November 9 2019 Match Results

Always and forever: thank you to 86 participants (shooters) and all of the volunteer “staff” that make these matches go. We’ve got a lot to do today (writing this on 11/11 Veterans Day) so we’re going to dive in… Scores for the November 9 match at Practiscore: The class put together by Sean Sorrentino […]

Aug 10 2019 Match Results

[ Thanks to 74 shooters and Special Guest Post Author and Match Photographer Claudia Haight ] Hi y’all. This will be a short and sweet post for the 08/10/2019 IDPA shoot. A big thanks to Sean for all the work with the electronics, it’s flowing smoother with each shoot. Big shout out to everyone who shot well […]

Dear Jon No. 1 – Improving Performance

Dear Jon: This series of ‘posts’ will be the home-school ‘classroom’ portion of what will lead to a feet-on-the-range ‘practical’ series of exercises condensed into a clinic format. You asked: “Can you do something, a class maybe, on improving performance?” Coincidentally, near the time of your asking the following video was published. Only one ‘note […]

We made the news – Again!

The good people at America’s Electric Cooperatives ( ) featured H2O Fowl Farms and our own Holly in a very great – and humbling – write-up.  Thank you Victoria Rocha, AEC, and most of all Paul White & Family. Full Link: Short Tap-able / Click-able one:  Click / Tap Here In case you missed […]

H2O Featured in News & Observer 7/6/16

“From high school project to family outdoor business – July 6, 2016 2:16 PM” What can we say but “Thank You” to N&O, Jim Lasley and all of our “customers” (we like to think of you as friends and family) for the great write up and helping make H2O Fowl Farms something to be […]