGHT hand corner the gun in the RIGHT hand


IMG_6760 Working around a LEFT hand corner the gun in the LEFT hand
IMG_6760 Working around a LEFT hand corner the gun in the LEFT hand

** Thanks for the pictures and HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY Chase.
** Co-incidentally “it” is discussed in the September 1st 2018 American Warrior Show podcast. Also in the podcast a little good natured “chops busting” from Mike Seeklander and Kyle Lamb for Law Enforcement and Military to “go shoot competitions!” Serious good listending: https://overcast.fm/+EPWHMCh8U
** Co-incidentally: “it” was mandatory (one handed only) in Stage One.
** NFC because: slow. How much do *you* practice ‘off/support/weak/other’ hand or true ambidextrous gun skills? Yes For Competition because: Sound Tactics practiced = less slow.
** This is the Great Stage Six brought to us by Ricky and Kay.

Oh, yeah. Happy Birthday Chase.
Oh, yeah. Happy Birthday Chase.

Training and Standards (Dear Jon Mini-Number Three)

Don’t crowd ‘cover’. (Cover stops/slows bullets, concealment hides things.) It doesn’t seem internet-loud enough, so sorry for the CAPS: DO NOT CROWD COVER. And “sorry” Mister Anonymous but we “see something, say something” sometimes. ** note(s) about thumb after

When you don't leave room for your arms and gun between you and an object you WILL go full Charlie's Angels or "Praying Gun Guy/Gal"
When you don’t leave room for your arms and gun between you and an object you WILL go full Charlie’s Angels or “Praying Gun Guy/Gal” and that’s bad, mmmm-kay
Plant the feet "up against the wall" and look what becomes of stance. The splits and the hits suffer(ed) when you are not in an "aggressive stance".
Plant the feet “up against the wall” and look what becomes of stance. The splits and the hits suffer(ed) when you are not in an “aggressive stance”.

** “That” thumb thing. The “old schoolers” still insist on crossed thumbs. The “new schoolers” scoff and bark: “Both thumbs should be pointed at the target!” Dean barks: “You should be looking at your gun sights and at least one thumb nail. Keep the shooting (or “strong”) hand thumb UP!” The why(s): (a) if you “use” a gun with a safety your thumb MUST be “up there” to operate the safety; (b) putting your thumb down opens up space between your hand and the ‘tang’; (c) if your “shooting” hand thumb is blocking the space then your “support” hand has no where to go that is ON the gun. It’s about physics not strength. See: all of the pictures above. (Chase: you are forcing your left hand down and opening up a small gap between hand and tang/back-strap;¬†muzzle-flip ~is~ happening because “an object that can get in motion does, and objects in motion tend to stay in motion.”) Co-incidentally (seems to be the word of the day): recent discussed with Tiffany W. of the Gun Powder Gals on ‘other’ social media. We’ll have a ‘class/clinic’ some day at the range. Go back to the first image in this super-post: you can see both of his thumbs sticking up from the other side of the gun.

Ian Foo shoots not only with his right thumb up (looking at the nail), it's so high that his left hand is actually applying pressure (see the discoloration?) to the frame but also to the slide. Try to guess how much "left-low drift" Ian suffers. (Answer: none.)
Ian Foo shoots not only with his right thumb up (looking at the nail), it’s so high that his left hand is actually applying pressure (see the discoloration?) to the frame but also to the slide. Try to guess how much “left-low drift” Ian suffers. (Answer: none.)

The moral of this story of co-incidence: Do what works (what really, really works). Not what someone some-whence “said so”.

Speaking of training! Jesse Alphin, Dean Wiley, Gunners’ Choice Outfitters and everyone else involved with the “Concealed Carry North Carolina Firearms [facebook] Group” are putting on another “It’s not about pulling your shirt over gun, that’s just the catalyst to this little slice of Destiny” North Carolina Concealed Carry Handgun Class. B-b-but wait! There’s more! This one is “on sale”. $80 if you use your gun and ammo, $85 if you use ours. You MUST sign-up in advance at, or by calling, Gunner’s Choice Outfitters (in Dunn, NC 910-892-1699). All the details, links to the detailed PDF flyer are at the facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/231442570881368/

Speaking of training! (D√©j√† Vu?) Our friend “Cole” brought three of his ‘students’ to the match as part of ‘training’. How awesome is that? Need some of that kind of training in or around the Garner, NC area: https://gun101.com
Please, no comments about the picture of the no-holster “pants carry”. They put it there to “trigger” / phish gun-nuts ūüôā

OK. Nearly and Dearly Done (just one more thing)

Here’s your scores/results at Practiscore: https://practiscore.com/results/new/65471

Or two… our next match is a fifth Saturday [Mega] BUG Match on September 29th. Watch the “coming soon” areas of this site for the “registration and squadding is open” link (at Practiscore).

Switching to “First Person” Mode for the Dearly Done Thing

Why this is next-day late. I went to the 49th Annual Coharie Tribal Pow-Wow. I go because I’m Injun, because for over a decade (until his passing) a dear friend, H.B. Surles, “made me” take him, and I love-love-love taking pictures of the dancers. You can see lots of “sets / albums” of the Coharie Pow-Wows and the matches here at H2O at my flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/computermedicnc/albums . This time, in particular I went because of “Faith”. Faith Hedgepeth danced at the Coharie Pow-Wow from the time she was two or three until the year before she went to UNC-CH. I don’t know that I ever met her “officially” but I’ve probably got and shared hundreds of pictures of her. “Co-incidentally”… “If you don’t think it’s your job to protect children you are a sad, sad human being.” says Kyle Lamb in the podcast linked to way up there ^^^.

If you know something or think you know someone who might know something and so-on let the LE or Crime Stoppers or *some one, any one*¬†know. If being a “good person” isn’t enough: $40,000 reward. https://www.wral.com/chapel-hill-police-renew-call-for-help-6-years-after-student-s-death/17825710/

…and the kids are up there “protestething too much” a silly ole statue while an experienced “beat a girl to death” (after other wicked-evil ‘stuff’, man)¬†Bad-Guy is loose in their midst… ūüôĀ

…off the box, thanks again everyone and see you on the¬†29th



August 11 2018 Match Results

Thanks goes out to 75 shooters for braving the hot-heat and mud-mud and joining us today. Dancing between the raindrops “they” say – we danced between the rain events* today and it turned out really good. *=storms at 4AM and 3PM. Thanks deluxe, as always, to our Safety Officers (SOs), Match Director (MD) Amp, score keepers and stage designers.

Today's action pic: Welcome back Jason H. (He said it's been about a year.) Stage 6 in the rifle bay.
Today’s action pic: Welcome back Jason H. (He said it’s been about a year.) Stage 6¬† rifle bay.

OK! Thanks for your patience and understanding. It is done (and tested). Pre-registration for the September 8 Match is open at practiscore – and squadding works. Free practiscore account is required. Check it out and sign-up/register and pick your squad at:

September is also a¬†five Saturday month so we will be holding a Back Up Gun (BUG) match on the 5th Saturday, September 29th at 9am. We’ll get registration opened up at practiscore in a few weeks and will have links on the coming soon areas of this site. First-time match shooters: BUG matches are an excellent low(er) round count way to get into competitive shooting.

Keven K. and Brian E.
Kevin K. and Brian E.

A good friend of ours, Kevin Kelley (above picture left), is moving away. He’s been shooting with us since we started having matches and he’s been “winning” a-whole-lot of those matches – including today’s. (blah blah no “winners” in IDPA, whatever he set the bar, then ūüôā ) We’ll be missing you, Kevin, and wishing you all the best. Come hang out with us when you get a chance.

Can’t think of anything else right now, so the scores for today’s match and one more good action shot:


SO Barry Lewis gettin' it done on Hackathorn's 1-2-3-4-5 drill
SO Barry Lewis gettin’ it done on Hackathorn’s 1-2-3-4-5 drill

p.s.: Oops, suddenly remembered. Where were you today Sean? You better bring a note for this absence!!!! Since Sean S. was MIA today, anyone who has match video, please, please send us a link or share it on our facebook page.

July 14 2018 Match Results

Thanks, as always, to all of our shooters and spectators for making today a great, fun day here at H2O. All of the SOs and other volunteers that make these matches happen: Thank You! An extra note of thanks to Shari, Andy, Carson and Eddie for getting the scores done so fast. A-little-lot to do today (not a lot lot) so here we go…

At last! LR got her Gold from the NC Shooting Sports Games (back in May).
At last! LR got her Gold from the NC Shooting Sports Games (back in May).

Registration is open for the August 11th match at Practiscore. We ‘told it’ to (o)Allow squadding after registration – No approval or payment required.¬†We also ‘told it’ to include a squadding link in the ‘Thank You’ (registration) email. email us if you have any trouble and we’ll look into it.

At the time of this page being written we hadn’t got the Aug 11 facebook event done yet. If you follow us on facebook you’ll see it when we get it done. https://www.facebook.com/h2ofowlfarms/

Action ‘shots’, what would a match be without action shots…?

Jon R - 2 brass up, down zero, big ole puff o' dust
Jon R – 2 brass up, down zero, big ole puff o’ dust

CCFGNC is holding a North Carolina Concealed Carry Handgun class next week. All the details at their facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/435275833617658/

Sean’s video of today’s match is not up at the time of this writing. Stay tuned (you could subscribe) to his youTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/sdsorrentino

Two shooters ran the Abbreviated (5×5) Classifier today and both earned Master (MA).
Sean Haffner :: 3.19 + 3.76 + 6.09 + 3.16 = 16.20 raw with 3 Down = 19.20
Dillon Ventzke :: 2.31 + 3.83 + 5.37 + 2.47 = 13.98 raw with 6 Down = 19.98

The coming soon:
– 2nd Saturday IDPA on Saturday August 11
– September has 5 Saturdays so we’ll be having the full match on the 8th and a BUG match on the 29th.

Thank you all – again – and please come out and shoot with us. Range hours and prices – and membership information at our ‘ranges’¬†page: http://h2ofowlfarmsnc.com/shooting-ranges/

Might have been a-lot-a-lot instead of a little… here’s the scores and Practiscore:


June 30 2018 BUG Match Results

Thanks everyone for joining us in the heat today and for gettin’ it done before it got really hot-hot. FYI it was 89-degrees at 9am when we got started! Thanks – always – to the MD (“Amp”) and the stage designers for putting together a fast-and-fun Mega-BUG match.

BB. Good action shot: 2 casings in the air and lots of dust and smoke.
BB. Good action shot: 2 casings in the air and lots of dust and smoke.

DW forgot Leanne’s Gold Medal for the 2nd match in a row. Another “not cool” thing ūüôā

Coming Up at H2O

2nd Saturday IDPA Match on July 14, 2018
Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/451960198610772/
NEW Register/Squad at Practiscore: https://www.practiscore.com/july-14-2018-idpa-at-h2o-clone-clone-clone/register

2nd Saturday IDPA Match on August 11, 2018

Not much else to report this time, so let’s do another picture in closing.

(Tried it rotated - it just looks more awesome like this)
(Tried it rotated – it just looks more awesome like this)

No, we didn’t forget the scores: https://www.practiscore.com/results/new/60266


May 12 2018 NC Shooting Sports Games Results

Thank you to 92 shooters, SOs, stage designers, everyone!, for making the 5th Annual running of North Carolina Rifle and Pistol Association’s NC Shooting Sports Games IDPA match a success. Chief Hall (Coats PD) thanks for hanging out with us in the heat all day – and Anna thanks for letting him and driving him ūüôā . We’ve got a lot of ground to cover this time. Stand by…


We’ll start by giving an internet high-five to the North Carolina Rifle & Pistol Association (NCRPA). They are fighting the good fight for us in NC and they are directly promoting and building interest in firearms, hunting¬†and shooting here in NC. Check them¬†out and join: http://www.ncrpa.org/

Special Thanks to Tactical & Outdoor Wear for setting up, sponsoring and being with us at the match. On facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tacticalwears/ or their website: https://tacticalwears.com/

Manna Church Capital Area got us started with donuts and coffee, and our invocation. Thank You very much! On facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mannachurchcapitalarea/ or their website: https://capitalarea.manna.church/

Mister Bobby "solving the problem" (?) and earning the gold medal in CDP UN
Mister Bobby “solving the problem” (?) and earning the gold medal in CDP UN

Sean Sorrentino’s match video at facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sean.sorrentino/videos/10211676812059081/?t=0 or at youTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9CKBXIoGhGE

Super Brush donated $500.00 worth of their Swab-its¬ģ products that were¬†given away. We must say thank you and check out their products at: https://www.swab-its.com/

92 shooters, 95 degrees (“realfeelz” around 110 down in the bays) and we were done, cleaned up, scores posted, medals given out, and off-range at 2:00PM. We must THANKS! to Carson Harrington, Eddie Simons, Jack Simons, Chris Welch, and of course Shari for getting the scores done during the match. [Sorry this is ‘next day’ – webguy had too many todos on Saturday, including…]

Happy 50th Birthday Chad and Brad¬†Thompson. For the next year we’re going to call him Chad Fih’Eee Cent Thompson.

Action! We must interrupt these long posts with action shots. BB earning one of his TWO gold medals.
Action! We must interrupt these long posts with action shots. BB earning one of his TWO gold medals.

OK! a few announcements and we’ll let you go.

Leanne: Gold in your DIV. Dean has your medal and we’ll make sure you get it next match. And, yay again to you and Patrick.

CCNCFG is having a NC Concealed Carry Handgun Class next week, Saturday, May 19th. Jess Alphin is talking lead on this one, Dean Wiley is assisting. All the details at the facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/454971251583197/

June is a five-Saturday month, so we’ll be having two matches:
* 2nd Saturday IDPA on June 9th
* 5th Saturday Mega-BUG (back-up guns, less than 4 inches) on the 30th

We can’t remember anything else right now. Here’s the scores at practiscore: https://practiscore.com/results/new/56557

We’re going to leave¬†you with a photo this time.


April 14 2018 Match Results

Thanks – so much – to 78 shooters in today’s IDPA match here at H2O. We are very thankful for our first match that had real warm weather.¬†As always: Amp, Ash and all of the Safety Officers (SO) who set up the match and worked it all the way through, thank you! Ash: there were many, many comments about how good the stages were today.

You never know what you're going to do until you are doing it. (View large to see the brass in the air. Those that know see the "PE".)
You never know what you’re going to do until you are doing it. (View large to see the brass in the air and the perfect “Zero Down” hit. Those that know see the “PE”.)

Well done on a couple of “Abbreviated Classifiers” after the match:
* Joe Weber – SSP – 19.22 – Master (MA)
* Jack Simons – SSP – 38.20 – Marksman (MM)

Our next match is the 5th Annual Running of the North Carolina Rifle and Pistol Association’s North Carolina Shooting Sports Games here at H2O on Saturday, May 12, 2018.¬† Scores will be finalized as soon as possible after the match and medals will be awarded.¬† Medals *will not* be held over this year!¬† If you earn one but can’t stay for the awards make sure to have some one get your medal for you.

Our friends in the Wilmington, NC area, Buccaneer Gun Club will be holding their regular IDPA match next weekend, April 21, 2018.¬† They announced today that they are “fully electronic” in their match scoring and will have tablets for each squad.¬† Scores will be posted within minutes of the end of the match!! Get more info at http://www.buccaneergunclub.org/

Where is Patrick running to so fast??
Where is Patrick running to so fast??

THANK YOU¬†“almost” Missus Patrick Robbins for letting him come shoot with us this a.m. – the a.m. of your wedding! We pushed him through and sure do hope he got there on time.¬† Congrats again you two.

Here’s the scores at Practiscore and we’ll hope to see you out here for practice between now and the Games. https://practiscore.com/results/new/54558


March 31 2018 Mega-BUG Match Results

Thanks everyone for joining us this holiday weekend for what turned out to be a fantastic Mega-BUG match. Thanks-plus to all of the Safety Officers for the setup and hard work all day.  Thanks-plus-plus to Ash D. for some very cool stages.

"The prettiest gun has the prettiest run."
“The prettiest gun has the prettiest run.”

We want to wish everyone a Happy Easter tomorrow.

Not a lot of news and announcements today.¬† The next match is our regular 2nd Saturday IDPA match on April 14th.¬† After that is the 5th running of the North Carolina Rifle and Pistol Association’s Shooting Sports Games (IDPA match) on Saturday May 12th. Scores will be completed ASAP after the match and medals rewarded.

Thanks again to 57 shooters (2 shot two guns so ’59’ scores) and we’ll hope to see you out here for practice between now and full match in two weeks.

Here’s the scores at practiscore: https://practiscore.com/results/new/53771


March 10 2018 Day and Night Match Results

Where to begin? We always start with the “thanks giving” so let’s do that. Thank you to 88 day shooters and 50 night shooters. Thanks a million to the Match Director (Amp), Stage Designers and Safety Officers¬†for about 14 “straight” hours of extremely hard work. We can’t thank Eddie and Carson enough for the “statistician” work until after 11pm (12:00am adjusted for DST)***.

Stage 6 at night. Photo Credit: Sean Sorentino
Stage 6 at night. Photo Credit: Sean Sorrentino

*** Murphy’s Law (the old one, not Robocop) = technology dependence inevitably leads to technology failure (ok, maybe yes Robocop). “Tap, Rack, Ready.” We tapped the night scores into the iPads, we racked them (synced them together), ready checked them for uploading and: 19/50 scores complete. This is why we do it on paper. And, thanks again a million more Carson, Eddie and Shari (!!!! get well soon, Shari !!!): 30 scores just entered re-entered and *luckily* uploaded without further incident. “Guns and computers are man-made machines and prone to failure.”

Jumping back to thanks: thanks Craig for convincing Las Gringas to bring the catering truck and get everyone well fed. Thank you Las Gringas for coming. Contact them for your events: https://www.tacoslasgringas.com/

Yin-and-Yang and the Art of Shooting Range Family

Suddenly – thinking about a dear friend and ‘great’ shooter¬†saying of the Night Match that it was great and different and new and so on and so on – we (I) got thinking about that same great friend and his wonderful wife (our other great friend/family). She is having some health related life trials right now and needs our “collective positive energy and good vibrations” (or hopes, thoughts and prayers for¬†those of us that¬†don’t have to speak in Californian –¬†aka normal – people). Here’s all of us <3-ing to you “Ms”.¬† <— that’s the yang

Yin. We asked in these pages once before for the *good stuff* for our friends-become-family R & K. K is on the way-way-way-UP in relation to the health glitch. Thank you everyone and we <3 you R&K.

Back to the 10th

One of our long time regulars shot in the night with us. His first time working his “Master” level skills in the dark. Not to misquote him we’ll just paraphrase it as: Wow! Best! Must do it again! Thanks, sir, we¬†will.¬†Changing nothing but the lighting changes everything. There’s many lessons in that – especially in relation to guns – but we’ll leave it at: think about it. Compare the same shooter same stages day and night scores.¬† If you didn’t join us last night or last year then make sure to join us at our next night shoot.

“Nice work, Sirs.” goes out to Chris W. and Joshua Y. for “making MAster” in the 5×5 classifier. Chris 18.46 and Joshua 19.30.

Thanks to Sean S. for the above night photo and pre-thanks for the pending video (due late on the 11th). We’ll get links up here and on our facebook page when we have them. Or, you can just “wait for it” by subscribing to his youTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/sdsorrentino

Moving Forward

Did you remember to move the clocks forward from 2am to 3am?¬† Reminder: from now until the clocks change ‘back’ Registration / Orientation is from 8:00am and matches start at 9:00am.

Dean Wiley is holding a Concealed Carry Handgun class on March 24th. Links in the coming soon sections of this site soon.

Our next match is a 5th Saturday Mega-BUG match on the 31st. “Our” new format: 60 rounds “required” with all loading devices loaded to 5 rounds only, but: shoot until you are happy. Not “limited” any more.

After that the regular 2nd Saturday IDPA Match is on April 14.

The 2nd Saturday in May match will be the NC Shooting Sports Games Annual match here at H2O.

Facebook events and updated webpages and idpa.com / practiscore.com listings asap.

We’ve got to wrap this up – sorry it rambled – we were up until 11:30-ish doing and re-doing scores.

Scores at Practiscore:

Day: https://practiscore.com/results/new/52495

Night: https://practiscore.com/results/new/52550