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Dear Jon No. 1 – Improving Performance

Dear Jon: This series of ‘posts’ will be the home-school ‘classroom’ portion of what will lead to a feet-on-the-range ‘practical’ series of exercises condensed into a clinic format. You asked: “Can you do something, a class maybe, on improving performance?” Coincidentally, near the time of your asking the following video was published. Only one ‘note of critique’ before: age is a number, unless you make it something else.  13 of the top 20 “overall” at the last IDPA match here […]

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We made the news – Again!

The good people at America’s Electric Cooperatives ( ) featured H2O Fowl Farms and our own Holly in a very great – and humbling – write-up.  Thank you Victoria Rocha, AEC, and most of all Paul White & Family. Full Link: Short Tap-able / Click-able one:  Click / Tap Here In case you missed it N&O’s Outdoor Section write up from July:

Hurricane Matthew – Ranges Closed

10/17/16: H2O Fowl Farms is RE-OPENED! There is still some (a lot of) cleanup to do.  Thanks to Clint Creed, Drew Howard, and Mike Pearce ( & Andy and Shari ) for the extreme efforts in completing all major repairs in only a few days. There will be NO IDPA Classifier on Saturday, October 22.  We are discussing having the Classifier (as a match) in the afternoon of the 29th after a break after the Mega-B.U.G. match. – – (10/10/16) Until […]

H2O Featured in News & Observer 7/6/16

“From high school project to family outdoor business – July 6, 2016 2:16 PM” What can we say but “Thank You” to N&O, Jim Lasley and all of our “customers” (we like to think of you as friends and family) for the great write up and helping make H2O Fowl Farms something to be written up.  Thank You.

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No Foolin Around Ben THANK YOU

No Foolin’ Around, Ben: Thank You! 1st, foremost: Thank You for your service and sacrifice – for us. 2nd, tied for first: Thank You for shooting with us.  We don’t brag on ourselves (much), we credit you (our shooters) for the fact that we hear good things about our matches and range. 3rd, still tied for first: Thank You… from all of us (owners, shooters, SOs, scorekeepers, sponsors, vendors…) …all of us.  Thanks, we can never express it enough nor […]

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October 25, 2014 No Shooting after 2PM

To help our neighbors enjoy a wedding ceremony there will be no gun-fire at H2O after 2:00PM on Saturday, October 25, 2014. Thanks to our customers and congratulations to our friends and neighbors. ~H2O Fowl Farms

2nd Annual Adam Ginett Shoot Scores

Just the scores in this post – all of the thanks and links to various photo posts and videos asap. Overall Match Scores Individual Stages Ten Most Accurate Shooters Those marked INC (incomplete) we did not have your score sheets. If you want them added in take cell-phone pix and email them to    

2014 2nd Annual Tsgt Adam Ginett Shoot

The 2nd Annual Tsgt Adam Ginnet Memorial Pistol Shoot is scheduled for Saturday, April 12, 2014.  Registration, orientation, door-prizes, sponsor information and more will be from 8:00AM to 9:00AM and shooting begins at 9:00. The ‘match’ will be in our usual IDPA @ H2O format: concealment required, 100-150 rounds, at least three magazines, eyes and ears (eye and hearing protection). Here’s the proof image (click or tap it to make it big): More info at: and: April 5, 2014 […]

November 2013 at H2O

November, 2013 is looking like the busiest month ever at H2O.  Here’s the calendar and details. Pre-November – until ‘Sold Out’ The Harnett Region Friends of NRA committee has started it’s work towards the 2014 Banquet and Fund-Raising Goals.  They have ten (10) 500 round boxes of .22LR ammunition to be raffled as soon as 500 raffle tickets are sold at $10.00 each.  There will be 10 winning tickets drawn (one for each box of 500 rounds). Tickets will be […]

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NC Justice Academy Charity Shooting Match Nov 10 2012

North Carolina Justice Academy Charity Challenge Shooting Match Saturday November 10, 2012 At the Salemburg (East) Campus Sept 8, 2012: At the IDPA match this morning the NCJA Charity Challenge was announced by Chad. All the details at their facebook page: This is an ‘all volunteer’ effort and all of the money is going to charity.  Visit the facebook page (above) for all the details. H2O Fowl Farms will NOT have our 2nd Saturday IDPA Match in November to support […]