Shooting Range and Trap Information

** All Shooting Ranges Closed On Sundays and Mondays **

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** Please see our Additional Info (Additional Services) page for details about:
Special Events
– Concealed Carry Courses (NC CCH)
– NC PPSB Qualification (Armed)

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Our ranges are open for members only weekdays (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday).

The annual fee for a single membership is $425.
Family memberships (limited to 2 family members) are $600.
Contact us about “corporate memberships.”

The range is open to members and the general public on Friday and Saturday.

Shooting is on a first come first serve basis.

The range will be closed Sunday and Monday.

Membership applicants are required to attend a range/gun safety class before membership will be approved. All members are required to display a membership ID badge at all times. Members are required to sign in and out on each visit to the range. Members are allowed to bring guests (limited to 2 guests per day) for a cost of $20 per guest per day.

For more information, contact us 910-894-6701 or


H2O Fowl Farms offers a variety of skeet and trap shooting.

Skeet Shooting at H2O Fowl Farms
Skeet Shooting at H2O Fowl Farms

– ‘Traditional’ Skeet Field
* see:
* with optional ‘Far House’ for sporting or non-traditional/hunting practice- 5-Stand Trap
* see:
* excellent for 5-position (5 throws per position) practice
* or, 5-shooters fast/speed practice and friendly competition

– Portable Trap Machines and Hand Throwers Available
* Simulate the random-ness of the hunt

Tuesday – Saturday for Members
Friday & Saturday for Non-Members
* Saturdays of matches after the matches
Contact Andy to make arrangements
– Round of Skeet (being updated 2018 – contact *below)
* 25 Skeet (H2O Provided)
* Shooters must provide their own shells – H2O does not sell (provide) ammunition
Call or Contact about grooup or ‘custom’ arrangements


– 6 Outdoor ‘Pistol’ Bays
* Up to 20 yards
– Bay 2 up to 30 yards (PPS & LE qualifications)
– Bay 6 up to 40 yards
* Bay 6 nearly 270-degrees (4 sided)
* 3-Sided (Berms) for safety and target isolation
* Great for rimfire or ‘beginning’ rifle (juniors or open sights)
* Great for tactical shotgun practice

– Up to 100 Yard Rifle Range
* AR rated steel targets
* covered “bench” area

* Try to beat Andy or Chris with Pistols-On-Steel at 100+ yards ( it’s friendly, no wagering or ‘gentlemens agreements’ )

– Tuesday to Saturday – Contact Us for time/bay availability and membership information
* 2nd & 5th Saturday Afternoon & Evenings (After the matches)
Closed Sunday & Monday

– $10.00 per hour (per shooter for non-members)
– Targets at ‘Market Prices’

FRIENDS OF H2O FOWL FARMS (links – gun range related)

North Carolina Justice Academy –
NC Section (‘Home of the finest shooters around’) –
International Defensive Pistol Association –
Zombie Shooters Association of America –
United States Practical Shooting Association –
Larry Vickers / Vickers Tactical / TacTV – ::
Carolina Shooters (forum where many ‘H2O Shooters’ are very active) –
Johnston County 4-H –

…Plant a bullet and a shooting range might grow…
Some history and background about ‘The Range(s)’ at H2O Fowl Farms

Once upon a time… Steven F. needed a good place to do Concealed Carry qualifications…


…but the lawyers and ‘normal people’ need it said, ‘just in case’.

Everyone (regardless of age or experience) at a shooting range:
– Should know and adhere to ‘The Rules/Fundamentals of Gun Safety’
Is a safety officer and should never be taken ‘less than seriously’ if they point out concerns or have questions.
– Will wear appropriate eye and ear protection.
– Will sign the Waiver(s) and/or Indemnification Paper(s) that the many attorneys and insurance industry legal experts require H2O to print, explain and have signed before you ‘participate, in any way, in any activities in the area of the range’.
– Will dispose of ‘live rounds’ correctly (please do not leave them on the ground – inexperienced shooters might try to jam a dud-40 into their 9mm and that would be bad; and please do not throw them into the grass, woods or berms).
– Is a visitor/guest at the range and will be courteous and friendly and expect an equal measure of courtesy and friendliness from YOU.
– Will (especially at H2O’s range) keep their trash/litter cleaned up and in the many trash bins made available (they are white).