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July 9 2016 IDPA @ H2O Results

Thanks everyone for coming out and shooting the match with us today.  It was (another) great day at the range and thankfully not as hot as had been predicted for the last several days. A few notes/reminders and then the results: We have a Mega-B.U.G. (Back Up Gun) match on Saturday, July 30th, 2016.  60 rounds total, great for beginners.  Registration 8am-9am, shooting starts at 9. Saturday, July 23rd Stephen Frye / Crossroads Concealed Carry is holding a NC CCH Class.  […]

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June 11 2016 IDPA @ H2O Match Results

It was a great match today and we really beat the heat.  Thanks to 92 shooters, the stage designers, the SOs and scorekeepers, and everyone for helping get done before it got “bad hot”. We don’t have a lot of reminders and announcements today.  Here’s a few: – Stage 3 showed a lot of us today that we need to put in some work and practice with one handed shooting! – The next match here at H2O will be Saturday, July […]

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May 14 2016 IDPA NCRPA Shooting Sports Games

We must thank all 87 of you for shooting the 3rd Annual North Carolina Rifle & Pistol Association’s ( http://www.ncrpa.org/ ) Shooting Sports Games (IDPA @ H2O) with us today. Here’s the medal winners ( Division/Classification – Gold; Silver; Bronze ): CDP-MA: Anthony “Amp” Mangum CDP-EX: Mike Boulus; Bert Coalson CDP-SS: Lon Layton; Ken Dickson **; Carson Harrington ** 5/15/16 Correction:  Andrew Speece was entered into the wrong DIV/CL. He earned a Silver and it is set aside.  “Questions/Errors go to the benefit of […]

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April 30 2016 Mega-BUG Results

It was a great IDPA Mega-B.U.G. Match today at H2O.  Thank you all for coming.  A special thanks today to all of the first timers, and so many youth and female shooters. Our special guest today was Freedom Fighter Concealment Holsters. http://freedomfighterholsters.com/ Coming up here at H2O: The Gun Powder Gals’ Women’s Only Practical Tactical Clinic on Saturday May, 7.  There are only five slots left.  More info and sign-up at the facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1749337075300402/ On Saturday, May 14th, our 2nd Saturday […]

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4th Annual Tsgt Adam Ginett Pistol Shoot Results

Thank you to everyone for coming out and supporting the EOD Memorial at today’s 4th Annual TSgt Adam Ginett Memorial Pistol Shoot.  Mark your calendars and spread the word that the “right now” thinking for the 5th will be held the same time in 2017 – the third-or-fourth Saturday in April. We must thank the sponsors and major contributors, and all of you that joined us today, for supporting this great cause:  Legacy Decals ; Gunners Choice Outfitters ; Tactical & Outdoor Wear […]

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April 9 2016 Match Results and Notes

Thank you to everyone for shooting through a cold start and very windy match today.  Special thanks to Allen Pier ( Tarheel Targets ) and Amp for the great stages. Next Saturday – the 16th of April – is the 4th Annual TSgt Adam Ginnett EOD Memorial Pistol Shoot.  Details at the facebook event:  https://www.facebook.com/events/813020458829208/ Volunteer Help Needed Anthony “Amp” Mangum is trying to build/re-build the Harnett Region Friends of NRA to hold a successful Banquet this fall.  I you have […]

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March 12 2016 Match Results

Thank you to everyone for coming out today, and thank goodness for the wonderful warm weather. Don’t forget to move your clocks forward one hour overnight tonight (1am becomes 2am) and that until the clocks go back:  Registration and Safety Brief for matches is from 8:00am-9:00am and shooting starts at 9:00am. A few upcoming things: On Saturday, March 26, 2016 Dean W. is having a concealed carry class.  Details at facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/763945090373010/ On Saturday, April 2, 2016 we have two training […]

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January 30 2016 Mega-BUG

A lot to write up today, we’ll try to be as brief as possible.  Thanks everyone for coming today.  We are doing the “Simons Series” of Mega-BUG matches again this year – so make sure to shoot them all with us. Thanks and “great work” to Candy, Wendy, Melissa, Jean, and Vickie.  Check out the Gun Powder Gals at: https://www.facebook.com/GunPowderGals ~ Look for an “Event” for women (Gun Powder Gals) only to be held here at H2O on Saturday, April […]

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January 9 2016 Match and Classifier Results

Before the results: Now, thank you to everyone: 70+ shooters, the Safety Officers, everyone who helped with the scoring, 10+ spectators (see you next time as a shooter?), 6 classifier shooters… and one more extra “Thank you!” for all of the LE that shot with us today – “for all you do” A special note to Eddie and Erik for getting the scores done.  Above and beyond! The next match is great for beginners or first-timers, it’s the 5th Saturday […]

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December 12 2015 Notes and Match Results

As always – we MUST thank you – shooters, safety officers, spectators, everyone! – for coming out today, making it a great match, and enjoying the beautiful weather with us.  Extra thanks to all of you because this concludes our “Match Season 2015″ and it is getting better every year! If we don’t see you before they get here: H2O Fowl Farms wishes all of you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! A few notes and announcements and then […]

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