March 10 2012 IDPA Photos

March 10, 2012 IDPA Match @ H2O – Photos
Great Match, Great Turn-Out, Very Cold

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Many shooters for such a cold day.


L->R: ‘The Shooter’, The S.O. (Safety Officer), The Scorekeeper (2nd S.O.)


Getting ready – loading to ‘Division Capacity’ (one in chamber, 10 in magazine) – Done ‘Right’ (Safe: muzzle down-range, finger off trigger, ‘the business’ visible to the S.O.)


Getting Ready ‘Right’ Part 2


‘Is the Shooter ready?’ (* nod *) ‘STANDBY…’




Reloading behind cover.


Good ‘action photo’ – firing on the move. (view large)


Scoring. L->R: ‘Down One’; The Shooter; ‘Shotgun Targets’ get three, eveyone ‘pastes’ (special tape over the holes) the targets for the next shooter.


‘Is the shooter ready?’ (nods and says ‘Yessir’) ‘Stand-By’








…eeee…BANG…eeee…BANG….eeeee…BANG…eeeep (Technical/Champion Note: This is ‘The Shooters’ One-Second Mark (1.10 – 1.30 seconds) – this is his 3rd shot – view this picture fullsize and you can see all 3 casings (brass) in the air [just over his hat, just right of S.O.’s hand, just in front of S.O.’s nose – the 3rd brass is blurry and hard to pick out against the berm])
Keeping ‘cover’ and ‘slicing the pie’
Keeping cover and ‘slicing the pie’ (2)


In IDPA the ‘hands up’ targets are ‘No Shoots’ – you get penalties for shooting them.


~1000 words~


Action Shot (view large)

More photos from this match and others when time and shooters permit.