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Feb 10 2018 Match Results

Thanks to 53 shooters for waiting through ‘a little’ rain for a late start – but very good – match. Extra-thanks to all the “New Safety Officers” who beeped us into action for their first official time today. We’re going to keep it short today. But, first: Happy Birthday Ash!!! …and last. Wow, Kevin. 15 seconds out in front! The NC Concealed Carry Handgun class mentioned today is on Saturday, February 24. Get all the details and a link to […]

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October 28 2017 IDPA Classifier as a Match Results

Thank You goes out to 19 shooters in our Annual IDPA Classifier as a Match.  Three earned “promotions” and quite a few got “that close.”  As usual we’ve got some notes and scheduling things.  Ready kids… here we go! It’s that time-time again – already!  The clocks go BACK (3am becomes 2am) in the overnight of Saturday-Sunday, November 4-5.  Match times go FORWARD: registration/orientation from 9am-10am, shooting starts at 10am.  We keep this schedule until the clocks change (again). Our […]

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January 9 2016 Match and Classifier Results

Before the results: Now, thank you to everyone: 70+ shooters, the Safety Officers, everyone who helped with the scoring, 10+ spectators (see you next time as a shooter?), 6 classifier shooters… and one more extra “Thank you!” for all of the LE that shot with us today – “for all you do” A special note to Eddie and Erik for getting the scores done.  Above and beyond! The next match is great for beginners or first-timers, it’s the 5th Saturday […]

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Jan 9 2016 IDPA Classifier

On Saturday, January 9, 2016, immediately following the 2nd Saturday match we are going to set up and hold an IDPA classifier.  The start time will be “as soon as the regular match finishes” (maybe as early as 1:00PM or sooner, we never know when the match will finish). The price will be $20.00 per gun/run-through if you do not shoot the match. If you shoot the match in the morning – and – the classifier then the price will […]

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December 26 2015 IDPA Classifier as a Match Results

Thanks everyone for shooting the IDPA Classifier with us today. Special thanks to Amp for the M.D./S.O. work (while not even shooting!). The results are finalized at IDPA.com and those of you marked ‘Pending’ will have your scores/classifications uploaded as soon as IDPA issues your number. Happy New Year!  and we’ll hope to see you at the 2nd Saturday Match on January 9th. Classification Results (PDF Document): 2015_1226_H2O_IDPAClassifier

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November 2013 at H2O

November, 2013 is looking like the busiest month ever at H2O.  Here’s the calendar and details. Pre-November – until ‘Sold Out’ The Harnett Region Friends of NRA committee has started it’s work towards the 2014 Banquet and Fund-Raising Goals.  They have ten (10) 500 round boxes of .22LR ammunition to be raffled as soon as 500 raffle tickets are sold at $10.00 each.  There will be 10 winning tickets drawn (one for each box of 500 rounds). Tickets will be […]

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