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August 12 2017 Match Results Membership Info and more

Thanks everyone for coming out to the wet start, hot finish match today. We’ve got a lot of info today so we’re jumping right in. Our condolences, thoughts and prayers to the Thompson Family.  Chad & Brad, Jackie, and Nicky had to say good-bye to their father, Haywood Thompson, on the 11th.    Memberships ‘went live’ today. This Saturday, August 12, we will begin accepting applications for memberships for the shooting range. Yearly fee for each member will be $425. Family […]

July 29 2017 BUG Match Results and Notes

It was a dark and stormy night errrr, morning. We cannot give enough thanks to Amp (Match Director), Kevin, Craig and Chase, Brian, Duane, Ash, and the others for setting up this match “in between the raindrops.”  Or, while getting rained on – a lot.  Then we have to thank them again for waiting it out, the late start, and working in the steamy-heat to make this match a great success.  Thank you – of course – to 47 of you […]

July 8 2017 Match Results

Thanks everyone for dealing with the (hot hot hot) heat today and making the match a fun and safe success.  We have to give “a little extra” noise to the Match Director Amp and all of the stage designers and Safety Officers who gave “a lot extra” to get the match set up with the quick-but-fun-and-challenging stages; and, for ‘working’ all day. A thank you goes out to Candy Sugarman and her Gun Powder Gals for joining us today.  More […]

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June 10 2017 Match Results

Thanks to everyone for coming out today. It was a great match. We’ve got a few ‘items’ today so we’re going to get busy on it.  Thank You, again. Jeff Wms – how are you and that leg? If someone reading this knows him let him know he’s on our minds and we’re hoping for the best for him (or you, if Jeff is reading it).  For you ‘not in the know’ – he suffered a twist or impact or […]

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June 3 2017 5th TSgt Adam Ginett Match Results

[ Late post apology & long post warning ] Let us give Thanks and Praise… take a moment of Stillness… place your write-ing (“strong”) hand over your heart and feel the beat… standby! BEEP! …and life goes on. First, this time around, we most humbly offer our appreciation to James, Christina, Thomas, Sarah, Kaedyn and most of all Adam. We salute you and in doing so we selfishly feel the beat of our own hearts. Thank you SO MUCH everyone who came […]

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April 29 2017 Match Results

Everyone – as always – thanks for joining us today.  Great match. Erik S. Thanks for the sign!!! (and for all the scores help, sorry about the mix-up this a.m., we’ll get it right next time)  Everyone else: check out the sign above The Window at the Range House. (Picture soon) Jack S: Thanks for the great camera work today!! Photos are amazing. Here’s the bad news: there was something on the lens (sad-face) so there’s a big “blotch” in […]

April 8 2017 Match Results and Notes

Today’s post is going to be a little long: sorry!  As always, first and foremost: THANK YOU for a new record turn out – 106 participants (shooters) in today’s 4th running of the NCRPA Shooting Sports Games.  Thanks to the MD, stage designers, SOs and scorekeepers as well everything ran great. We have to give special mention today to Eddie, Jack, Shari and Andy for getting the scores done within 5-10 minutes of the last shooter leaving the bays.  Chris and […]

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March 11 2017 Match Results

We have a great deal to be thankful for today – ahead of predicted nasty weather.  As always, first, thank you to 84 shooters (many of you new to competition) for spending your day with us.  Thanks, as always tied for first to the SOs, Amp – Match Director, and score-keepers for all the hard work. A lot of new went into today’s match: new score-sheets, new bay, newly rebuilt berms/backstops/side-stops, new signs, new safety markers and ropes… Thanks to Chris K. […]

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Feb 11 2017 Match and Classifier Results

We are extremely thankful for everyone who came out today and made our first “100+” shooter match (101 to be exact) a success. We are also thankful for the “record” weather for today’s “record” match.  Last year the February match had to be cancelled due to ice!   Thanks also – everyone – for helping Girl Scout Troop 56 (Dunn) get a lot closer to their cookie sales goals and for all of the contributions to Operation Cookie Drop. Reminder: The Gun […]

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Jan 14 2017 Day and Night Match Results

It was truly a Happy 5th Birthday to the range here at H2O. So many ‘thanks’ to hand out! Steven Frye (missed you Frye-Guys today: Tonya, Cody, Trevor) and Chris Mayhue (so happy you could make it): without you… none of this! “A place to do some CCH, PPS, LE qualifications; maybe a rim-fire match on steel” (aka your baby) and all of your endless work building ranges, bays, targets, target-stands and range equipment is not forgotten!!  Some of us were discussing very recently […]

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